New SLime Class Teacher vs Old Slime Teacher at Slime School – New Toy School

are you guys hungry are you hungry yeah okay I'll try to sneak you something okay good morning class I am so excited for you to learn all of my slime secrets today oh I forgot you're on news feature I didn't it today I am going to show you how to make all of my favorites line desserts we're gonna make a slime donut cookie Yami miss quickily taught us how to do that well I'm sure her recipe isn't as good as mine how about we want something new yeah well they had to make a slime castle a slime castle yeah is that too tough for you maybe you shouldna be a geek you'll listen I'm the teacher and you're the student so you got to do what I say okay got it the first thing I have to do is find your supplies because I'm not really sure where they are what are you doing here I'm here to teach the class as usual it's time to slice call teacher hello is anything in there don't you remember last week you lost your job ah something vaguely about it but I don't really remember anything like that yeah miss crane crane you're no longer slime teacher you are the slime janitor please exit the classroom okay I guess they'll be the slime janitor is there something wrong with being a slime janitor no there's nothing wrong with being a slime janitor it's just my dream is to be a slime teacher I love teaching about slime it's all I've ever wanted to do that's why study to be a sign mr. with mr. Miyagi all dreams get crushed goodbye pipeline hey blue brain she's a big girl she'll be okay lunch she needs to get started on her work this school is a disaster hmm excuse me I've never been a spine janitor so I don't really know what to do so I'll just assist in the classroom no you dolt here's a mop and a duster get to work you have no excuses I'm gonna make a beautiful gold glittery majestic slime whoo okay I'm gonna have my supplies now I think I found them so we got my bowl in my phone my food colors my beard my light blue my activator I think that this is all I need okay I think I'm gonna use this um white glow to really give it that like gold like Richmond actually actually if I could interject I really think that the best way to you to make a Glary kind of sign is to use clearing Lee you definitely want to use clear glue not white fine I want to use this fair glue which I was gonna use anyway I was gonna switch cuz I know so make it shiny okay let's look at the colors shall we class now we have some we have this neon bright yellow we have a golden yellow a bit to the where gold is in this Sol maybe that means it'll be gold we have that's neon orange we have a lemon so I think I'm just gonna put a bunch of different random pillows because I think that's gonna meet gold and I would miss all just put some of this bright yellow it and golden yellow just to make sure it has that luminosity this 100 mm ah okay class I'll be right back I'm gonna get some skimmers okay okay by the close is clear what are you doing I don't what doesn't mean teacher anymore so I'm gonna prank hole so you can get in trouble no I'm not I'm gonna get this done hmm I think I should use the flesh tongue or should I use this pizza cut wall I think she's gonna be back oh no I got holy let me just got this red okay hmm something looks weird this looks darker than I remember Apollo the khalsa you know mixing up well I guess I'll just guess it's fine I guess you're right I won't see some of this in there oh that's really pretty heat okay hmm okay time to mix that um is your Swan my supposed to look like that it looks like wet yellow it's not Brad it's gold it's sometimes gold looks like this if it's just like freshly out of the mines what's talking about gold starlet who is the teacher and who's the student the activator will lighten it up anyway Saul I'm on at this claim time to mix the activator see work it is become Gold's it's like it's like a reddish gold like a ruby Gold's you know that popular Ruby gold color that people like like for jewelry and stuff and like their hair like people love Ruby goal I've never heard like that in my whole life young making that up what was that noise what noise now look at this perfect gold slime how's that when gold I told you I am a perfect slime teacher look at that winner look at that simple what is this Ritalin come from oh maybe they needed in class hmm let me go ask scuse me miss Cratchit I think you're missing us from the class something this leave it on my foot go away go away go clean up but don't you go don't see anything just go clean up but don't get out of here why she gets so mad at me all I wanted to do was give her back her sign you know I was distracted her class okay I'll just go put this away and save it for Miss Fortune I'm really hungry can we have one once null you can eat after squall but we always have lunch at school we can't wait til then go let's first dhania nuts napkin that's not fail one more word and I'm marking you for detention so you're gonna make like a dam and some petals and the center of it which I don't remember what that's called are you hungry okay um a dragon Wow more like a bamboozle inside of Milan something to eat cashews that oh I'm a noodle kids love ramen Newton wait the cutback porn chips these are so here's my slimewalls such this is definitely gonna be more like a Portuguese campus Seagal on some flour we just open up the petals you got it duo smells a little weird in here so like feet but you know I'm it take a bit of gold or yellow so you put the nucleus on I still let me don't get some green holy what are you doing I won't allow your go to detention but don't want horse best lime cake – I miss miss clay quick what are you gonna make yell see well I couldn't find any green but I did find this blue which is kind of like the Slovakian cactus all it looks like a blob like up and look like a pancake felice finds at me huh this must be from the class hmm let me go return it I'm sold the pointing and you guys expected better I expected professors me excuse me I think these are yours that's cleaning the floor over there and they just kind of I think maybe they rolled a hoof or something if I wanted a better one to throw them on the floor okay so you don't want these own but they're nice slings you did a really good job with these they're trash so go clean it my first day in class is ruined I need a Sunni act I mean they won't feel better my favorite Oh can we have some sorry Oliver flooring in this one juror cleaning them no ruin class dismissed Ellie your what we have to get rid of Miss crotchet she is completely terrible I told you we gotta get her out of here come on let's go put a plan together

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