NEW SERVICE PICKUP TRUCK! | New Mods & Updates For FS19

well we got a new pickup truck but it's not what it seems what's going on everybody dj''q go ham here welcome back to the channel hope you're having a great day today we've got a brand new service pickup truck but it's not anything like I was expecting it to be we also got some new Hardy sprayers that match the Coon sprayers we got last week but also got an update to the 509 510 we'll get into that and we've got some PC mods we have a brand new borage wagon we've got an update to the class baler and we've got some awesome signage let's check it out first up we have the service pickup pack by realistic farmers this has two things the pack comes with a truck and a gas tank for the back of the truck you need this truck to use that gas tank let's check these out first things first let's check out the trucks gonna be in cars and you're gonna find it at the very end right here main color anything you like and design color anything that you would like and that's gonna change up all the stuff in the back now with this we get something extra in miscellaneous we've got a brand new fuel tank or gas tank whatever you want to call it right here realistic farmers PVC fuel tank $3500 can't change the color of it and it comes on a pallet well you can see on the back of this there is no pallet on it because if we can take this we'll put it out in the middle and I'll show you how to get the pallet on and off we're gonna turn on a help window here so you see exactly what we're doing we're gonna go ahead and unfold the truck and right here oh yeah it does that it's a that happens yeah I just be ready for that so here we've got the fuel thing oh and it's over again I've probably spent a good five minutes on the phone with clutch trying to figure this darn thing out we finally got it figured out it is very top-heavy do be careful with it what you want to do is anything that you've got pallet forks or pallets bikes anything like that you could use this grab it pick it up put it on the back of the truck just about like so now it's going to do some freaking out so just do your best to sit it where it's not gonna freak out hop in you see attached realistic farmer's PVC fuel tanks we're gonna click that boom it slams it down now this fuel tank holds quite a bit of fuel we're gonna come over here to a fuel placeable that we've got as long as we've got it selected in the back and fill with diesel now we're filling it up which is very cool the issue here and I think it's gonna be a big one is the fact that this is very heavy it's very top-heavy so if you're taking this and you're about to go take a turn to the left or right really heavy so we've got 43 percent full in here right now if I just start turning yeah that's uh that's how that happens and you have to hit your centrifugal force to slam you back down and it doesn't look like this is gonna work so this is something that I highly recommend maybe be careful with it's the city couldn't work nope alright alright I give up on this mod so it's super top-heavy be careful driving next up we have the hardy interactive sprayers packed by horse and stock these are really really cool so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go into crop protection and we're gonna go right here the mega 2,200 and the Navigator 6000 these are the ones that save mod below them so if you kind of curious which ones which these are the ones that say my design in color we could change this anything we want we're gonna go with a nice pink so you can see exactly what changes with design color and we're gonna take that back to black and main color we're gonna make this pink so you can see exactly what this changes as well change some of the sprayer heads changes your main tank and the wheels on the bottom that is what changes during that so there you go I think that's pretty cool I like I like this very very much other than capacity of standard and unload onto pallets now with the Navigator 6000 we have the exact same thing so if we go in here we can change this to a John Deere look we'll go with a green tank rim color John Deere yellow and design color we're gonna do the same thing here design color we're gonna make this John Deere as well or so you can see exactly what is what will make that red so you can see what the design color is and of course capacity we have standard and unload on pallets just like the other one these are really cool I like these sprayers I like the fact that I can change these whatever color I like here we've got a John Deere design here I have a vent design hooked up to a 700 series I like these I really really like these sprayers I like the fact that I can make them whatever color I want can they match my farm next up we have the last of our mods that are available for all platforms this is the Finn favorite 509 510 update this is version 2 model improvements changes in the XML completed real price original tank content now available weight distribution has changed and a used price is now configured via the main color so that is cool let's check this out real quick you're gonna find this in small tractors and we're gonna bump over til we see them right here 509 510 we're gonna select the gear shift sound version so the main colors right here we have new metal and old metal this I haven't seen this before – $500 it takes money away that's awesome so and now we have the new metal color for the wheels right here or old metal – $500 how neat is that nu-metal normal old metal – $500 so we can go with the newer old now and there seem to be more changes between so there's your new metal black it's your old metal like I can't tell much of a difference but I like that fact so here we have the main color new metal or we do old metal – $36,000 that is HUGE HUGE new metal right here plus $4,000 old metal – $36,000 you can't make this up that is massive whereas it set mu Civ that is really cool right there so if you guys want to pay less for a tractor then it shows just choose the old color why would you not that's a great deal here we have the start of our PC only Mont so do keep that where there will be no more console mods and this video the old forged wagons tandem I have decked this thing out to be Kron however we could do a lot of different things with this let's go into loading wagons we're gonna find it right here the turbo 3500 rim color we can go between a grey crow white Crone yellow class red red white white – and Browns of great things there main colors we have a Crone red we have a chrome green class green Deutz black manga Lee we got the blue there I said is that the blue that I really like that is like oh yeah Pottinger I mean we've got all kinds of different brands down here we could change everything up design color again same thing just so much to choose from right through here let's see we'll just go with a gray color right there manufacture this is where it gets cool so we have Chrome red old perón red new chrome green old chrome green new class black class red deutz-fahr one two weeks far to mangle a Pottinger Landsberg agarrar steyr guru true mag and then we're back to chrome again so you could change these up big-time we have different design front plates equipment we have different designs here quite a few different designs you change it up between a bunch different cardboard and grading and that kind of thing and then of course design rollers we've got design 1/2 quite a few different designs in there kind of cool I like that we've got so much going on and then we have some different wheel options as well I've gone with the big tires I love them and then grids we have another gridding right here just changes the color up that's all these world 24,500 litres and they only require 60 horsepower so obviously you don't need a 60 horsepower tractor to do this because it's gonna have a hard time but if you have a 200 horsepower tractor you've still got 140 horsepower dedicated to getting the tractor around from point A to point B I like it next we've got an update to the class quadrant 5300 FC changelog one point zero point zero point one fixed error pickup effect pickup effect shape doesn't have all required vertex attributes for the material and it raised the description version there you go you guys are using this young PC make sure you change it up and get this thing updated and your last mod today we have the customizable letter boxes right here in signs as well so version 1.0 point to fix the compound warning for letter box large naturally so if you guys are using this in your own PC make sure you like and sub to to go ham fam oh yeah there you go these are so cool I like these we're goes that is going to do it for us today hope you've enjoyed if you did please drop like you know please subscribe them any questions drop those down the comment section below and let me know which one of these mods is your favorite and if the mod that you're waiting for is not on here let me know what it is down in the comment section below that means up ok up for a day and we will see you later peace

