New Rule: Pencils Down | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

And finally, new rule, and I can’t believe
I’m saying this, but… this country needs to treat
children better. (CHUCKLES) I know,
it’s crazy, right? -(AUDIENCE LAUGHS)
-Me sticking up for kids? It’s like Mike Pence
fighting for gay adoption. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) Even when I was a kid, -I didn’t like kids.
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I remember being
in kindergarten, thinking, “These people are
such children.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) “Why am I even here? We’re–
We’re drinking milk and napping, I could be doing this at home.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) But a few weeks ago, I saw that a second-grade teacher
in Arizona had posted her pay stub,
and it went viral. Probably because she is one
of the people we trust to care for
and educate our children. -And she makes 320 bucks a week.
-LOUIE: Jesus. We pay such lip service
to kids, “They’re the future,”
“our greatest
natural ressource,” “We’ll do anything for them.” And then, we nickel-and-dime
their teachers? If you really think children
are our future, shouldn’t the people who mold
their minds make more than the night manager
CONTINUE) There is a revolt brewing,
in the teachers’ lounge… these days, in schools
all across this country, and it’s long overdue. Time’s Up, meet Pencils Down. (HEATHER LAUGHS) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (CHUCKLES) Teachers are tired of being told
what Sarah Palin once said of a teacher,
that, “Her reward’s in Heaven.” (HEATHER CHUCKLES) Maybe, but the rent’s
due here on Earth. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (CHUCKLES) Elizabeth Milich, the teacher
who posted her pay stub, wrote: “I buy every roll of tape
I use, every paper clip I use, every Sharpie I grade with,
every snack I feed kids who don’t have them.” How do people,
even the burdened tax-payer, justify this?
We were all kids once. We remember our teachers,
you have those moments
of early learning, imprinted in your brain,
the teacher was your first mentor,
your first role model. If you grew up in Florida,
where the revolt started, teachers were just asking
for a five percent pay raise. Not a lot. But it helps when you have
to pay for your own paper, your own pencils, and now… your own bullets. (SMACKS LIPS)
Here’s an idea, don’t give the teachers guns,
give them a living wage. -They’re–
for the world,
just enough of a raise so they don’t have
to drive an Uber, -three nights a week.
-(HEATHER GASPS) Teachers, it turns out,
to drive Ubers. And work as cashiers at Hardy’s
on weekends, and sell their blood plasma
to make ends meet. It isn’t supposed to be
a side hustle, teaching. In Kentucky,
teachers are protesting Governor Matt Bevin’s attempt
to reduce their pension fund. Bevin said the teachers have
a, quote, “thug mentality.” (AUDIENCE GASPS) He said, “It’s about just
straight up wanting more than your fair share.” So true, you know,
when I think “greedy,” -the first thing
that comes to mind…
-(PANEL LAUGHS) is a public-school teacher,
who takes the bus to work…
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) …and spends her tax-free fund
on crayons. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) If we really cared about kids, would be giving them an
education secretary who needs… (SADLY)
…to stay after class. -(AUDIENCE LAUGHS)
-LOUIE: Yeah. If we really cared about kids, it wouldn’t be so hard
for states… to pass laws against
marrying them. That’s right, fun fact, child marriage is legal
in every state. What? Yes. True. In America, you don’t even have
to start your own crazy religion to have sex with children,
you can just marry them. And that’s every state, not just
the waffle house states. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) LOUIE: Wow. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) More than 200,000 children
were married in America over the past 15 years,
some as young as ten. -(AUDIENCE GASPS)
-In 24 states, there is no minimum age
to marry. It’s “Me Too” for Hollywood,
but we’re okay with this? And again,
this is coming from me. Me! Someone who has no use
for children. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) And don’t even get me started
on babies, no I don’t want to hold
your little Roswell alien. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) -(PANEL CHUCKLES)
-Some people call kids,
“Gifts from God,” I call them,
“Reasons for earplugs.” (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) I don’t like seeing kids,
I don’t like hearing kids. -I do not like kids on a plane.
-(WOMAN LAUGHS) -I do not like kids on a train.
as I patently can’t stand
to be around them, I would rather American children
being well-educated, productive,
contributing citizens, as opposed to what
they otherwise might become, -useless burdens on society.

