New experiments in self-teaching | Sugata Mitra

22 thoughts on “New experiments in self-teaching | Sugata Mitra”

  1. Yikes

  2. The computer in a wall could only work in India. Chinese kids would ask their teachers or parents for permission, Japanese kids would just use their phones, white kids would use it for games, latinos would steal it, and Blacks would destroy it.

  3. School was created to be a indoctrination farm to ready the sheep to work the farm. for proof of this simply ponder the curriculum. why are not life training skill such as how to budget , how to cultivate your own food, natural law, morality, examination of self? instead its raise hand, dress the same , look the same, line up the same. flock of sheep herd cattle rearing.

  4. Heart-warming stories! Thumbs up! Keep up the good work and I hope Manoj Bhargava learns of your efforts! He's a billionaire and this is the type of project he likes to fund! Another way to fund it is crowdfunding! Please tell us how you did!
    You have proven that our 'leaders' aren't fit to 'lead'! They have far too much power and money and they need to be removed!

  5. He is simply amazing–he saw a need for learning and the impoverished–and he acted! More people like this humbling man

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