Nick Vujicic: STAND STRONG (Most Powerful Speech)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys do it well guys I was born this way and there’s no medical reason why that happen my brother and my sister were born with arms and legs and sometimes in life things happen that don’t make sense my doctors never thought that I’d be able to walk and today I’m walking I’m from Australia anybody one day want to go to Australia is such a cool place and I now live in LA and the southern California boy so I only live about four hours from here and today I’m going to tell you man I love freaking people out one day I’m in a car I’m in the front seat I’m not driving of course can you imagine if I’m driving a car they reckon they can put a joystick that thing that controls my wheelchair we can put that in a car like how fully sick is that like imagine if I get pulled over by the cops can I have your driver’s license please aren’t ya but it’s over there you’re going to have to get it measure if I’m in big trouble put your hands up Oh get out of your car oh so I’m in the front passenger seat where the traffic lights and his car comes up next to us in this schools looking at me and I’m looking at her she’s looking at me I’m looking at her she’s looking at me I’m looking at her all she sees is my head right she has no idea that I have no arms no legs so I’m thinking cool I’m going to freak you out so I get the seatbelt in my mouth and I loosen it like this so that I can freely move and she’s looking at me like why do you eat your seatbelt so I pull it this belt is loose I can move now she’s looking at me full 100% attention and focus and just to mention all you see is my head all right you might want to put up your hand up to your face to cut off the rest of my body all right so you can really see the effect so just that’s it exactly here we go ready I just did this and her face me she was like she nearly ran the red light man it was so good my parents always said Nick you don’t know where you can achieve until you try it and the doctors looked at me and said he’s not going to walk he’s not going to go to school he’s not going to do anything in his life and then my parents they just loved me like crazy and said you got to try try this try that try this try that and I’m thinking sometimes like mom and dad you’re crazy man I have no arms no legs how would I ever be able to do this or do that but they encouraged me and they loved me and as human beings we’re waiting for stuff like that we all want love everybody say love very good we all want love and you know went to school and and I and I want it to be cool you know you go to school and and you want to be accepted you know and so you see these guys and like oh man you know everyone swears like every third sentence F this and F that and F and s and FS like what like they think they cool you know its own thinking man but maybe I need to be like them to be cool and then you compare each other with how we look and and I wish I was smart I wish I was taller I wish I was shorter I wish I was more popular I wish I did this I wish I didn’t have that I wish my life was different that was me when I was about eight years old I looked at myself and I looked at everybody else and everyone else had more than me and I’m asking why why mean have you ever asked the whiney questions but get nowhere if I had no answers from the doctors and if I had no answers from my parents I still have a choice every day in my life to keep going or give up you see this book up here this is my favorite book in the whole wide world this is my favorite book the Bible and Here I am and Here I am and for me that’s my full potential in all that I can be here on earth and so encouragement takes me closer to all that I can be and discouragement takes me away you see it only takes three seconds for someone to tease me when I was at school and just saying hey yeah believe it you can’t do this and you can’t do that and some of you thinking like man seriously you had kids picking on you like how heartless are those kids picking on me with no limbs like you would probably say well I’m not that bad I wouldn’t pick on the kid with no limbs but why would you pick on anyone well because it’s fun it’s just culture okay we’ll get to that but for me me facing all that stuff I’m getting these seeds everybody say C’s s EE D s seeds have you seen the pictures of the Sequoia Reds up here in California these huge trees like some of the trunks could be as nearly big as this room I’ve seen those photos where they’ve actually dug out a tunnel in a trunk of a tree you can drive a full-size SUV right through it that all started with a little seed if you leave a seed of wise in your heart in your mind and you don’t know the truth you don’t know the truth you will die with the lie I started dying because I started believing what I was told I want you to know the three things that I needed to come to in my life is the truth of my values the truth of my purpose and the truth of my destiny I want you to know something in our mind we put ourselves down all the time I want to ask you today do you think I’m cool enough to be a friend but I don’t swear I don’t use the f-bomb am I still cool enough to be afraid but I don’t tease people am I still cool enough to be your friend but I have no arms no legs seriously you would be my friend even though I have no arms no legs so you telling me it actually doesn’t matter right if it actually doesn’t matter for how we look then why do we tease each other for how we look if it actually doesn’t matter why is it that we look ourselves in the mirror and we see us while we’re having fun yeah man we just just not a culture man there were 12 people one day teased me taking me away from my hope twelve eleven ten nine eight seven six five four three two one don’t worry I went full off because if I did I’ll break my arm but twelve people teased me one day and I can put a pretty brave face on but cry on the inside for real oh it doesn’t hurt you it hurt there was this one bully I became his target for three weeks and every time I go by him I was 13 he was 17 I was in my chair I’m only four foot nine in my other chair my old chair he’s like six something so he’s huge right so I’m looking up at him and every time I go by him he’s like hey there’s Nick he has no and you can imagine what he said and I’m like what’s his problem man so I tried to avoid him and I was so embarrassed you said really loud and everybody would be looking and some would be laugh and I’m like what is this guy’s problem man so one day after three I went up to him and I said hey he’s like hey and said can you please stop it he said stop what I said sub tease me he said what are you talking about I said every time I walk by you see that stuff he’s like what stuff he didn’t know how to take me on so I’m looking at it nah man every time I walk by you say