NEW ANIME SLIDING KAMEHAMEHA GOKU SKILL! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Ultra Instinct Kamehameha Vs Kefla

all right what is up this this little plays back in some more Dragon Balls universe – so today guys we are trying out a sick custom skill mod actually there are a couple of them that I want to try out in particularly the skill called the I guess sliding command Maor kamehameha rush or ultra instant command man they're like three thousand different names you could give basically from episode 116 that actually aired finally in the English dub over the weekend on Saturday it was really just it transcended my expectations honestly like Sean did an amazing job you know dawn everyone who worked with capsule and everything as well they did just phenomenal with the voice acting and then just Sean's just ultra instinct roar with the command after sliding bro it was sick I love that I thoroughly enjoyed it hopefully you guys did too and I thought you know what this mod actually has been out for a while and I never got a chance to cover it so now we have the homies from the Pride troopers or tae patrollers I always get that mixed up pride troopers and time controls the time patrollers they actually created their own version of ultra in San Goku a while back whenever you know ultra instinct was kind of you know really out there going crazy and you know the subversion everything it was all sick bro but we have this variation here which I really love the most out of any ultra instinct mob that's out this one still holds up today as one of the better-looking ones but he does have a couple different skills I customized for him and we're gonna fight like kefla I'm gonna try to recreate this in like photo mode or vs mode or whatever we're just gonna do that sliding kamehameha you know just amazing beautiful appearance and skill that he had in the anime so before we get into my friends do me a huge go massive gargantuan favorite smash that like button let's try to reach 15 likes that'd be so freakin amazing truly really appreciate it Plus shows that you guys want to see more Dragon Ball xenoverse to content here on the channel as well as a continuation of the vaud series lame odd cities yes ultra instinct Rula alright so basically I went ahead and just gave him a bunch of six skills we're gonna try them all out obviously I wanted to make this not just focused on one skill but you know that's gonna be the main focal point but at the same time we're gonna have these other skills to try out so went ahead and throw on just a bunch of these like ultra moves we got ultra spear bomb kamehameha we got the soaring combo oh the freaking surging spirit the rush the super Kamehameha instinct style you know ultra instinct transformation all that good stuff we're just gonna fall with it today my friends today's video is just sponsored by ultra instinct so I'm yeah be sure to go buy yourself an ultra instinct use my coastal 10% I don't know why they just came out of nowhere but we're gonna go ahead and actually fight miss kefla here because she was asking for the booty slap man she was ready for it so Goku went in against there like he went in pretty freakin hard and she didn't know what was going on bro but yeah I'm telling you man the voice acting out of anything is what really solidifies the dub for me like honestly it should because you know that's like the main difference you know I know that there's lagging issues and all that stuff and that's to avoid like epilepsy or something like that so um you know it happens when it happens so Goku is just gonna walk up slowly in in down smash did he just walk up slowly and down smash Oh what kind of dude again yeah dude I love this about the ultra zoom on dude so yeah if you guys already know I've covered this mod at least 5,000 times on my channel just because it's always nice to come back to this one and you know just mess around so basically it's just normal ultra instant Goku's moveset you guys have seen it plenty of times before but I do want to showcase this ultra command man oh look at that dude I love I love the angle that it uses and this is this is like a normal skill like this is just a super skill and you just see how much damage it does bro this is a lot of damage true kamehameha man it just looks awesome I like how the camera angle changes and everything then we also got this ultra soaring combo which I don't think I've ever tried okay hold on I think I've seen this one I don't know what's all about that man what what is going down he just it's it's basically um soaring fist but it's like soaring palm you guys remember you ever seen Kung Fu Hustle ah the dude was using the Buddhist palm I'm gonna call this the Buddhist palm the Buddhist palm oh that's great and a lot of people still asking me for stamina breaks so I guess I guess I'll do it I don't know why people really like it but I guess I'll try and do it more often if people really do like it then we got the grab I want to make sure I'm showing off all the grabs and stuff you know I know it's the same stuff but people even though it's the same thing people still ask for me to showcase it so hey as long as you guys like it I'm 1 down to freakin do it you already know it bro alright so we got that instant rise you know you guys have seen it plenty of times now let's go ahead and move into this ultra sphere about looking fancy like again these are just like different animations for like the same skills I just love the camera angle that it's got going on I like how I you know it's kind of like a boomerang effect whenever you throw it so like Goku he's just like oh ha ha yes look at his face dude he's like what's in my hand is this a nut sack you think it is oh yeah let's get it oh wait check this Alan's gonna get her come on get her get her that is awesome dude I love that yeah alright alright let's chill let's cheer all right let's try this Kamehameha rush I have no idea if this is even part of the old trance thing move Seraphin if there's any reference but hey it looks cool or it sounds cool but let's see here all right oh okay all right all right okay Goku you son of a mofo bro what though like something like shaggy first second baby all right yo you just like yeah look at that that is awesome I love that kind of reminds me of a power rush you know power rush from from jiren he's kept like the same like punches and stuff so this is a physical melee base move that ends with a key basement pretty sick not gonna lie alright so super kamehameha ultra instinct this is supposed to be the one that's exactly like the one from the anime alright shad so the homie I think it was UT UT go check him out down below he actually created this so we're gonna go ahead and try this out here I don't know if I have to be locked on I'm assuming so what the fudge I think I think this is not supposed to go on this Goku oh my god nobody's