100 thoughts on “New Rule: Pencils Down | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. "Teach my kid for free." Americans are the most greedy, selfish, and willfully stupid people on this planet.

  2. 320 bucks a week?

    No… that's not true. I saw the picture.

    She makes more than 35 grand per year… which is 710 dollars per week

    MAYBE her take home is 320, I don't know… but that has little to do with anything. She makes between 17 and 21 dollars per hour depending on how much time she spends grading papers off the clock (when you adjust for the paid summer off). Pretty normal… but what she witholds is not our fault.

    She's probably paying max into her pension (supplemented by tax dollars) she might be getting garnished. She might be witholding extra for tax purposes. She might have an extremely wealthy spouse, so she witholds at a higher rate on her income.

    WE DON'T KNOW… but what we do know is this.

    This woman's income is NOT 320 bucks a week. It's 710 dollars per week… and gets 3 months paid vacation every year. If you adjusted her pay rate for the full year with no vacations, she's making the same hourly equivalent as someone making 45-50 grand a year PLUS whatever they put into their pension (for retirement).

    My Mom is a teacher, and I think she's underpaid… but let's not lie about the details. In her state, 320 isn't even minimum wage.

    Is it so hard to fact check before you share stories on T.V.?

  3. $ 300 a week? Most be a liberal to stupid to ask for more. Where is this ? what's the average wage? What kind of teacher is she ? How much is rent or cost of living in the area? How about some facts instead of just bad mouthing and jacking your jaws Bill.

  4. Teachers want more money?
    Start doing a better job and show you've earned it.

    People forget that public schools teachers get paid for 3 months of summer.
    When they're not teaching.
    How about keeping your hands and other body parts off our children.

    As a person who was teacher at a private school.
    Any expenses that are not refunded by your school?
    Is taxducable.

    All public schools teachers do is create mediocre students with mediocre minds.

  5. USA used to be the envy of the world. Until it was sucked dry by greed and corporate corruption. No money to pay its guardians of the future generations but billions to spend bailing out the greedy bankers. M. A. G. A. Drain the swamp.there doing a tremendous job the best people.

  6. He lies like a dog. California teachers make good money and they have the dumbest students in the country.

  7. "shouldn't they make more than the night manager at Gamestop?"

    weird that you start with a manager position. Cashiers make more per week and don't have to find a summer job.

  8. Holy SH*T .. Now there's 3 things I agree with this guy on and it only took like 20 years . Wow the progress that weve made in this country is AMAZING…

  9. Fact: Majority of teachers that are underpaid or underemployed all live in Red States. That's right. The teacher that make the less are living in Republican-held States or districts. Swing states or Liberal-leaning states have lessen the wage gap. Yet, not everything is balanced. Because Plant Operators or Custodians, and bus drivers are still left out of the discussions. If you have a more educated country…It becomes more productive.

  10. Jesus, just…fuck Sarah Palin. Seriously. I'd rather have tea with Leatherface than even be in the same room as that decrepit harpy.

  11. Bill bringing up child marriage? 🤔 Ok, nice jab at American Bill, but that's heavily frowned upon here in the states. But you know where child marriage is rampantly accepted and part of the culture? The people whose dicks you suck constantly.

  12. You don’t care about children. You do not care about babies. America just spouts on some bullshit that sounds good:

    The land of the free – from the country with the biggest prison population and that had a hard on to take away bodily autonomy from women.

    Our children are our future – we will not support teachers and social programs that help struggling single mothers.

    We defend democracy- while invading and robbing people of their homes, lively hood and lives.

    Hypocrisy thy name is America.