exactly this I want you to stop I forgive you but stop it he’s like oh is that hurting you now could have said nah or I could have said yeah he takes a level of humility to actually say I’m actually I don’t like that it’s it’s killing me and they said yeah it’s hurting me he said all right I’m sorry man I was just you know playing around so give me a hug he said what I said give me a hug you’re like all right so again my hug I’m a hugging machine we hugged the we made the Guinness Book of World Records 1749 hugs in one year we did it last year my arms fell off all right the scary thing about hugging so many people is that anyone can just pick me up and take me home all right like what am I going to do like enemas on like pretty mean head butt right I want you to know that you might be playing around I could pretty much say that 98% of you have teased someone in your life I tried to commit suicide because of people who thought they were having fun not knowing the hell that I was going through the people you’re teasing what if the person you’re teasing is the person who’s they of committing suicide what if the person you’re teasing is the one who’s trying to commit suicide who hates their life because of you you don’t know if the person you are teasing is the son or daughter of a drunk at home getting abused and all they need is someone like you to keep on pushing him this way we need hope so find something else to do find positive things in your own life I don’t care about how you look I’ll never ever ever tease you I will never tease you I could tease you I could be tough people thinking that bullying is tough it ain’t tough my wheelchair this is tough this thing man I’ll tell you something ready this will change this thing’s so tough when my friend built this for me he said you’re gonna love it I said what does it go fast he said no but it’s tough and I said well what do you mean he said you’ll find out the torque in these motors at the bottom at the back this thing if someone’s holding it I’m telling you it can go 90 degrees I went 80 degrees up all right someone told me to make sure I don’t hit back my wife she loves shopping with me cuz she just jumps on the back and we go shopping like she’s just shops and shops because she doesn’t drop right we just go and do it it’s fun now what I tried one day to do you’ll never believe me maybe you will just know that every word that comes out of my mouth is not an exaggeration one day I needed to move a car so I got my wife to put my car my 66 Chevelle in neutral it’s a two and a half ton car and I backed it back with this thing to just this just like this like like nothing this thing is tough guess but the definition of tough means it’s strong to show your strength you need to do something that’s difficult I would sound so stupid if I said hey guys I got a matchbox car one day and I got some fishing line and I told that matchbox car all around all day how tough is my BMW that’s stupid that’s the same thing with bullying you think you’re tough you’re trying to show you strength that’s not your strength let me get let me come back in ten years and let me get your three anyone have a three-year-old nephew anybody have a three-year-old nephew go put your hands down I will get any one of your three-year-old nephews bring them tomorrow night at where I’m speaking and we’re going to put them up on stage and let me show you how tough I am we’ll get your three-year-old nephew and we’ll put him up here on the table and let me tease him let me show you how tough I am that’s what you are I could pick on you your biggest bullies I could pick on anything you like any singer any music that you like I can tease you I could tease your family I could tease your friends I could tease about the movies that you that you think are really cool I could seize anything about you I could tease you about your nose your eyes your teeth your chin your hair your ears your elbows your knees your whatever me I can tease you about anything it ain’t hard just like you can tease me you want to know what tough is go to the people you tease and say sorry you want to know what tough is go up to the people who still tease you and say hey stop it and forgive you but please stop it that’s tough I want you to know something the truth of who you are I don’t care what job you get I don’t care I don’t care how smart you are everyone I don’t care I don’t care I love you and I believe in you I don’t care if you end up being a janitor in this school I’ll tell you why because the janitor in my high school inspires me to be a speaker he changed my life he said you should be a speaker you know what I said you crazy he said no really you need to be a speaker I said stop it me four months later he twisted my arm and I said yes I spoke in front of 10 people then another tenth in another tendon I found myself in front of 300 sophomore students and three minutes into my speech half the girls were crying and one girl in the middle of the room started weeping and she put up my hand she said I’m so sorry can I come up there and give you a hug and in front of everybody she came up and she hugged means required on my shoulder and she whispered in this ear thank you thank you thank you no one’s ever told me that they loved me no one’s ever told me that I’m beautiful the way that I am it was because my parents told me that I was beautiful that I am still here some of you don’t have those parents and that’s why I’m here I love you and you’re beautiful just the way you are never ever give up [Applause] [Music] how many schools do you think that I spoke to actually stopped bullying altogether okay who ever said one you were correct one school out of 600 I got a letter from the headmaster and he said Nick you forever changed our school blah blah blah we haven’t seen any bullies pick on anybody for eight months straight we don’t know what happened but in the best words that I can describe this is just a new thought in the air that it just ain’t cool anymore it’s just a cool [Music] I want to ask you what are you going to do are you going to continue on at the risk of knowing that in each section this section right here five people already trying to commit suicide that section there five people when you extrapolate it out what if the person you’re teasing is one of those and you have no idea would you find something else to do [Music] so the change is up to you if you want to see more love in your school be loved if 50% of the school come together and say you know what it just ain’t cool anymore the people who think it’s still cool every time they look down upon you I want you to look them I want you to imagine my face looking at you because I’m telling you everyone you’re teasing is my brother and my sister and you’re my father and you’re my sister and I’m asking you to stop [Music] love yourself a bit more love each other a lot [Music] you

