NEW 2019 Halloween Show – Educational Kids Video

Learn and play and move a lot Fitness with the RoboTots! Hi guys! Are you excited for Halloween?
yeah? RoboTots love Halloween, too
So today we have something extra spooktacular for you to get in the spirit of halloween!
But first, we’ve gotta get Robo powered up. Everybody stand up and stomp your feet.
Come on get up with us. Robo, Robo One – two – three. Come and exercise with me Hi Robo! Are you ready for Halloween? Halloween is my favorite holiday.
Okay great. Let’s get started. There’s a full moon out tonight, so bring your arms up
and make a moon. Can you do this? Bend over to one side
and then the other side Today we are going to do 15 exercises and then go on an adventure. (howl) What was that? Let’s pretend to be a
werewolf. Put your claws out and lunge forward. Are werewolves real? No, wolves are real, but werewolves aren’t. So you don’t have to be scared. It’s getting pretty dark. It’s time to go
trick-or-treating So grab your imaginary flashlight. You
got it? Okay turn it on. Let’s walk down the sidewalk and move your flashlight from side to side. Always be sure to watch out for cars and staying safe while trick-or-treating. Look at all these ghosts flying in the air. Spin around and make a spooky sound. ooooooohhhhhh. (ghost sounds) This one is fun to do with a grown-up. Keep going for 15 seconds and you’ll earn a star Sometimes you can even earn a diamond. Do you see the skeleton bones in that yard? Let’s do a silly skeleton dance. Make your arms and legs really loose and wiggly. I see some crazy skeleton moves out
there Nice job! You get a diamond for that! Look, there’s a haunted house on that
hill. Let’s take big steps up to the door. Keep
going up and up Bring your knees up really high. That’s it. I wonder who lives here.
Let’s knock on the door. I’m scared It’s okay to be scared sometimes, but
remember Halloween is just for fun. Are you still knocking? Try louder. Why hello my dear. You are my first guest tonight. Happy Halloween! Are you Dracula? What a great costume. Oh it’s not a costume, my dear.
I dress like this every day. You mean, you’re a real vampire? Oh do not be scared. I only eat fruits and veggies and remember children always eat your fruits and veggies so you can grow big and scary like me. ahhhh I’m scared! There’s no need to be scared.
Even I get scared at that times. But you’re Dracula. What do you have to be afraid of? Don’t tell anybody, but I am very scared of the dark. I get really scared when mommy and daddy turn off the light at night. Oh that’s okay Dracula. There’s
nothing in the dark that can harm you. Hey, Can you help us out with our next
exercise move? Of course my dear. I would love to. How about I do something scary. Yes please. Now everybody I want you to put your
arms up like this and make a scary face. Wow you’re making me scared. Ahhh. Just one more really scary one. Great work everybody. Guess what? We’re halfway through. Thank you for joining me and now I must go. Wow he turned into a bat! Can you fly like a bat? Move your arms up and down and flap
your wings. Make sure to stay until the end to go on a Halloween adventure That was BATastic! Ok now let’s get down
on the ground every pretend to be a big spider. How many legs do spiders have? Yes spiders have eight legs. So you can try this move with an adult and pretend to
have more legs. Hear that owl on the tree. Make your hands into circles and make big owl eyes on your face. Move from side to side like you’re sitting in a tree. Look there’s a witch. It looks like she’s making a magic potion. Let’s put in
a feather, some frog legs and some sparkles. Let’s help her stir the
cauldron. Stir it up. What kind of potion do you think she’s
making? it’s FrankenRobo. Bring your arms up and move like Frankenstein.
That’s scary Frankenstein is another imaginary
monster, so you don’t have to be scared. Do you know what imaginary means? It
means it’s all imagined in your head. That was amazing. You get a special
diamond for that! There’s a farm with a big scarecrow. Bring your arms out like
this and balance on one leg. Freeze like a scarecrow. Great job. Okay one more move and then
we’re done. Time to sit down in this pumpkin patch. Deep breath in. Bring your arms up and
let it out. You’ve done so well today Five, four, three, two, one.
We’re done. Congrats you earned the Halloween badge. Take a picture and tag
@RoboTots on Instagram. This pumpkin patch looks fun. We still need to get pumpkins. Well how about we go get some. Come on, let’s go! Welcome to Ferrari farms. We’re here to
learn about the farm ,pick out some pumpkins and have some fun. But Have you
seen Robo? I don’t want him to miss out Be sure to keep an eye out for him, okay?
All right let’s go explore! Today we have a special treat and we get
to meet a real farmer. This is Frank Ferrari of Ferrari Farms Hi Frank
Hi RoboTots. Can you tell us a little bit about your farm? Yeah we’re a farm here
in Reno, Nevada right here on Mill Street. and we grow lots of pumpkins and corn
and some flowers and all that kind of stuff. How long does it take to grow
pumpkin? It takes about four months. yeah right about that. How many pumpkins do you grow? We grow between eight and ten thousand every year Wow! That’s a lot of pumpkins! Can you eat a pumpkin? Yeah, definitely, one of my favorite things is pumpkin pie. Me too!
Do you have a scarecrow? I do not have a scarecrow here. What do you use to keep
the birds away? So what we use, is we have this reflective tape just like this and
what it does is it scares the birds away they see it and they keep flying and
they don’t stop. Do you have anything special for the big kids? We do, so we have
something for everybody here. We have a big corn maze and we also have a zombie
paintball hunt. Oh that sounds fun. Yeah definitely. And
what’s your favorite thing about owning the farm. Definitely it’s about having a
lot of fun here and seeing all the kids and smiling faces and get to drive the
hayride all the time. Yeah would you like to go for a hayride? Yeah that sounds great.
Let’s go. This is super fun and bumpy. Hold on
tight. Farmers use tractors to plow fields and
plant crops. They also use tractors for hauling equipment around the farm like
this hayride. Look in the field. Tell me when you see a
scarecrow. Yes, there’s the scarecrow. I wish Robo could enjoy this, but we
can’t find him anywhere. This farm is huge especially to grow up
all those pumpkins. Thanks Frank that was so much fun. Did you have fun guys? It wouldn’t be
a farm without animals. Let’s see what animals live here. Why hello. Peekaboo What does the cow say? Do you know what that is? It’s a llama There’s a donkey. How cute. What does a goat say? The tots are doing
the chicken dance. What does the chicken say? Maybe Robo
went into the corn maze. Ah are you scared? I don’t mean to be
scary. Hey what letter does the word scary
begin with? That’s right the letter S. What other things are on this farm that begin with the letter S. Come follow me. Sunflower, hmm I wonder how
sunflowers smell Scarecrow- Scarecrows are scary. Sweet corn Let me take a bite to this sweet corn. Shadow – it’s only a shadow no need to be
scared Spider it’s just a friendly spider. We’re at the pumpkin patch let’s pick out some pumpkins. Some small, some big! Pumpkins are also called squash. Robo’s sure missing out. I wish I knew where he was. This one will make a great
jack-o’-lantern. We found the perfect pumpkins. Let’s take
them home, but we gotta find Robo before we leave. ROBO there you are! Did you have fun? Super fun!! Did you have fun? We want to thank everybody here at Ferrari Farms we
had so much fun. But now it’s time to go home. Join us for another fitness
adventure by clicking the RoboTots playlist. And be sure to tell your

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