NGBR #68: Stillwater Artisanal "Critical Thinking" Imperial Stout #DrinkCraft #BeerReview

what is up YouTube Nate surfing here with another normal guy beer reviews today let me check it out this Imperial Stout from still water artisanal it's called critical thinking it is I knew this a minute ago that eleven percent alcohol by volume and I am very excited to try this because I've been kind of on a kick lately with IPAs I've been drinking a lot of IPAs nothing wrong with that but my first love is stouts so bringing it back a little bit to that but anyway if you enjoy the content on this channel make sure to hit that like button down below helps me out a lot share the videos so we can you know go to channel a little bit and if you're brand new welcome hit that subscribe button and become part of the brew crew but anyways let's go ahead and get into this again very excited to give this one a shots and before I forget there's just not enough hours in the day to shoot and edit all these videos so I've decided to start doing some of my beer reviews on my Instagram account down below in the description you can find a link to my Instagram account which is what a surprise normal gotta be reviews and you can check out some other reviews on there but anyway let's go ahead and get into this incredibly credibly dark beer it smells so good let's go ahead and get a try got a little bit of tinglies in my jaw from that first sip whenever I drink something that's strong or really bitter or sour I always get these little tang leaves in here that's a spout this one is bitter and it is strong and I like it every once in a while okay I always talk about different things and you'll hear me complain sometimes that them things are bitter or whatever but with stouts the the characteristics overall in my opinion really lend itself to being able to take on a more bitter flavor at times it's kind of like one thing of stouts I think of coffee sometimes you just want some good black coffee it's kind of what gets reminds me of has a subtle sweetness and a subtle earthiness in there and overall it is just a really good and strong stout hi if you're not a real fan of like bitter type beers this probably is not going to be a one for you because this is really strong and really bitter but anyways I'm going it's a four out of five it's really good beer if you're into this particular type um if you're just getting started on darker beers this is not more I would recommend you start on I would start on something a lot a lot lighter like I would not jump to Ontario style top start at Porter's and then stouts and then make your way up to these Imperial porters and stouts but anyway if you enjoyed the content hit that like button share videos subscribe and I hope to see you next time

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