  13. I don't know why we have to lament, the inadequacy of the people elected by the dumbass teachers that vote Republicans…. How about these #redfored idiots vote GOP out and vote in the first person that promises dignified solutions to GOP gov run amock hole dug by Republicans…. My English teacher is a red bone republican who wud rather buy her scotch tape instead of letting gays marry… They dug their grave in their ideology

  14. Teachers are so important, they should be payed well enough to survive on their salary as teachers and not depend on their 2nd or 3rd jobs and food stamps. Make a rule that a governor can earn only four times a teacher salary and you will see a change.

  15. Umm no teachers should not make a lot of money considering they are overpaid babysitters already. Also they get like 3 months off n shit wtf? Jesus

  16. My mother made very little money as a middle school teacher and bought her own supplies so her class could have something to work with. It's gotten even worse for teachers since then.

  17. Very good. Bevins sounds either astonishingly ignorant or simply evil. Or as George Will might say "he's either a fool or a knave."

  18. Betty Devos is presently in charge of American education. Look out America. PPlleeeeeeeeeeeze  get rid of these lunatic republicans. We're better than this. Wake up Pelosi.

  19. I think what needs to go!! Is these overpaid Asians and blacks that work at hospitals taking care of your family that treat the sick like crap.. sorry doctor, that because I wasn't able to pay for my rectal exam for $10,000 in full, you can't pay for your babinga hot tub with a self automated self jerk off machine.. I think we spend more on people that need to go than people that are paving the way..

  20. Teachers are 3 times more likely to need a second job to make ends meet

  21. That teacher should move to Wyoming. In Wyoming teachers start out at $50,000+ per year with a bachelors degree. That’s 180 school days per year x 7 hour days = 1,260 work hours or about $39 per hour. State benefits (health insurance and retirement), all major holidays off, summer vacation, union representation, and tenure.

  22. Not going to be a popular thing to say on a Bill Maher video (liberal audience), but a huge part of the problem is the basic economic principle of supply and demand. There is an overwhelming number of kids graduating with degrees in education. It's one of the most popular things in the "woke" crowd, since it means you get to push your views on other people for a living if you choose (yes, I know that not all teachers do this). There are so many teachers in many areas they can afford to give the job to the lowest bidder in terms of salary.

    That's not everywhere though. There ARE places that desperately need teachers and will pay a premium for a good one, but they're not typically in "cool" places to live (usually small towns in rural and suburban areas). Those are also the places that want you to teach the 3 Rs rather than gender unicorns and the wonders of socialism, so they're not popular with the "woke" crowd, which education as a whole is largely trending towards.

  23. When it comes to children, conservatives only care their in the womb, but once their born, they and the teachers who educate them are on their own! If we want our future generations to keep this country alive and thriving, we have to put up and that means lose the billion dollar weapons we really don't need and put it towards our children or we will continue to have people who will grow up so uneducated the movie "Idiocracy" will be come a sad reality instead of a fearful plausibility! : (

  24. This should be a bipartisan issue, public school educator salaries in Canada & the U.S. are appalling, considering most teachers are required to have a bachelor's degree. That is not to say that every district or state has such requirements. No teacher should have to use their own wages (low wages at that) in order to purchase supplies, or snacks for the children. The public education system like every facet of the government is completely dysfunctional.

    And do not even get me started on the school shootings, In my country Switzerland, citizens are allowed to own firearms, by EU standards we have very relaxed gun laws; the last mass shooting that I can remember happened in 2001.

  25. Find out how much the Principles and administrators make. Go to the Dept. of Ed. administration building and take a peek inside. Full of useless cronies getting paid to do pretty much nothing. Our government is 5% efficient. 95 cents out of every dollar is stolen, wasted, lost, given away or paid to useless piles of shit like school administrators.

  26. Okay, this is complete bullshit. My ex-wife is a teacher in the freakin' Bronx and she makes very good money.

  27. If you're unwilling to support teachers earning a respectable salary, then don't complain when your kid comes out of school dumb as a doorstop and on the way to becoming a lowlife. Just saying!

