Newbery Club a CCSF Grant

Newbery Club a CCSF Grant
[Kids indistinctly chattering] [Susie Isaacs]: The kids get really passionate
and really excited. [Kids cheering]
[Isaacs]: Our first big challenge was getting our hands on the books, because they�re
all brand new hardcover books, and they have to have been released in the same year, so
they were in high demand at libraries, and they were expensive because they were hardcover,
but we were able to get a grant. �So Albie is the boy in this book. It says he�s almost good at tetherball,
he�s almost smart enough to pass a spelling test, he almost makes his parents proud. [Narrator]: The grant money for the Newbery
club was provided by the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation
[Isaacs]: Last year we asked for $999.53, and this year we were able to find better
prices on the books we wanted, so we asked for $910.00. We received the check on a Wednesday morning,
and Wednesday afternoon, I had already purchased $335 worth of books, which arrived two days
later, which means we were able to get them into the hands of the kids within the next
week. There was a very similar rush towards the
books like there was today. The kids basically followed the same schedule
that the Newbery Committee does: submitting nominations in October, November and December,
and come January, the students will be presenting their speeches to the rest of the club, and
we�ll be voting on our winner. [Student #1]: I love it, and if it doesn�t
win, I�m gonna go ballistic. [Laughter]
[Isaacs]: Being nice is one of our rules, but they do stand up and articulate the reasons
why they don�t think other books are worthy and why they do think theirs is worthy. [Student #2]: I�d like to say that I�d
truly like to read Chance and the Boundless again. [Isaacs]: I guess one of the things that we�ve
really seen is that the students are really flipping through their books and pointing
to examples, and practicing the skills that they need to succeed in the classroom. At first I was actually a little bit scared
of starting the club. I just thought it seemed like there were too
many obstacles in the way: how would we get the books, how would we get the kids interested,
how would we run it if the kids weren�t all reading the same books at the same time? If you really want to do something with kids
and you really want to present opportunities to kids who would not otherwise have them,
people come together and provide resources for you, because everyone wants the students
to succeed. [Indistinct chatter]
[Isaacs]: In many ways this became like a social club for them, so we always make sure
that there�s lots of time for small group discussions, and we always encourage the kids
to stand up and give their argument and fight the fight for the book that they really love. It kind of encourages the kids to think of
reading as a cool thing to do. I realize that I had underestimated the skills
of my own students and it�s one of the reasons I really like this club is because every week
it reminds me of why I teach, and why I want to come back every day. [Reading to students]

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