New Education Apps for Microsoft 365 at BETT 2019

– Hello my name is
Baldwin Ng from Microsoft. My day job working with Microsoft is to bring in great apps
that can increase engagement and excitement in the classroom. So let’s get started and check out some of these apps on the apps wall. One of these amazing apps
that I really like is Ohbot. Ohbot is a UK company. It’s a block based programming app on Windows 10 and as you
can see the eyeballs, the lips, can actually all get programmed, so you can imagine you can
do a storytelling project using Ohbot robot voice out
what the story is about. Can you play some music? – Here are some of my latest beats – And let’s come over here a little bit, we have another different kind of robot. This one is called Fable. Say hi to Fable. It’s a robot with wheels
and what’s really cool about this one is it’s
robotics is really easy to pull out and snap back in, so you can imagine even a
kindergartner or second-grader can put together a robot within seconds and then they can get
ready for another kind of block based programming. Another app from another
category called Accessibility is great company called
GraphoGame from Finland. Their strategy is to allow
teachers in a special needs area to constantly monitor kids’ performance in their reading level and
the areas of improvement that require so the dyslexic
can further enhance overtime. There is a game based system and every kid can be monitored through games so it’s not really that scary. One thing really cool about this app is that you can actually gather the data and later on go back to the system and see where the kids need improvement. Alright, so there’s tons more to do. Go to
where you can learn more or you can look at the select
set of apps that’s available to the education apps
brochure I’m Baldwin Ng from Microsoft. See you soon.

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