Nipsey Hussle: The Reasoning (Wisdom, Knowledge & Overstanding)

marathon just about seeing long time seeing a busy understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight and stinking up script long enough to make something real happen and a brick every day instead of trying to build a brick wall just lay a brick every day did she look up you have a brick wall long winded running through this life like it was mine never settling was said in every go high one thousand birthdays on the path to my own destruction or success but what is the mistake without the lesson see the best teacher in life is your own experience none of us know who you are until we fail they say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation what would you want to define you someone else on yourself whatever you do hyung give your heart too much and stay strong but I'm thinking soft but I mom I don't think it's boss on this wrong couple niggas gave up they God dang it niggas traded they saw with me I'm standing on tiptoes taking out my pants wet dog wonder where my friends are go being so hopeless at one point and you have an opportunity make you go harder make you get in that booth and just really expressed that hopelessness like man y'all don't understand this is like you know I mean you did from a different place that that bottom of your soul that fit how many were y'all where it where you felt like the shit was you you know I'm saying you always wanted but it looked like it was just not gonna happen look like it was out of reach it look like you were just knee-deep in in some in some concrete cliffs in the wet gon let you go but now to be in the situation when you know I mean you can speak to touch hundreds of thousands and millions of motherfuckers like I definitely did from a real place and sincere placed I think you know more anytime we wake up and we blessed every morning we still got a lot of work to do so we don't get to UM caught up in what's going on just stay focused on we got to do as far as take it to the next level so he definitely bless and we remind for that you know I'm saying not to make sure we got so we we delegate with it and we nurture when we work hard we in Paris worth right now it's our second day out here just influent went to the studio not to set out to start working so we got the show tonight you know just but really see the signal you can say this shit don't stop we're already up I grew up no chanting LA and West high pressure on Slauson area it's a lot going on and I like especially out from certain areas you know we kind of got taken into that we was a little bit young then life moved on you know opportunities were created was able to hop into this situation with the music I was such blessed we're so fortunate but I could not entertain people that got called me ambitious to be an entertainment door we don't it's hard a lot of times don't have – two big feet to me not gangbang us whatever getting into the gang became relevant shit that we struggled that we that we all went through an over k and still going through most definitely just gave us a mentality when I say us I mean me and my team and my brothers Mitali dude I know this is nothing if we could if we can make it past that and when it looked like it was all over and there was no hope and it was you know to enter the role and it was just like we was all out our lowest of low but we still move past that and it's starting to rise again it's starting to recover him bounce back so whatever speed bumps we come across in this music industry it doesn't compare to you know I've been talking about all doing time you know I mean going through wars out here in the streets losing loved ones all not me so whatever little speed bump will come across in this industry is going it's gonna seem like you know it's not too much nothing it's gonna be a little bharden probably or you know a little pressure but compared to what our life was before this you know I mean it's just like no grindr's just keep pushing I'm Lucy give money style like I'm put on two months when I wake up I'm more or less just you know I stay clean head-to-toe you know I'm more so like fresh white teeth first ounce basketball shorts and Dickie's a song and then I'll hit the lab success to me I say it a lot is just being able to do what you love to do and support yourself offer live your dream and do what you got to do every day so I'm successful my offices I'll sell dope I'll go to work and I do music and I love to do it and that's all I had to do maybe threatenings rappers with my crew how you gonna be big how you gonna come this far without our marketing machine who said maybe Thousand ago I said warm above all create something to be proud of as Marco that's mob mentality drama projects to be proud of affects everybody for the moment when they splash and again talking about a back listen I'm proud of it take force my hand I think away cuz I'm not I'm not selling for under brother I'm not cool with that and I'm not settling for non hardship I feel with that so I gotta find it no gravity I don't own my shape but still be received on mainstream platform and to be able to compete when I'm better than he's fucking me he's angry with me because I live black housing in there five many citizen even a what a sacrifice and you then stand up we know it's time to stand up so I'm playing with a handicap but I'm still getting judged and let myself go strategies how it was the movement how about compete on that level without giving up ownership that's the catch-22 it they gotta say they like the social pressure compete you rappin you want to be the top maybe because whereas isn't explain for if they I went to ready for crying babies know that and they make any like the only way to that is through him fuck that nigga nigga shut down industry man that's Marco I'm trying to blockbuster Denise I'm Netflix Ted blockbusters you're saying blockbusters Charlie had opportunity to fucking Netflix and they didn't and in that place shut they business there was overhead backward it's a rap you with whom the last time you were in the video row winning last time you don't Netflix there's more there's more meat so that something will happen with these language I was trying to play to all about gap stuff here I thought she was sweet that needs women I'll figure it out now fuck your chick you're going what to me even once not once the culture chains it's opening reality changes so nigga wants to come to change with these expectations that are today what the label won't do they don't do want to think they don't get me a better deal so they gonna crumble entirely blockbuster day a lot of real artists known what that dragon right to think I'm the fucking middle man drop the peg so maddening because I can't say that it's gonna be like a nigga you got so much money on maybe maybe lose fourth that's how they're gonna look at me struggling build the shit yourself you are blessed maybe they helped you so your success is giving pays as it was supposed to have any words when you doing it yourself your success again jay-z like how was it like 10 years ago likes to be a smoker broke as you sitting right here chopping the rocks smoking 3 and pulling the mountain man this man right here swap some teeth right here it's my boy right here you never turn me down not you always looked out for me man now they doing a lot of big things now but it all goes back to the people that love you around here you go to auto rehab rehab what nothing but a vacation of me with the see them going the marathon clothing and see how they doing things a marijuana monstrosities nice to go over there and just want to clean up for this nigga man do something for him man like for you give me money like hey I was eating that numb to get off that you know now to see this and beat us today to talk about this right here just to like a float I come up here at a year they still here bro a long way a long way minutes about to go bigger than what it is now man because of the harsh things brothers got inside of who is operating out of this place right here you know my brother had you know kind of case went down for a few years so we end up losing this space when he came home you know he did like three years with 80% we came home you know he had a little money step saved up I had a couple dollars when he touchdown we put our bread together and the first thing he said is I want to get this spot again you not want to get back with his AK and I first I'm like man you know we got someone's going on with the music do you want to be right here and he like you know it's important that we you know people we had going and also you know execute what we will be started finish what we started so he set up a table and this bus stop right here on Crenshaw sauce and basically even selling t-shirts and socks on parole on the table you not me every day you drive down Stassi and see my brother in the middle of street making the sales at first you know Brad he got he grabbed his space first last and the security deposit and you know from Danny bed flipping every dollar you know it was a higher purpose I believe for what we doing