40 thoughts on “NEW SERVICE PICKUP TRUCK! | New Mods & Updates For FS19”

  1. What's Up GoHamFam! What do you think of the new mods today? Do you like them? Do you not like them? What else do you want to see? Let me know!

  2. So the service truck isn’t a service truck but a ute with a fuel tank. I was hoping for an actual service truck.

  3. Yes took me forever to get in my truck it kept flipping and wouldn’t flip back over even a tractor couldn’t flip it back over not what I expected disappointed

  4. Wow the old metal price has certainly improved! I learnt about the different price for new and old metal thanks to one of VF’s videos. Great video DJ

  5. Think I'll stick with the pickup 2014 transport service herbicide liquid, fertiliser, Warter, fertiliser lime, seed, and diesel why would you use the new one

  6. So I'm guessing this wasn't tested ? What a waste of time this is anyway thought we were getting a repair truck not a useless fuel truck that only holds 1100 while the trailer holds 3750 don't waste time space or money on this

  7. Okay I'm very confused please clear this up for me, you ha e another channel called klutch simulations right..? Great vid dj

  8. Im waiting for the deutz torpedo i know my deutz models but i never head the deutz torpedo did you mean to say turbo bj 😂😂😂🤣😁😁

  9. Service truck is trash very disappointed it's not a service truck if all you can use is gas on it should have a toolbox and all the other goodies that come with it

  10. The mods today are wack! Sorry just telling you how it is. We have more sprayers than tractors LOL. And Where's all the John Deere implements…and im not talking about logging equipment. This is Farm Sim not logging Sim.

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