  28. Let me get this straight; You can't have sex with anyone under eighteen but you can marry them? WTF?!!! I🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  29. Republicans don't want coloured kids and poor kids getting smart and taking the nice white jobs. Keep them poor and dumb is their attitude.

  30. I love republicans mindset when it comes to their core values in this case being pro-life that they believe every child should be born into this world, but after that they and the parents who have them are on their own and the current lack of providing funds for them and their teachers who teach them is glaring truth that when it comes to this group's values has more bullshit coming from than a cattle ranch! X (

  31. I hate kids too, I cant stand being around them. And I absolutely LOATHE  babies on airplanes!!!! I  don't think they should be allowed to fly

  32. I think Game Stop is also considered a viable example of a "teacher." Technically, most kids spend more time playing games than they do reading, writing, and all that other pesky learning stuff. Forget about it, folks. It's over. Kids are too stupid to try and save anymore. They planet is burning to the ground anyway. Trees are in distress and dying. Humanity is all over.

  33. That is depressing. You have to wonder what is the point. What is the cost to train to be a teacher in the US. And yet Amazon pay no corporation tax.

  34. There is no money for teachers because we need to spend $1,000,000,000 a day on the government to keep us safe from plants! #ENDTHEDRUGWAR!

  35. @3:30–4:14

    $20 says that if every American child were to marry every immigrant or naturalized child set for deportation,the 'Cons would pass such legislation YESTERDAY!!

  36. Bill

    Let me explain. People justify it because they are stupid and they truly think that teachers work 7 hours a day and have summers off. Forgetting that there's grading, continued education, conferences, staff in session days, lesson planning, oh I also forgot they actually spend more on their education than they average major, having to take state licensing exams paying to get licensed and such. Then, when you provide those facts they say "any time spent out of work is volunteer"…. What? So if Johnny doesn't get his homework graded that's okay? Better yet you hear "you chose that job" "What's your point? Yes I chose this, you chose to do what you do doesn't mean you don't bitch about your salary" We place more emphasis on stupid shit like athletics and Hollywood then education. See Betsy Devos for further proof.

  37. I think Republicans continue to down play the importance of teachers and education for our kids for the simple reason which has been stated more than once. Teach poorly, educate poorly, grow up poorly and because of that kind of ignorance…….VOTE POORLY! Thanks for nothing republicans and your so called values for the children of our country……NOT!!! X O

  38. Like any other profession, salaries are dictated by offer/demand dynamics. For whatever reason, too many people want to be a teacher… I know a few that shouldn't.
    Maybe we should raise the requirements for a teacher, and thus decrease the number of people who qualify. The salary issue resolves itself.

  39. The teachers in my state request supplies from parents several times during the school year. Everything from pens,pencils,copy paper, hand soap to paper towels. I doubt they buy everything they use all by them selves. Their bigger issues are probably the brats they have to babysit everyday because the parents don’t do their job and teach manners.

  40. Teachers are the most over paid mother fuckers on the planet they work a part time job and they get a full time salary PLus after a few years that union she belongs to will have her pay up to 60grand plus a year piss off

  41. My fellow Americans we have got to cut the bull and recognize the fact that we as a nation must cut the our over-bloated defense budget and increase the education budget for everywhere in our country! Especially if we want our children to compete with the rest of the world when they grow up because right now they can't with the current broken system we have! Sorry, but when your country is rated below number 20 in the top ten in education, it's rather pathetic to be claiming we're number 1 and I take no pride in that as an American!! : – (

  42. And we want government to run healthcare, free college, etc. Crazy. It's unbelievable what teachers have to ask for… tissues?? Really. I have to provide tissues. Where are our priorities?

  43. Everything you just complained about you can thank Democrats for that. They created the education system that fails everyone. Get rid of the teachers union as unions are self serving and only benefit the leaders. You shouldn’t have to pay to have a job, anymore than you should have to pay vinny protection money so his boys won’t burn your restaurant down. Take away the Bureaucracies and Government interference. Spend all the money you spent on the fake agency and teachers would make over a 100,000 a year with full benefits.

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