New Video Series: The Art of Rapid Language Learning

hey everyone good morning this is Jean talk to you from Venice Beach Los Angeles in the United States now in this video I want to announce a new video series that we're gonna publish here on YouTube because if you follow this channel you might have noticed that it's a little bit quiet recently I've been working a lot on language boost but not on the YouTube videos just in other another things you will notice if you go to our website you know like if I look at myself I studied French for four years in high school and after those four years I couldn't I couldn't talk to French because in French and a few years later you know I got better at learning languages we developed this method then I went to Morocco I took online lessons every single day and after one month I was speaking French no no I wasn't speaking French perfectly but I could hold conversation something that I couldn't do after four years in high school and why was that I was not necessarily studying more or harder I was just doing it the smart way I was focusing on the things that really matter is head of only learning I was also practicing and then there were few other things like effective learning techniques so these are the things these are the techniques about you know we are going to basically share with you in this new video series so for example we're going to talk about how you can focus on the most important vocabulary and power of combinations attractive learning techniques but also about some objections that people might have about learning a language some people might think they are too all or just not very good at memorizing you know all these things we're gonna talk about it's gonna be a series of about 9 to 10 videos oh yeah by the way in the name of this video series gonna be the art of rapid language learning so subscribe don't miss it and see you in the next video ciao ciao

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