Nick Cannon – Launching His Talk Show, Education as Wealth and the Power of Humor | The Daily Show

-Welcome back to the show.
-Thank you, man. Thanks for having me.
I love your show, man. And, uh, yeah, man.
Congratulations -on season two
of The Masked Singer. -Yeah. I feel like
you have hosted every major, like, show now in Amer… Are you just, like,
the guy that they call? Are you just the first name
on the list? I’m the friendly black guy
other than you. (laughter, applause, cheering) No, but, I mean, like,
you-you see, that’s the thing. You even joke about it,
but, like, -you are extremely successful,
man. -Yeah. Thank you. I mean, like, we’re having you
on the show today, and today, I read the news
about how you are going to launch a syndicated talk show
around the country, like a daytime talk show.
Nick Cannon is doing that. -Yeah. I’m having… The Nick
Cannon Show. -That’s amazing. (applause and cheering) Uh, I mean, honestly, man,
uh, I’ve been inspired by people like yourself, and to Wendy Williams, to Ellen,
and I felt like… I… You know, once I left
America’s Got Talent, I was like,
“Yo, I want to elevate in a way “to where I can actually
use my voice for good -and kind of affect culture.”
-Right. So I started developing
a late-night show. I was gonna be your competition.
I didn’t want that smoke, so… So I said daytime it, you know,
I kind of filled in for Wendy a couple of times,
I was like: -Yo, I could see this working.
-You did a great job, yeah. Thank you, man.
I appreciate that. So now you’re gonna see me
each and every day. You start with me and you end
with Trevor. There it is. (cheering, applause) What I… what I’ve loved
about your journey is that you-you’ve dabbled
in a little bit of everything, and you’ve been successful.
Wild ‘N Out has been going -season after season
after season. -Thank you. -Will you go on that? -I’ll
be there if you’ll have me. There’s an arena tour
that goes around the country. -Yeah. -You know,
you’ve got your music, and then, of course, people
know you now on Power 106, -Yeah.
-where you’re on the radio. -Absolutely.
-Right? So you’re doing that every single day on the radio,
but, then, at the same time, -as your hoodie tell us…
-Go to school. -I’m in college.
-you go to school. -(cheering, applause)
-But this is real. -Real. This is the real deal,
yeah. -What are you… -what are you studying now?
-Since 2016, uh, I’ve been getting
my undergrad in criminology, and I walk in May,
I graduate, and then… -(cheering, applause)
-So… undergrad in criminology,
working on my masters already, uh, in psychology,
and then, hopefully, all the way to the doctorate,
to the PhD and all of that. (cheering, applause) I mean, most people think
of school as an avenue that gets you to the place where
you can make money. Nick Cannon’s
already making money. -Why go to school?
-Yeah, well, I mean… You going for that
sweet college debt? -Is that what you’re
looking for? -(laughter) You know, uh,
all of that Sallie Mae, all them good things.
Uh, no. But honestly,
and it sounds cliché, uh, one… I learned that education
is true wealth. And in that sense
of being a father, I wanted to be an example, because my kids
are spoiled little brats. -(laughter)
-But they… if I can be an example to them,
to say like, “Yo, you can have
all the material things, “but all that stuff
can be taken away from you. They can never take
your education away.” -(applause)
-And… and… as I’ve learned
through this journey, going to a HBCU and learning
so much about myself, and, I mean, Nelson Mandela
said it the best– I mean, education is the most
powerful weapon one can use to change the world. And so I’m just trying
to do my part, man. -(applause)
-You… you-you’ve definitely… you’ve definitely started
on a journey that people have noticed,
myself included, where Nick Cannon’s message
has changed from just jokes to now being jokes
and also informing people about, as you say, the culture. You… you’ve become very pro,
you know, spreading a message of inclusivity,
you’ve become pro-education and history and information, black people in America, black
people as they tie to Africa. -You know, just disenfranchised
people around the world. -Right. Like, what-what is…
what is that about? Like, what do you hope
to achieve in and around, like, just
the black community in America? I mean, honestly, uh, I just
wanted to be more than just a… a celebrity out here
talking and saying. I wanted to really dig in,
and that’s why criminology was so important to me,
’cause each and every week I go into, uh, prisons
and facilities of incarceration. -Right. -And now,
even though I’m studying… studying the mind of,
like, the… what would make a society
rally around the idea -of imprisonment, you know?
-Right. Even those concepts of,
like, all right, we got to go all the way
to the root of the issue and say, as-as humanity,
how do we get… how do we fix this thing
and get back together on just a human level? Let’s fix it
at the root of the issue, and then we can get
to every other issue and not be divided
but be as one. -When you…
-(applause) I like that message. Yeah, we was gettin’ deep
for a second. No, but wait, when you…
Here-here’s… here’s one thing I always wonder
about you as Nick Cannon. People see you on Wild ‘N Out,
we’ll see you on TV shows. -Right. -You’re not afraid
to-to take the joke. You’re not afraid
to turn it on yourself. -Yeah. -You’re not afraid
to make fun of yourself. You know, some people think
you’re cheesy, but, like… Cheesy, corny,
caramel-y, all that. -(laughter)
-But… but I think there’s… it’s, like, part of your game
as Nick Cannon, where you-you’ve realized
that you can get a lot further when people don’t see you coming -than if they perceive you
as a threat. -Shh. Don’t tell them my secret,
Trevor. -(laughter)
-I feel… you… honestly, it really is, it goes back,
us being comedians, you know the power
of self-deprecating humor. -Right. -Uh, and it really,
it puts the audience at ease. It puts everybody
on an even playing field. And then when you really get to
that place, when you understand, humor is really
where the healing occurs. When you can see something
and actually step back and laugh at it,
and you can laugh at yourself, laugh at your insecurities… We all have them,
we all have differences, and it shouldn’t be, “Oh, we’re
afraid to talk about them.” But, like, nah, “Shoot, I know
I got pencil legs. So what? I’m… I’m out here
rocking these pencil legs.” -Like…. uh…
-(laughter) and then when you can do that,
then you can get to the real issues at hand, and
everything from mental health to bullying, all these things
that are real issues that people are afraid
to deal with, -Right. -we can deal with them
on a human level, and that’s all
I’m trying to get to. That’s what I love, men, it’s
a full spectrum of everything. It’s pencil legs
all the way through to a PhD. Thank you so much
for being on the show. -Pencil Legs Cannon!
-The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on Fox. Nick Cannon, everybody.

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