New Rule: Sub-Literate America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

47 thoughts on “New Rule: Sub-Literate America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. America deserves trump. And I read New York times on my phone. Cause I live in Alabama and the news is retarded.

  2. And I ask you, what has the feckless bill maher ever done for America, from all appearances it seems as though he, like a lot of hollywood, do nothing for America and only milk Americans. President Trump is as imperfect a human as you are, but he chose to serve in a position that is second only to combat in a theater of war. So like him or not, give President Trump the respect he earned by being President of all that live in the greatest Country on Earth, The United States Of America !!!

  3. I think everyone who is coming to listen to Maher and paying money for it are not suffering for being low class. If Trump is so bad and he did more for US than five last Presidents. More good than Obama and Clinton. Why those people who never read a really good book rejoice so much listening to comedian assuring them that they are stupid.

  4. @4:15 what? yeah, finally you got that, uh?

    oh shit, I'm from Italy: we have been having…
    quite twice… and now we have…

    that joke won't hit yankees only…

  5. He got that truthful and the only way he can get infor mation is spying on Americans . Or using woman as pawn victems to bigger victems for power see if she can sale that product

  6. Huckabee who has his own station on U Tube . He is an ordained minister but one cannot leave a comment on his show so here goes. He is a proud member of the KluKluxKlan. Contrary to what Jesus taught. Sorry guy. Your busted.

  7. I chuckle listening to this while surrounded by my library of books, electronic and print, that I've read and spent not a little sum of money on.

  8. I'd hate to say it but we might need a civil war how else are going to get rid of these crazy Republicans…….and now we're going to war with Iran…….when is this shit going to stop ENOUGH ALRIGHTY and half of this stupid countrys on board……I'm losing my fucking mind here

  9. In his book On Writing, Stephen king wrote how for years he was shamed over his subject matter. Told he could be a great writer if only he wrote material of substance.

    Fuck them, be thought as he broke the fuckin bank.

    Reading harry potter or fifty shades of grey is still reading. Not every story has to be a classic to be a good story.

  10. America may well endure 4 years without a functioning president. Is our democracy badass tough or what?

  11. You know Bill – what I would really like to hear from this president? When is he going to get back together to reform 'Flock Of Seagulls'?

  12. I just realized when I began my weaning away from reading. It began innocently when I would visit the library, and after finding a novel I would use the computer to view YouTube, all was well until my first smartphone, its all in there in the palm of my hand, why bother reading, eh? The last novel I read was ' All The Light We Cannot See' by author Anthony Doerr ( which is a wonderful novel), and that was over three years ago, and none since.

    This was typed on my phone.

  13. I knew a "stable genius" once … He worked with a shovel and a wheelbarrow out in the barn … instead of with fox news in the oval office …. But they were all slinging the same product … ( in my best bill maher voice)

  14. It's nice to know so many so-called able-bodied people can laugh at a man being disabled. But if you say the N-word.

  15. Laugh smile grin chuckle with ignorant stupidity which stems from being soft lazy overfed under nourished out of shape. The mass majority of the population knows how to read and write. But yet today's people more so here in America! Are freely living dining to the lowest standards of quality, at the same time living dying off having only used the smallest percentage of a fraction of the true potential one was first born with. In layman's terms today's people are living dying off to a diminished quality of life compared to the many people who lived and died throughout ancient times. shit even prehistoric people Were yielding a better spiritual kickback than today's people. If life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper. Whether you believe are don't is secondary to the fact that souls and spirits are paying out! Being implemented managed directed maintained in accordance to their understanding of life personally professionally case closed. Mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing those facts. You're either living up to the pleasure potential responsibility of femininity and masculinity or you are not.

  16. I explained very clearly your feeble mind frail body makes you inadequate. Therefore you cannot comprehend the significance potential of the fundamentals of life so your fight or flight mechanism is to assume presume falsify on your own behalf, taking whatever is most convenient instead of what is needed to make real progress. Again that is the most common basic average normal low ranking peasant civilian attitude, that has been whining" across the landscapes throughout the history of mankind. Resulting in today's people more so here in America! Freely living dining to the lowest standards of quality!! At the same time dying off having only used the smallest percentage of a fraction of the true potential one was first born with. Fortunately it's not all gloom and doom sissy boy. I have a workout regiment along with a cost-efficient high source of nutrition that will offset most of that soft lazy desperate stupidity ignorance you have been living with throughout your entire life. Don't get it twisted I am not presenting solutions because I am a nice person. I want you able-bodied weaklings to be strong smart enough to comprehend why you are a physical mental failure. A spiritual burden.

  17. when it's pull-your-eyes-out-because-you-can't-believe-you-just-saw-something-that-stupid Stupid, that's Trump LeveL Stupid. Trump LeveL Stupid when the lowered bar collapses into an abyss in the floor…Trump LeveL Stupid. just fucking Stupid.

  18. Great as usual…

    But as a good Lefty, I must not agree (totally) with "Phones replacing reading" I have Kindle and Nook on ALL my devices. The access to the books I'm reading – or have on a list – is, of course, incredible. I do assume, though, that most folks are not reading – a book or a Nook! Keep speaking out Mr. Mahler!

    Anyone else out there use Nook/Kindle on the Phone?

  19. I argue on the point of illiteracy, that before the internet, my generation and those before it spoke on the phone and listened to radios, making them basically illiterate as far as communication goes; a verbal culture; unlike those very literate people who created this country, penmanship and all. What I noticed about my children is that they were writing, typing in fact, and reading both their own results and their responses; and it struck me how well they handled it; making them far more "literate" than my generation. So there. They quickly evolved an abbreviated language to fit the format. Marr sometimes sticks with his pissed off rants for aesthetic reasons, rather than thinking them through.

  20. I love how democrats relief them selves by watching these shows that bash trump. Democrats lost. Get over it. Trump was the better choice.

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