Newspapers in Education Back to School Bash

they're here at the Oklahoman's transfer center for our 3rd annual back to school bash newspapers and education puts it on and tinkerer federal or Federal Credit Union is our presenting sponsor this is their third year being our presenting sponsor and they help bring school supplies to give to teachers across the state we have this year one hundred and forty four school supply packs to give away those are free for the first hundred and forty four teachers that show up we are also providing lunch from the taste of soul chicken and waffle truck to the first hundred teachers to get here and we have waters provided by Vincent occations and Keller Williams the red team so we're so thankful to all of our sponsors and for all the teachers that come out that fully deserve every free supply that they can get the supply packs we have tissues Clorox wipes hand sanitizer we have pencils glue sticks scissors paper folders we have different packs for elementary school and teachers and for secondary so they have a few different things that are geared more towards whichever level they teach we have a teacher garage though we have some teachers out here who have brought supplies that they don't use or need for their classroom anymore whether they've changed grades or on a different school and just need different things so they're out here they are set up with supplies that they don't need bartering with other teachers who might need exactly what they have and while our school year starts we on August 8 I believe and so teachers will be able to access the free digital print replicas and archives of the Oklahoman and they just have to fill out a registration form and it is a completely free service and we hope that it is utilized well I know we have teachers from all 77 counties that use the the print replicas and the archives so

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