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trying something new out here I've received a package from a junior learning with a couple of new to me a learning toys that I wanted to show you in this video hey hey you guys is Christina from the purple alphabet every now and then I get some boxes of some new learning stuff and I got some from junior learning so I wanted to do a video and just show you what these two things are about because I think they're pretty amazing if you are new here make sure to click subscribe to see more videos like this we do lots of educational activities for kids and ideas and inspiration so you can learn through play and I would love it if you say hi in the comments and let me know that you're here and you're new if you're not new make sure to leave me a comment too because I like to get those updates from you and to see your smiling face with your little name in the comment section know I do get some boxes from time to time as being part of the purple alphabet so some companies do send me some things and I got some from a junior learning so I wanted to show you these two things because I think they're pretty good the first one I want to show you is the mag tronics let's start off with the mag tronics because I did actually see this at Toy Fair when I went and I was very excited about it so let's see here we get our little activity guide that gives you the activities to do very straightforward so this kit has 11 pieces in it and it's for ages 4 and up so I'm just gonna take it all out of the box here and lay it out for you here we have our little battery supply and here are our tiles that go along with it so I went ahead and got some batteries so I'm gonna go ahead and insert those in so in this kit you're gonna be getting 10 electronic pieces so that is your switch which is your on and off switch right here your battery pack I already put the batteries in you have a buzzer an LED light five directional pieces which are these blue ones right here a motor which is the red one a helicopter and then of course the activity guide and I do like this because it's for ages 4 and up so you can start stem super early and this is having to do it all with circuits and look how amazing these are all made so these are great I know some kits are for older ages but this one is perfect for the younger kids so just to show you an example I'm gonna set up one of these kits let's do the LED with the switch which looks kind of cool so I'm going to set up my pieces exactly how the picture shows it's really cool I can see already these pieces go right together like it just took nothing but love that okay so back to my my picture here I'm gonna need my light and it has a little arrow of the direction where it should go continue on this building it together need my battery pack with the arrows going this way there's arrows on there that show me and my switch an according to my picture it's like this awesome so now these are the pieces I didn't use all I'd to do is turn on the switch and there goes my light okay now I like this a lot only because it was so simple to do I put it together simply because I am a dolt and I couldn't figure out the instructions but if you don't do this properly for example maybe if your child doesn't quite get it right or put something somewhere else this is a very easy kind of self check to get it right so that is pretty cool so I put the on switch awesome kind of want to try the buzzer switch now which just means I switch out my green piece now this kit is the starter kit so this is just as the basic pieces in it okay here we go oh yeah that definitely worked that was loud and then let's see what we have on the back oh the helicopter switch I really want try that one ouch looks like that and we take our little helicopter piece and place it on top all right I have a feeling this might zoom right off camera kind of scared here we go what do you three no way that was awesome I know you guys want to seal it again right okay so just put some right on here and haha fabulous this is a win and I kind of think I need to go back and see if there's other sets that I can add to this oh because that is amazing if you haven't done any circuit kind of kits like this before this is a perfect starter set for that beginning level ages 4 and up and I like that it just has a couple different things that you can do and the pictures are so easy to follow this is great aha I just want to keep doing it over again let's do the like awesome this is fabulous and then the next one I wanted to show you our word families all right next up is the word family so this one is pretty large or seventy four pieces in here it's for ages five and up kind of when you're learning these phonetic skills so this is talking about having a beginning sound with the ending sound and how you can mix them up all together so here's what we got I'm going to take everything out for you oh there's even a game guide in here I love that and then underneath that game guide I just took it right out are all of the different word family lists on the list so you can take this and use this as reference so that's kind of neat too I have several different kinds of phonics videos on my channels although I don't think I have one specifically for word families so for families is something that you think I should do a whole entire video on let me know down below in the comments and I can work on putting together some activities that you can do for word families I kind of shown them here and they're just as I'm doing things with my kids color coding here so on this side which the pink we have the beginning sound so I see I have just like those single letter sound here and then I have some that are two letters and all different ones and then they have this kind of like notch on the end it's kind of like a puzzle piece and that's gonna fit into my other one so let me turn these over real quick that gives you an idea of what's on this side over here we have the ending so they're all in Bholu so that's how you can tell them apart which i think is pretty cool I turn all of these over to and then we have the game guide here that gives you a couple of ideas for playing some games with this so it's kind of some extensions on it so I think that's fabulous too so you can have some ideas okay there's a steel game starting five all kinds of fun things with that so how it work is you take on one of these for example let's just take the B and you match them up with the other side to make words like here is bug and they just fit together it's kind of like a snap together puzzle so they're not gonna go anywhere and I think this is kind of cool so if you were to do one of the games suggested or you can make a whole list and you can pre-plan how this is gonna all work it works really well another let me see if I can find another here's van here's bin and so on and so forth so you can do all kinds of words that way and learning your word families and then you can also do bigger ones here like spoke or spell and do all the different combinations of course you could always make something like this but I'm telling you this it's so nice when it's already done and plus its kind of indestructible because the way that these are made so you know they're not going to get torn up very easily like how they snap all together and are ready to go for you let me know if you like these kinds of videos where I kind of show you the products that companies are sending me I'm always unsure of what you guys want to see or not see or if it matters to you I definitely do like these that I showed you today so I wanted to make sure that I put them in a video but I'll do more videos like this if you're interested so tell me down below make sure to click subscribe to see more videos like this and give me a thumbs up to show your love

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  2. There is something called snap circuits.. that have multiple kits and extensions… bonus….ive been finding them at goodwill and salvation army thrift stores for much cheaper then the website.

  3. Hello! I love your videos and you always find the best learning toys. I'm struggling getting my 18 month old to talk and say words. Any suggestions?

  4. The only problem with the Phonics kit is that the red and blue colors. In Montessori red is for vowels and blue for constants. I think this kit would confuse my grandson as he is used to the moveable alphabet.

  5. I love the magnets kit. I will have to buy this. Will definitely will be using the discount ,too. Thanks.

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