23 thoughts on “New Hero Masha Skills Fully Explained! | Mobile Legends – New Hero | MLBB”

  1. What is the effect of marsha's first skill on chou? 😕 chou dosen't use any kind of weapon right?

  2. 2:06 That cant be just 1.5%. She lost more than 30℅ HP in just 6 seconds; that's more than 5%/s.

    Or it's 1.5% of her 3 life bars combined, but that's bullshit. Items and skills only count her current HP bar so why would this count combined HP bars.

  3. I see I see new broken hero for 32000 bp not balanced easy to play. Hey moonton do some balanced hero like its op but hard to play like kagura and not everything must be for 32k do some worse hero or harder heroes like fanny for 24k or even 15k. ( I kbow it never became true )

  4. argus: i don’t need hp to fight
    esmeralda: my shield is my hp
    masha: has anybody talked about my hp bars?

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