Next-Gen Learning Platform

a state of Industry report 2016 highlights that an organization on an average spends around $1,200 per employee on their training and development activities money isn't the only thing that you spend on training of a new employee the report also states that an employer spends around 33.5 training gas per employee the solution next in learning aims to reduce if not eliminate the costs incurred by the organization on training and development of their employees the system involves a Webby way with audio and image processing system that invites speech recognition to assess the accuracy of the tasks performed by the trainee the solution make use of Oracle developer cloud service to develop the application which is running on Cuban readies container environment the autonomous transaction processing cloud service is used for the backend operations today we are going to demonstrate a solution that focuses on assessing the individual's industry specific knowledge grammar and communication skills for demonstration purpose all the facts of the application are brought into play with the live preparation environment the App DB is prefilled with the resource materials that are industry specific to help the representatives prepare for any specific training a video of the subject presenting on the topic is recorded for a duration of about 10 seconds which is then fed into the algorithm to assess its reliability with respect to the predefined constructs of the application this solution uses oracle cuban Eddie's engine to run and deploy the application Oracle autonomous transaction processing is used with TP urgent service to process the various frames of the recorded video and assess the correctness of the posture the tiepolo service is invoked to process all other manual queries the application is front ended by the user interface that also provides different set of modules the preparation module is where end user can be gauged on basis of the response to pre-populated questions the answer are then graded on the basis of sentiment and correctness of the response searchable knowledge modules with study resources that are generic company and industry specific a posture control service that uses open CV and machine learning techniques to determine if the body language of individual is app a speed test service that helps determine the right pace that should be maintained in order to execute the presentation or speech within the prescribed time limits the grammar check service that employs NLP and NL TK to help determine grammatical correctness it also serves as the Souris on-the-go combining all the modules we have also built and deployed a lie preparation section that shows end-users how they are rated on posture and rate of speech the lie preparation module also benchmarks current scores with previous scores and shows the areas of improvement end user can focus upon to attain desired goals a dashboard that gives end-users a detailed view of their overall performance and helps them identify fluctuations over previous attempts with regards to an ideal curve next in learning serves the purpose of curbing the operational cost for the training by making them available as per users convinced training effectively not only reduces the operational cost but it also saves time and successful training leads to higher retention rates and increased revenue you

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