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  1. I have leg hands but I am unable to speak in front of my class mates but he has no leg no hand but he is speaking in front of thousands

  2. He have no arms and legs
    And he can swim,skateboard,surfing
    so you wanna give up because of hard life?.
    think about this man

  3. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™It's really thanks to his "mom and Dad" who gives him a new life and motivate him to do something different 😍😍😍h

  4. I wish he was around when I was in grade school and high school. The bullies needed to hear this. (course they may not have changed, but it could have given them something to think about) I endured name calling because of one eye lower than the other; and name calling, as being called "Witch" and "Evil eye" hurts. I have forgiven them, yet the memory is there, and the grade school was a Christian one!! And yeah, there was thoughts of suicide.

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  6. I have teased some people just to be in the good side of the bullies so that they don't bully me…I am ashamed of it like hell and just want bullying to stop

  7. This piece of shit makes me puke. I don't give a fuck if you were born without limbs. Good for you. I cant stand all the people who idolized this man. Y'all are a bunch of sheep

  8. I want everybody who reads this to know that you are awesome, you are loved and you deserve to be happy. ❀❀❀

  9. Hats off to u Sir. Every person in the world first think of their negative points they have not even realising their positive points. πŸ˜•u r really a lesson.

  10. Thank you God for sending Nick down here to Earth to bless us, Nick has always been an inspiration, always have faith in yourselves, never ever give up on yourself, you are loved you are beautiful you are precious

  11. What an amazing man and testimony!!! God has a calling for each of our lives! We may have to go through storms before reaching the destiny but do not give up my friends! Keep pushing!!!

  12. Very amazing spirit. However…Jesus, took thee most bullying of all. What a blessing you have to really put, Christ, forth when talking about true strength, Nick. Don't miss this blessing. He took it all for us so that we can have His strength in us, to do all of the things that you're talking about in your seminar. Much love friend…hope to see you in heaven one day. But please know…our lives must be dedicated to Him 100%…not us.πŸ™‚β€οΈ

    The Gospel of John, when you're ready❀️

  13. I cannot express how wonderful you are, Awesome great wonderful inspirational I cannot think of enough words to describe You, keep on going with your ministry, because God has led you to us, God made you for a reason, thank you for not killing yourself, I have an employee that has stated a few times about committing suicide, trying to work with him I’m gonna show him this video, thank you very much,And just saying all my life I’m 64, I have always been humbled in the presence of people that have a deficit, I even have a granddaughter that is downsSyndrome, and I feel guilty every time I’m around her, thankfully she has parents that take the time to teach her and she is doing really well, keep up your ministry

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  15. You know Nick…. You changed my life about 17 years ago. In my school hall. Welkom Gim South Africa … Ive never forgotten you. Your chicken drum that made us think…. But the hug you gave me moved me….. Im so glad you change the lives of those teenagers. Keep up the work of the Lord….. Amen

  16. I give thanks to your parents because they did not give up on you and they believed that you were a wonderful person, and they were correct, God’s love always

  17. Despite of having disability Nick Vujicic commited to stepping up to the fore and bridging the gap between the person with disability and the whole community.

  18. how come he has been through so much stuff but i can’t even get through high school without wanted to commit suicide?

  19. love yourself get more
    love you each other a lot more 😍😘🀩❀️❀️❀️ nick vujicie god bless you & love you

  20. oh… i saw his name in my book and his story (school book) and i was acting like, "why the fuck u suicide man your special". Now i know why he wanted suicide.

  21. Ask me Who Is a real life hero , it simple you know who he is ! Btw the 1.5 k guys who disliked this video. ! We forgive you….

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