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there's a lot of talking without recording whoops I forgot to hit record I've been checking out settings and different fields of views for this through the GoPro app sunny where you at we're gonna try to call sunny again he's like the warrant I'm home asleep that's when you call the only time Sun zookie answered phone it's still kind of early it's not that late looks like the car wash is too busy so I'm not going to be washing the bike this time I think I'm just gonna head to motorcycle city I did not send an appointment to get an oil change but I've been trying to bug jinke to call him and she never has so I'm just gonna go in and ask maybe they'll let me set an appointment in person hopefully they can get me in and do my service but they did say to make an appointment so if they can't it's not their fault it's mine hello it's a warm day today I don't know if it's like real hot it's definitely warm oh it's early still it's gonna be hot holy crapoly man we're traffic today huh it is Monday yesterday was so clear you would think that Sunday would have more traffic because people aren't working but for some reason the weekdays are more traffic here I am not good at blipping that throttle rev-matching still can't do it I was a major bend in my legs six time to go no everyone used to go at six so different now that's one of the first times I've gone through Mandaluyong and haven't thought oh I better be quiet while the enforcers we don't have an open pipe Factory a traffic bike hey without these variants it'd be much better those are long see all right so first landmark look for the roof see after I find the roof see it's close by but I think I have to u-turn anyway there's the rue see yeah we're almost there so it's close to Robinson's Kayenta very close very very close I heard it gets a lot smoother out there the first service please please please get me in and get me his first surface and let's remove that break-in period stuff off the bike so it has all its power and everything I think it limits the power and all the during break-in shift light coming on at 7,000 not a good motive lager today first I forgot to turn on my camera then I don't have anything to really talk about not to mention when I do try to talk I just keep slurring my words and messing up what I'm saying I not go there it is the shiny black building motorcycle city excuse me here we are motorcycle city hello God looks super busy and super packed and I don't know how I'm supposed to get my bike in there I'm just gonna piss a few people off Wow they are busy here all right this is awesome got my first service done liquid Mali 1550 mineral oil not only that they dropped the bike down for me so it shouldn't be so bouncy riding it should be a little bit more stiff and feel a little better on the twisties thank you and you know with the Corvette on its first service Chevy didn't wash the Corvette but motorcycle City watched the Ninja for me I brought it really dirty I felt bad because you know they got it work on it I tried to get it washed before I brought it in but they were packed busy and I just wanted to try to get up here to see if I even could get in we're off I feels nice and smooth liquid Mali mineral oil I always wanted to try liquid Mali so it's kind of cool to find out that that's what they put in here a little bit expensive but that's okay you don't change it that often I went the wrong way this leads to Marcus Highway I guess it's telling me hey go try out the suspension dropped see how it feels no u-turn look at all these guys traffic enforcer right there's when what hey I remember you come on son I know what you did there son you ain't get no nod from me like a nod of approval no I need to get my Tagalog motovlog oh I was hyped to do that at first and then I did it and the audio messed up kind of took the height mess away always waiting takes the high pass away you know what I like this riding position better I can tell that it's drop lower if I raise the back up it'll be even more aggressive but already it feels better now we need a steering stabilizer so I can take these bar ends off Gloria yeah at me for that don't change the pork it's made to be that way for a reason it does feel better very smooth less vibration Oh what an oil change can do to a bike hi I'm not doing too good with this traffic thing right now I'm getting passed by electric scooters like not even scooter scooter is like the kind of stand on like that did feel the trapping it down did make the bike feel a lot smaller didn't make it thinner got to remember that Loren's got to go that scooter again dude man he's moving on that thing that's at the same boy yeah it actually feels a lot better lowered if you have an inch of 650 I would suggest lower it a little bit I think you might like it traffic traffic where in my area in school that's what this is there is a school right here called Lassalle and I bet you all this traffic is a direct result of people picking their kids up from us all same thing happens by my house when it's time to pick the kids up from from Montessori the was that jeez a lot of people picking their kids up okay obstacles and obstacles ha I think I'm gonna go upstairs I got some editing to do but honestly I think I'm just gonna play some halo thank you Thank You motorcycle city washed my bike and everything

35 thoughts on “Ninja 650 First Service & Dropped – Liqui Moly – Motovlog”

  1. At 6:17 and 6:57 those are called electric kick scooter,
    brand is xiaomi
    mijia m365 model
    36v,250watts,speed 25km/h,
    range 25-30kms,disc brake-e brake combo,weight12 kg,
    charging time 5-6 hrs, tires 8.5 max load 100 kg

  2. you should check out this video if youre planning to have a tail tidy on your bike, this one’s really helpful and the taillight itself looks hella good

  3. Out of all the channels I watch, I think you are, by far the best at responding to as many people as you can 👍not sure how to say kootoe's in Tagalog, but job well done cousin 😁

  4. I use liqui moly for my indian scout bobber… It is smoother and less heat coming out from the engine…

  5. Kawasaki placed the barends on stock to dampen the steering. If you remove them you might get mad vibrations making your ride uncomfortable. I'm not sure to what extent it's at with the new ninja 650, but with older 650s a lot of online forums mention this vibration.

  6. Hello Sir Joseph! Your next upload video in youtube. Your motorcycle joyride Aurora Boulevard Quezon City from EDSA Cubao to Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard Santa Mesa Manila. Thanks and keep up the good work as always

  7. Looks like you're really enjoying that Ninja Ed. Time to do a NLEX or SLEX tour soon? Subic Bay would be a nice ride.
    I myself after 30 years (last bike a CB1100F) bought a well used, … but still in pretty good shape GSX1100F and got it home about a week ago. It needs a tune up bad, and will get that a week from now. Can't wait to feel what this thing's really supposed to be like.

  8. thanks for the ride and food last Sunday at martessem bro hope to ride with you again soon 😁 didn't get the chance to say thank before we left last sunday

  9. Oraayt i should try that bike next time
    More power sir joseph

    Guys plss check out my channel

  10. Ed too many kamote drivers…I don't think I could drive in the Philippines 🇵🇭 or I'll be cursing a lot my friend!

  11. Joseph, get the infinity racing on raven’s vlog on ninja 650. I bet it will make your bike looks awesome

  12. Is ok if you don't really have anything to talk about, just riding in Philippines is enough. I can't wait to get back and get my own bike

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