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Hey guys and welcome to my homeschool room. Come on in! Alright. so I’m going to show you the entire room from head to toe kind of how I do my system a little bit about my Curriculum if you’re new to my channel subscribe and let’s go ahead and get started I’m going to start section by section and explain a little bit of everything so first I come on over here We have a nice relaxing picture of the beach. I really like that. I wanted this room to be minimal I wanted it to be bright and simple and calming if I could and then on top of our desk We have a little system We have the cash register, which we use every day for our money and anything that we work in anything that I’m working on We have science stuff this week We are doing our hydroponics kit And we are doing a little mentos-project so whenever we have a science project or a science activity I’ll kind of leave them up here for the kids we have tons in the closet and we kind of rotate them weekly And then we also have little notepads and paper that the kids are welcome to grab and then A dreams and goals activity that the kids can do to reassess their schoolwork as well as good behavior And when we’re all the way done with all of our schoolwork. We can earn if we’ve had a really good day We’ve had a lot of due diligence We can earn some learning activity time on the iPad and that is only a privilege in our house And then we also have some colorful paper and then over here we have book of the week every week We rotate it And then I kind of talk to the kids about like whatever the book is about and they know that they can explore this anytime they want if they want to go check it out or Borrow it for a couple hours to explore or come in here and read through the book We will go ahead and do that. This week We’re doing like a Charlie Brown series about the body so we can kind of learn a little bit more to have tons of really cool questions in there and Then I’ll bring you onto the bookshelf This is a unit where the kids are welcome to come whenever they need and I want the whole classroom to feel like that Over here is our book bin for any reading projects These are all reading books that the kids can go ahead and read and we read up as we go We are using the Abeka program, which I really am enjoying right now Kova is in a first grade level and Jaka is in a kindergarten like a 4k level I’m not crazy about a Becca for the 4k program But I love it 5k and up I love it for 5k and up and like I said so they’ll have reading assignments They’ll go ahead and grab the reading books and Lotus start from here alright, and here is our Bible Cubby we do Bible time every single day. We do a daily devotional Every single day we’ll read a story from the Bible depending upon where our devotional like so for today It’s telling us to read in Matthew and in Timothy So we’ll go ahead into those specific sections and read through those We also have different Bible verses we have little Bible baby Bibles a lot of different things And we also have Bible cards that I let the kids read through and we’ll kind of talk about This is actually my kids favorite section because it’s a time where We get a reflect we get a stop and think and I feel like they’ve actually developed a lot of self growth Through our Bible devotional, which is really special to me And it makes me feel like the homeschooling is really working for us because that’s really what we wanted all right And this is Jaka’s cubby she is doing k4 Abeka But sometimes does a little hard for work because she just turned 4 like a month ago So like it’s a little bit too much at times, and it’s a little bit too hard, so we’re also using rod and staff Worksheets to kind of help her through things, and I’ll show you my um Loose-leaf worksheets in a little bit. That’s also what I do with Jaka so in the morning I’ll kind of start her off with some loose-leaf worksheets that I want her to work on in projects or sections, and I want her to work on We’ll do our k4 like I said I’m kind of at that she’s kind of at that spot where The k4 is getting a little bit too hard cuz we’ve been doing it for 8 months now so we started when she was really little wasn’t even for you And it’s just one of those things where it’s a little bit too tricky at this time So I’m just working on the basics with her basically. She’s in preschool. So that’s totally okay. Over here We have letter picture flashcards we have some watercolor paint for when they need them And then here’s a little section that the kids can grab extra papers. We have a Clipboard because our kids like to sometimes take their homework any extra homework outside. Maybe doing on their couch or their bed So this is kind of a station for them alright and down here is just some extra resources. It’s a calendar for Kova staff She’s working on different things that I really really enjoy This is one of the things that I love this has little programs and activities that I can coorporate into this school We’ve been pretty busy lately So I haven’t been able to research that and then I also just have some accessories and resources for myself all right and here is Kova’s cubby, she has quite a bit of work, but she’s been learning a ton all of this is Abeka That’s really only thing that she works on and then both of the girls have word of the day every single day Which I enjoy and love. Their vocabulary has extrapolated so much every day I see them using the words, and I’m just really impressed She also has any learning charts that were working on that specific day Whether it’s concepts verbs vows whatever. It is whether it’s special sounds They’re right in here, and then my favorite cubby over here It looks like a hot mess the girls kind of didn’t clean it up, but that’s okay And it’s just a bunch of resources for the kids a lot of them are for Jaka or for Radley but we have one of those little keyboards for our sums that we’re learning little piggy bank game that we’re working on for learning are from monies Jaka has these little Activities that she likes to do maybe as she needs some busy time and she’s completed all of her work Another thing that we really like to do in the classroom is if I’m having if I’m teaching her patterns I’ll kind of put these out, and I’ll make her work with patterns and Sometimes I’ll even put out numbers, and I make her put the blocks over the numbers and then when we pick it off I’ll make her tell me what the numbers are. Different little activities. I’ll change it up all of the time so that she is Her mind is being challenged And she feels like she’s not just doing a ton of worksheets all right another thing that we have in our learning Cubby is a magnifying glass We’ve found that if like we used before learning about something or we’re working on counting numbers it becomes more exciting If we do it like this, I know it sounds silly but like the girls think it’s really fun and really cool This is our minds Lydia is got special flash cards for different things over here Jaka has got some letter sheets that she is working on to improve Reading skills a bunch of sheets for leaves whoops hot mess Express over here Different sheets that Jaka is just really focusing on and then a maddening game that we were working on last week So this is our new bulletin board, and I have to kind of give a disclaimer It just came in the other day, and I’m not happy with this I’m actually gonna be returning it because when I write