New Student Orientation Preparations

(upbeat music) – The New Student Orientation is an event that happens every year. It is an event to welcome
the incoming class to Georgetown. – So for this year we have a bunch of activities planned and a bunch of sessions
planned for you guys. We have a faculty panel where you guys will get to meet some of the faculty members. You will have a faculty session where you will get to
casually talk to them. – [Woman] And it’s kind of a
week to give the incoming class some time and some buffer zone to get in before they get thrown into classes. – You’ll have a tour of the library, you’ll have a tour of the entire building, and we’ll have some fun activities planned with you guys. We’ll have a session planned with Redrock. – And they will be conducting a build your nation activity with the incoming class. – So while the week does
have quite a lot of structure in terms of the academic sessions we’ve also got quite a lot of free time and quite a lot of downtime. – We will also be having fun things like a movie night and
karaoke after hours. – So the main takeaway from
the New Student Orientation would be for you guys to
have a seamless transition into the rest of your semester. We want you guys to understand
more about Georgetown so that you know exactly
what you’re getting into in terms of the academics. – And we’ll really give you a chance to make the Georgetown space your own. – We also want you guys to
know more about each other and be more comfortable with each other by the time the whole week is over. And to cap the week off we’ve got the New Student Convocation so I hope you guys are
looking forward to that. So we look forward to having you guys here and we’ll see you soon.

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