New scheme to attract and groom leaders for social service sector – 13Mar2014

well it was the last day of debate on the committee of supply in Parliament and the final ministry delivered its budget estimate well the Ministry of Social and Family Development laid out its plans for making sure there were adequate resources to grow a robust social service sector it will roll out an integrated network of services that make sure no one falls through the cracks and we begin with our pic of today's quote of the day from minister chang Jun sings closing speech ultimately what makes or break the system will be people we all have our share of volunteers that our MPs who are not satisfied with managing cases there are MPs but to go that extra mile to do what they call mobile MPs we don't just worry about those people who come to look for us we worry more about those people who cannot come and may not know how to come the success and failure of our social service system in Singapore it is all about people people and people people is at the heart of what we do and people is also the key reason why we are able to do what we do and attracting people to the sector is just one of the aims of mr. Chan's ministry he told the house there's a new centralised career development scheme for the social service sector will be launched by the end of this year it will be run by the National Council of social service it's a bold new scheme to change the way social service professionals here are recruited and groomed and it comes after extensive consultations with a social service community the Social and Family Development ministers had feedback from some voluntary welfare organisations so that get to small so having best practices in HR is challenging often social service professionals do not have a structured career development path under the new scheme the National Council of Social Service will centrally recruit social service workers these workers will then be deployed across the various social service agencies this is a keen to what Emily is doing where teachers are employed by Emily but they are deployed to the space schools and the independent school the target is to build a pool of about 200 to 300 individuals at a steady-state mr. Chan said in 10 to 15 years Singapore should have a new generation of social service leaders with breadth and depth and experience in order for us to make a breakthrough in this everyone has to think the sector first and not the individual vbw office everybody will benefit because the respective offices in the VW O's will be able to benefit from the exposure across different agencies from government agencies to NCS s to different video bureaus and we hope that this will also accelerate the sharing of ideas across different vws the lack of highly trained and professional manpower has been an issue within the social service sector which is set to expand as the government strengthens its social safety nets it's hoped that a new scheme will help to enhance the image of the social service sector as well as helped to attract and retain talents apart from the new scheme there will also be greater support to those employed by voluntary welfare organisations there will be more development opportunities for all social service professionals including therapists psychologists and counselors mr. chancellor details on these measures will be announced soon and social service professionals have welcomed the plans to develop a centralized pool of leaders for the sector but some said that expectations need to be managed we have got to be realistic they're not gonna it's not gonna be a magic pill that when these people come in they will solve all my problems or or you know give me a lot of answers which I don't have and also for the join us they also have to slowly get used to the culture and get used to understanding the work the clients and then I think that should true time both would be able to get really good work of each other there is a opportunity for the social service sector actually to work more closely together so that we in the sense are more synergize and integrated in serving our client and indirectly through this scheme we hope that in the sense there will be people who are placed in different organization and through them maybe they can bring us together as well as a sector

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