New York City Holiday Adventure with Bryon and ZooGee 2012 – Christmas in New York

ZooGee and Bryon’s Holiday Adventure ZooGee takes Bryon for a ride in his magical holiday gift box. Hey Bryon So, glad you came up with me. Do you like my magical holiday box. Bryon: I love it ZooGee. Where did you find it?
ZooGee: Well, my uncle gave it to me a couple of years of ago. And I put it in the back of my closet. I just brought it out. Bryon: Cool! ZooGee: I am so glad you came up with me tonight. It’s a lot of fun. I really like it up here. It’s fantastic! ZooGee: Yeah, look down there at the city. Wow! It’s so cool and pretty, isn’t it? Bryon: I don’t know ZooGee. We are really high up. This isn’t going to break is it? ZooGee: No, we are okay, we are okay. Bryon: Okay! ZooGee and Bryon pretend to be television reporters. ZooGee: I have an idea. Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend like we are television reporters. Bryon: Oh yeah! ZooGee: And we can go around and see what’s going on here in Manhattan. Bryon: Okay ZooGee: We can go around and report on the Holiday windows. Bryon: I like that idea. ZooGee: Okay, let’s go. Where can we go first? Bryon: Well, let’s go down to Bryant Park, Citi-pond first. ZooGee: Okay great! Look there is over there. planes slots that um… heidi is a sweet brian mark thank you yugi’s deck of cards tattered duty to report bucking backgrounds and everything united kingdom market city we stopped for christmas gifts and kit shopaholic explaination of course if you don’t have your own
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  1. It's the Holiday Season!  A great time to watch ZooGee and Bryon fly thru the street of Manhattan visiting the sparkling decorated Department Store windows of Macy's, Barneys, Lord and Taylor's and  more!

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