on it It just kind of like Melts and it kind of falls apart like it just doesn’t look like good quality And the magnets aren’t even sticking to it, so I am going to be replacing it And I don’t think I’m gonna have it be quite as large but Here’s where generally the Board goes. Oh all right, then. I’ll show you our little Montessori area we have a little game over here a Special gift that a family member gave us That we thought was really special and I want this space to be the kids space so if I’m gonna add a decor item I’d like it to be something that they enjoy Also, we have a learning clock, which it’s been really nice incorporating it into the classroom some different Montessori activities You know I was talking to you about the Box a little bit ago I’ve been using these little animals colored animals for sorting and different activities, too And it just kind of adds to the elements so I have the color blocks And then I have tons of little squishy stuff these little sorting animals the kids love these even Kova if I’m working on Subtraction or a different concept. She’s enjoying those as well, so here’s another little bin that I have first I have my dry erase marker is tons of different colors, which is Kova’s favorite thing in the world She like always wants to go towards pink and then I have little sorting cupcakes with shapes on the bottom And they have to match them and then match the color as you take the icing off of the cupcake Kind of a fun little activity for little ones that are learning their shapes We also have gumballs in our classroom for good kids good behavior. Good rewards This is not an everyday reward. This is maybe a two times a week. We’ll have somebody earned a gumball. It’s a special treat It’s not all the time, and then I have a little basket. I’ve got glue. I’ve got flashcards. I got books I got a little bit of everything that the kids need right now, and these are Kova sums-cards that she is working on Ruler and this is our Homework bin or activity or arts bin We’ve got all of our arts and stuff in here every week And then I will go ahead and sort it after I’m done and then down below is our reading books I have a Strange feeling that we are going to need a bigger book bin later on but right now This is really working for us And we pick a story every single day sometimes two stories sometimes Kova will pick a story and Jaka will pick a story I know some people say maybe Kova’s too old for stories. I don’t know but for me kids are never too old they love it every single time, and they still really enjoy it and it’s nice because Whenever I read a story to Kova I see her wanting to read more stories to me which is perfect All right, and here is a little teacher shelf I have important papers. I pin up here. I took them down for the video reason But this is everything that we reference. oops a little kid put this in the wrong spot. My scissors for the kids activities I’ve got my grading chart if I have a paper that means a little bit harder grading Lotion that I love for the kids if they’re having dry hands a calculator And here is where I have my stickers for special grades or sticker paper work And then in here these are my favorite binders. These are extra ones, but these are my favorite They’re Kova & Jaka folders, and I’ll kind of show you what’s inside so come on over all right? So this is the Kova and Jaka these are loose-leaf extra folders extra worksheets Kova to be honest with you, she usually does not need extra worksheets That’s why her binder is so tiny because she has so much stuff going on in her curriculum that she doesn’t really need filler Whereas Jaka being the busy little girl? She is she does need some filler So these are just different Worksheets that I found from different books and stuff and I kind of plugged them in here leaps through him and found out which one would be good for her and Then whatever a day, I’ll just add an extra if she needs it all right And then this is kind of the table that we’re working on as a classroom right now Got but a little bin for kids bowls and pins and then my writing utensils or grading utensils, and then coloring bin Just super some black got that from like the Dollar Tree or Target spot a sticky pad I have my planner and my phone with me every single time when I school my phone is turned on silent I don’t use it, but I kind of use it for it I needed to reference anything just have it there, and then if I’m having a drink of the day I’ll have that there as well and the kids have assigned seats all right and here is our poster wall I wanted one wall where I could fill it up We’ve got off of it over here, and we’ll let the kids go through the alphabet obviously the world map some different posters that I felt were empowering and Awesome like important character traits. This is very important to me Every single day we’ll do numbers. We’ll kind of either do even counting odd counting count by five whatever But we have our number chart, and then over here you have a couple posters a little Miss Jaka is working on her vows Special sounds that we really need to memorize We also have two concepts that are new to the classroom right now that we want memorization to be very important So we’re going to reference in these quite a bit, so let me take you into the very last part in the homeschool closet I’m gonna invent this a little bit messy, but this is kind of where I keep everything I’m gonna kind of show you here’s our Desk is the old dry erase board I gotta get this out of here but we want to have a chair in here and then when the kids are studying or if they’re taking a really important test or They’re doing something where they need quiet time or whatever they can come in here They wish to do so and I’ve kind of just got the drawers filled with utensils I’ve got tons of utensils over here eraser bin, and then on the top crafts bin I’ve got science projects that are coming up. I’ve got old workbooks from Kova that Jaka is gonna be introduced to another Sources over here crayon bin for me to kind of circulate them when they get bad Activities got a karaoke machine when we’re playing around and when we’re doing some really cool activities Lastly, I have another book bin and then I have our valentine cards that we’re getting ready for the animals for sourcing and for activities and Here I have a prize bin For kids great behavior. This is for exceptional behavior. If you’re not getting a bubble gum and you’ve had a day That’s just better than your usual day. You can come in here and pick Whatever you want. I need to refill it, but I just saw some cute stuff in there for my kids here We usually have the music bin, but I don’t know where they are right And then down here. This is a total mess isn’t organized I didn’t plan for that, but I have Resources all of this stuff filed away Important papers documents and then stampers and different activities in here as well just a little bit more Another way for me to organize I need to do a little bit better, but that’s just me being honest alright guys and that is my homeschool room I’m using the Abeka Program if you guys want to see a homeschool with me and I will do an in-depth every single thing that I do Please let me know in the comments below give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed Kind of seeing a little bit of the behind the scenes give this video a thumbs up, and thank you so much for watching Bye guys!

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