sick okay obviously this is not supposed to go on this Goku but god damn bro what happened oh my god that is hilarious that is actually terrifying okay so what I'm thinking is maybe there is a specific mod this skills supposed to go over so I'm gonna find that and fix that I had no idea that was going to happen I thought this would work with anybody but that is too funny that is too funny I'm keeping this in the video bro all right we'll be right back we'll be right back we ran into some technical difficulties one more time overtime whoever thought oh Lord oh yes hey what's up I'm back alright we got it working okay I found a version that could work so let's go and shine it's not take – yo real quick though hashtag down below mangled UI or just comment down below mangled UI that way I know that you guys made it this far alright let's see it super command his arms aren't screwed up alright alright alright this should this should work if I go from very far away I'm gonna try to go as far as possible without locking off okay so we get a little bit closer here a little bit closer where'd she go do you wanna see where she all right this should be good let me see if this is too far or not far enough I don't know so he does the Commandant and it was any jumps and he gets all the way up close and personal point-blank shots her freaking face dude now the question is can I recreate this scene that's gonna be the toughest part though alright so basically she was like I think she was like on a rock or something here but just for now we'll just put her on this rock I don't Tufte and we got to make sure that she's using her ultimate attack I think is it number two what is it which one is it gigantic burst is that number two let's see here let me test this out it is not okay it's number number one yeah it's okay so I need to do ultimate attack number one that should be it let me do this one more time one more time here let me see it yes perfect okay so then she does it and Jenny she blasts the two freakin blasts then combined together it's exactly what I want to see now the question is how would I do this I could definitely do it in photo but maybe a little bit better but this is gonna be kind of tough are you ready I'm just gonna go off this off the fly you know improv style let's see if this is possible here let's do it hola oh I think I did it a little bit too early a little bit too early let me see this here hold on yeah okay I gotta wait a little bit I come across a girl you get ready about the kiss man she'd even get a chance to use it well that actually looks sick that actually looks sick okay oh my god this is gonna be tough dude I'll definitely get it in photo mode but I have to do this real time just to show y'all the power the power of a sliding kamehameha dude all right so let's do this one more time okay three two one she needs a little bit of time to charge it up she does that and then we go for it there it is bro we got it bro yes yes dude yes all right one more time one more time for the good homies out there all right one more time see if I do this and then we'll try to get a better look in photo mode but I gotta get like right here up at the top and then she goes for her ultimate attack oh crap I didn't mean to get hit by that okay that was a screw-up that was definitely a screw-up but that's okay that's okay all right go ahead and try it one more time if you can girl yeah they would go there we go and I go for it here we go there we go oh that is nice bro so obviously she didn't get hit because she's still like mid weight you know using the attack but still very cool very cool I thoroughly enjoyed that man oh my god I've got oh go reach an episode alright guys so I've always wanted to see ultra instinct sign Goku slapped the hell out of slowly here so slowly about to get the big slap slap to the head bro he ain't gonna have a head no more he almost doesn't even have a head looking like a Goomba from the original Super Mario Brothers movie you already know what's about to go down so I'm gonna go ahead and slap my dude here oh oh look at that damage bro slowly just too big man he's just too big to even know what's about to go down all right you got this you got this bro oh look at that a nice stomping up a bike oh very nice okay I don't know why I'm not hitting him meteor crash go for a little bit of a comment on that hot yeah well he got his own little command there you remember he said yes oh my god okay so what's going down what's going down charge us up here you know what let's go old trance thing I'm really feeling it I'm a rarely feeling or chose oh I got that dodge finally the Dodge is activated all right very nice um charge this up here and then we shall go third truck instinct whatta I am naked I check this out Oh oh my god dude that is crazy I like how he didn't even like phase Goku whatever bro he was doing he didn't even care what's going on I let's try this ooh okay that was that that was no no no bueno no bueno at all oh you had me boy Doody ass no head oh boy we got no head dude let's turn to some sewing scoops like what is going on dude oh oh oh look at that got my flurry kicks and everything this is well I'll try and state yes so there you have it my friends that was truly enjoyable hopefully you guys did enjoy this little mod showcase here we had we had some fun with the UI the ultra instinct style here but hopefully you guys did enjoy this episode like I said it was just a fun little thing I never got to try out the skill and now it feels good it feels so good to finally try it out you know Goku recreating that battle with kevro was amazing and the English dub was fantastic I cannot wait for more of the English dub on super regardless of the lag issues or whatever else people have with it you know just hearing these voices that I grew up with you know in this like new revamp style it's it's amazing so have a great day and leave a like if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe if you haven't already and bring that notification bell I got tons of awesome videos coming your way and again always a big massive shots in the modding community for providing these chefs a UT for his little ultra instincts line and kamehameha skill as well as the time patrollers or yet yeah I keep time troopers met I screw that up pride pride troopers time patrollers I'm always gonna screw that but yeah the time patrollers for creating this version of Goku unfortunately this skill didn't work on it but it's all good see peace out take care have a great day my friends

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  1. I felt bad for kefla she like i got him goku got the shraningan he copy her move goes try hard for that kamahameha

  2. BROOOO!! I’ve been playing with that mod recently!! Just recreating the scene where Goku eliminates Kefla is so sick!!!

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