over here it wasn't to get in trouble with the police it wasn't to be administered to you know continue a tradition of self destruction it was it was to build so all the obstacles and everything we thought for being misjudged and misunderstood you know it didn't stop us you know I did it wasn't it wasn't a brick wall I was a speed bump you know and it was I embrace it as you know the resistance to gravity I'm trying to do something great and we all we laugh and we joke and we say you know nip nip actually needs a plaque nip need to be recognized by the city man know cuz um he's doing something a lot of people cannot do and that's rehabilitate an area give felons jobs and you know make making my father be productive and make putting something there that works is provide jobs there's a lot of a lot of corporations that can't even do this you can't come and put something here that's that's actually a working business that um it's taking people that's out of prison you know fellas whatever else you want to say it and make it happen to be productive hey my name is OG everybody hood know me as og when I first came down here we're dealing with my brothers on oh gee marathon live with an empty lot you understand me what nothing but nothing here no money here not a dime this brother has turned this place into a gold mine let's go destroy with a black man I can do when he got his mind straight now I've been no new teasing here the baby I'm like part of the ultra family with my brothers here in the hood so I didn't wanna let y'all know we need to give a shout out to a brother that's Willie doing something for the community can I get a beer no so with I admire about Nancy and black Sam they give these young gang members action they're doing something else and and Sam is teaching them a lot of stuff teaching them how to be businessmen so as black men we need to learn how to be businessmen or just says as men in general not just black man just human beings we need to get together and be as one unity so so that's basically we're in my neighborhood mixtapes just doing local I had a record called bullets ain't got no names I think that's the Winnicott John Spiro attention he reached out first we did a little small deal for a mixtape with a final come from New Year when met with epics it's way to deal I think bitch meet the situation at level two didn't pan out released in 2002 my outlet to get my music out I was just full-time hustling part-time rapper like I always had a passion for grab news and I was always trying to create the situation to where I could okay I can do this for myself my hair like the main thing I saw myself like some tell you I take two steps back to take ten four I mean I got a fallback from having my jewelry you know I mean having my everyday money riding around the hood on leather cross smoking weed all day calling the homies up you got that phone me for show gonna pick up 200 here 500 here thousand here and that's my day I just I had to let go of that luxury go back to being a young dude I was pinching every penny maybe he had $20 a day to spin ten on the second we tend to eat just like a steak ratings work and it was it was hard for my ego and I was used to being that young fly nigga take my pick whatever female I won't add all the other parties on the curves on the spotlight was on me I did everything with my process point A to point Z I went out and made the relationships with I took the music into my house imported into Co tools graded the shit out recorded myself ran from the Pro Tools to the mic and back and forth bounced it down bars it on CD took it into the street promoted myself so to myself when cities meetings articulating my vision to the label site to deal to my first foot forward to the speed with my mixtape series this was all me so if my engineer tell me y'all we can't do that engineer my nigga so you get out to see let me take care of that or if my team say oh that's not gonna that's not gonna work if you go to Queens of Manhattan or Brooklyn and you want to go to every High School and surround a high schools and and really bluegrass wrote promotion they know that's nothing that's not gonna connect well you don't do it they not do it cuz I've done this and I know the effect I gots my millions in this industry yet we still own them hundreds of thousands we trying to get to that million me as a new waters coming in so I'm used to this type of money because he's not to the point where it's rap money a million dollars to three million five million and in Halle world money ten million it's not to that right now it's to the fifty thousand one hundred thousand twenty thousand so I understand the mentality behind that money I understand that that's not money that changes your life I understand that smell go hit the club spit fire axe at night off yo advance you're not saying because I didn't gotta did that with my street money he woke up the next day with no work and a gang of niggas calling my phone up and I'm missing all this money because I brought out last night knocks I hit the curb crazy and I felt like I was that nigga for this one height as opposed to having a consistent progress neighborhood we attach the damn title back get into it man check out the cinema we are TMC world tour being after them welcome to I think the biggest evolution what I've been doing is just how I've been telling my story in a way that can relate to people that not necessarily you know from my leg work in a gangbanging environment they that was my challenge to myself after my first music was to see how I can still be myself but relate to a large audience of people so that's what I've been trying to do which is reach more people by being more myself foot not just who I was in the streets gaming in perspective who I was who I was rapper to me as a person to be having to remember a lot of times it was a day with none of this was really gone everything is just speculation was nothing can find afford me being able to be successful as art so every time we reached a new level or we come to golf I just try to take it back remember like man we make projects you know there's a point in the line see see see now you know we shut you down we dropping me stay everybody kitty Charles we throw in a set and now he's going place and he never been everything getting big you never make money off this game so yeah I changed it I didn't always believe it but I drink lay before grab my last night with my life said it when I visualize success in look like right now what was once bright skies is there a white with the ones you said was not the right gray follow my steps you can see what about number one you know I just feel better I mean I sleep better you know me I said I got a level of like I'm at peace with what I'm doing I feel good about what I'm waking up doing them and about my lifestyle at one point I wasn't proud of my lifestyle you know I'm saying I wasn't I wasn't content with what I was doing day to day basis I wasn't happy with that so what was eating at me even though I'll be on the surface calling straight deep down I wasn't I knew that this was the direction what I need to be doing now I wake up with the feeling that I'm going in the direction I'm here for like when I'm on this planet for I'm doing it bigger than just LA they're getting to gangbanging bigger than some Street shit so some some human shit I'm doing what I'm here to do I felt like so it feel good you know you know I got a lot of confidence I got a lot of confirmation from my hard work that is going in the right direction and I'm doing something right because you know like you say a lot of people starting to gravitate toward the movement towards music so you know I mean I just want to keep working hard keep doing classy shit make good music and you know hit a grand slam when I situation plan is keep the fan how do you get you stay you stay aside do your best give it to offer because you always reach levels we didn't expect yourself give it all your hair in an excite and people here I'm excited where I'm gonna hit up signing a deal I don't know why the game is going you might not have to look like necessary my goal is to just keep the fans inside to keep people way out here France not saying that people will be familiar with my movie today they spin off mixtapes we have a wind song on the radio well my whole career and I'll be the next other 19 signed them for they knew a good percentage of them got real excited so I was cold you see that and I'm saying mom didn't even speak English it is motivation that you notice you doing something right keep going turn it up so your message to be received way over because she's just mad because she went there to pick my heart up off the flow here like will try to convince me that you're like oh girl wonder why I'm not picking up my phone the last 12 won the whole world not a go Ward you gotta believe in yourself you gotta have a sense of humor bullshit is gonna happen can't be too serious about it between most effectively Blissett you have to stick to the one then we may go magically appear it's like us knows my way to the Mason lesson close for subs are you you

