New Dunedin Hospital

In the southern lands of New Zealand
lies Dunedin Ōtepoti is the Maori word for Dunedin. Dunedin is the Gaelic
word for Edinburgh. Kai Tahu were the first to live in this cool climate traveling
trading and thriving then the Scots came to realize utopian ideals based on
education for all Dunedin is an education city and in particular a
center of health education for New Zealand and beyond so building a new
hospital in Dunedin is a big deal. The timing is perfect because we’re also
looking at complementary changes in Central City urban design transport key
infrastructure and housing and having a modern hospital in the middle of the
city is really important pretty exciting Dunedin does health education really
well in our Polytech and university and within the health system itself. It
is place changing it will change a lot of things from how our city functions to
how our health professionals are taught The new Dunedin hospital is an exciting
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create an outstanding connected corridor to
health wellness education and research through the city,
for the University of Otago it provides an outstanding opportunity for further
strengthen and innovation than healthcare education that we provide for
decades to come. And it will change the way those health professionals will work.
Dunedin has been a national and global pioneer over the years and health
design and delivery we now have the opportunity and the catalyst to really
push forward with continued innovation it is the first of many new health
capital projects. I’m delighted that the first Hospital rebuild and quite a while
will be in my home city it will be the first of many we’ve got more than a
decade of rebuild ahead of us but we’re absolutely committed to this work.
The new hospital will also present some considerable challenges especially
finding a labor force. We know that building a big hospital in a small city
creates a huge challenge for the labor market we have to find the skills and
Otago Polytechnic is coming to the party we’re stepping up our trade
training to ensure that the right skills are delivered on time. This new hospital
will change everything. Our approach to primary care community care digital
enablement and telemedicine are being redesigned because now we can. We’re a
city with a growing appetite for change we are all inpatient, we are all here
waiting and we all want to partner with those willing to take up the challenge
of shaping the future of our community

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