New Format, Straight Talk and Education on Automated and Algorithmic Trading, BWT Autotrader VLog #

hello everyone today is Wednesday July 17th that's just a minute or two after the regular session close and I'm going to try a little bit different format today I'm going to show the live simulation charts in this kind of a format and so the videos will be a lot shorter and since we have I have two videos to make everyday I have a live video from Jim as well I'm going to show this separately in a much shorter format here is all the templates for the winning charts you can see the symbol and time frame here but I'm just going to hit cancel and then you can see the P and L window here but you'll be able to see the templates for the charts and then here's the PL and a brief look at the trades at the end of the week I'm going to do a recap of how many times a particular chart one for example the crude oil on the super anko 8 tick has hit its goal every day this week so far all these are trading a single contract with modest goals if it's 375 then you know it's probably 400 goals some of them may have slippage or not I'm not going to get into that this one has a 500 dollar goal for example ok the next group of charge still same day July 17 emini SP on a 1597 line break this is still showing two contracts so it did 712 still pretty great for the day the CL on 150 tick line break the dax on a 34 tick line break the emoney SP on a regular 6 brink of chart the Nasdaq on a 150 high kanashii tick chart has a goal of 500 and did 410 and then the e-mini S&P super ANCA for tick with a 6 tick higher time frame hit its goal 400 okay that's all for the live simulation video charts we have another live video from trader Jim and a good one don't miss it

2 thoughts on “New Format, Straight Talk and Education on Automated and Algorithmic Trading, BWT Autotrader VLog #”

  1. Don’t like this new format. The old one with the individual charts was way better. With the new one, we can’t see the charts, autotrader, entry / exit points, etc. Please go back to the old format.

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