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  1. A cold set up beyond comprehension for most. He is fabricated. A design by a few to keep the many in bondage. Satan deceives and you approve. Jesus is Lord

  2. Still can't believe he's no longer here on this Earth.. truly sadden! he was just an all around SOLID PERSON!!!

  3. The marathon will continue In Jesus Name. God is Good In Jesus Name. #Nispey Hussle, #TMC In Jesus Name, #Nino Brown, We The Business In Jesus Name.

  4. "Instead of building a Brickwall in One Day ;Lay One Brick at a time into You build a Brickwall"- Nip Hustle- πŸ‘Œ

  5. Been Ready Relli ….been on it. I love the Motivation and Focus … matter wht road we face in Kali gotta go Harder into we James Harden It. Mission Neva oVA πŸ‘ŒKali Kings 4 Life WEZUP!


  7. His death was no gang violence.. Media is corrupt everything is corrupt.. It has something to do with dr sebi i know forsure

  8. Bandwagons matherfu kers y when he was alive noone mentioned him haha anly when there gone u people ride there dick like the goma do

  9. Exactly Nipsey this Waz ur gift. And we appreciate you cuz DMV2LA UNITE FLIGHT πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ πŸ’¨ OCEAN VIEWS


  11. He really inspire me to think bigger…rest eazy king..the creator got you!!πŸ‚πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸ¦



  13. Would you rather be at war with ya self and at peace with the world, or at peace with ya self and at war with the world?…. (replace β€œworld” with β€œsystem”)

  14. Yeah I’m not worried…I just want to know what they will do when the time comes where every black man is on Nips level.

  15. Legend,…. RIP….. i could write so many pages about this man…… im speechless though, still 23 days now

  16. He was a true reflection of what it means to live a life thats Christ life and moving out of love. I have so much for his work his mission and his life. He will most definately be missed


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