New South Wales Department of Education: Microsoft takes admins out of the darker days of IT (DA)

– The New South Wales
Department of Education is quite a unique jurisdiction. We’re the second largest in the world,
outside of New York. We serve over 800,000 students
in 2,250 schools. And with that, obviously, comes a variety
of technical issues with regards to just the scope and size. – The amount of Windows devices we are
using for our students and teachers is in excess of 360,000. So, Microsoft has really helped us
leveraging affordability when it comes to putting devices
into the students’ hands. Intune’s changing the way we work. We can deploy applications through Intune
quite seamlessly and easily without having to be restricted by some
of the scale issues we have. I think Microsoft has really helped us
come out of the darker days of IT. We no longer have to reinvent the wheel. – Our team is very active on
Microsoft Teams. We need to save teachers time
in their admin. Instead of having a meeting, they’ll put all of the information
they need on Teams and they’re buying that time back. And for every minute, every hour
that you buy back for a teacher or a leader in a school, that’s buying time back to thinking about teaching and learning for the students of that school. – The vision for students in
New South Wales is to provide and prepare students
for the future. Getting that base level competency
up first opens up the opportunities
for all students. – Coding is actually a mandatory component of some of the syllabus documents now
in New South Wales’ schools, so it has to be taught;
it’s non-negotiable. When students know that learning
is going to be interesting, engaging, relevant for what they’re
about to do, they’ll come to school. – We had set up an educational showcase and students were engaging with robots and 3D printing and using
Microsoft Builder to design prosthetics for veterans and other students
with disabilities. – Work that is developed through OneNote, through Office 365, it allows students
to move at their own pace. It allows students that are very gifted
to go further. It allows students that need
assistive technologies to be able to use those technologies
in a meaningful way. If you’re not giving your students those
assistive technologies, or the ability to move at their own pace, or find their own learning journey,
what are you providing them? – I think Microsoft have got their eye
on the future in terms of where they go
with their development. They are focusing on the education process rather than the technology for
technology’s sake. [warm music]

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