Nerf War : Kidz Squad Unmasked The Game Master (The White Hat)

[Applause] tastes pretty good the world mess kids Oh is mine whoops Robert hurry and clean this up for you know who sees this [Applause] mr. Carmichael hey nice voice I've never heard before how's it going pretty good mr. Carmichael yes my name nice work told you so how can I help you well someone found out your personal identity on your bank account YouTube channel 401k pretty much everything you okay mr. smartypants well that's so true then how much is in my bank account ha ha ha ha ha ha of all my name's not smartypants I'm simply known as the white hat and secondly zero my dad's way you're wrong boy actually I have zero how does it feel all those years you spent running away from someone you never knew what it actually did to them what on earth are you talking ok you know what never mind it's not free anymore this has to stop seriously put my money back where it belongs or I'm gonna cops my own business seriously quick game after I tough begin master everything he knows but instead of laying low he wants the whole world to see his work that I taught him ok so then why are you bothering me if you have beef with him I need you to do me a little favor no sorry not to pull the plug right there see how to do business with crazy people that call me I'll know who the heck they are so have a good day honestly the white hat kinda name is that lazy didn't delete her channel I'm sure right now have your full attention to much we took so much time to make these videos so much effort we're not making videos just like that two seconds is gone which is why I'm sure you will do whatever it takes to get those back well I guess now I don't have a choice do I you trap me in the corner I find her listening on your screen you will see three youtubers they hold secret clues to the location of the game master these guys know okay time up you are mistaken there's no way at all these guys are affiliated with the game master these guys are cool these are friends do you want your channel back or not okay okay okay relax okay what do you need me to do I need you to bring in the packages at the front door okay hold on a sec okay I have it you will find a set of inspirational bracelets and iPad and a ton of twin Tories fidgets for this obviously I've been a fan for a while that is so creepy on so many different levels I need you and your family to fly to Utah Utah yes Utah that is where I've told the other three channels to meet up but they don't know that they are going to the same location okay that's interesting I need you this weather way to get those kids to wear the bracelets and scan their faces with the iPad so that they can reveal will the game master is hiding okay she'll what are these things paid for oh those are those are the kids since they've been making the Bears for months gotcha when we leave tomorrow so I will start packing as soon as possible and remember I am always watching okay I wasn't weird okay so crazy guy on the phone needs us to fly to Utah to a real vacation of a game master well we need a channel back and that's what's gonna take I guess we're finding Utah all right you talking here we come guys Jessica oh hey you guys sorry check it you guys want to see your friends you can call and how about some new friends no I hope even and ninja kids yeah that's right guys and guess what the plane leaves tomorrow why are we you know in October but for now it's time to get packed so let's go come on dude do you know what this meet oh yeah [Applause] I cannot believe we're doing this I really hope this works good going are you ready do you think they're home they have to be the cars are right there okay maybe the doors unlock you're right let's go whoa this place is huge wait here though take that downstairs so I assume you're ready to get rekt again oh please just see you to Ethan so do you miss a party nope and to be honest we don't know why we're all here yeah we are told to come here to for some big surprise party yes – well whatever it is let's party how's it going what do you play hey guys long time I'm playing died teacher racing to us games awesome how do you not know it and I'm playing Beethoven threee right now I'm kicking these guys butts in pool but earlier I was watching my favorite youtube channel starring Eli and Liam Wow Eden that was terrible acting just like in your videos ooh burn like you have any way to talk does this look familiar oh no Coley the werewolf is gonna get us who born hashtag go power girl you've been watching way too much twin toys haha very funny I don't sound like that well guys since we are here it'll be a while when you see each other again I want to give you guys a gift I like this one I'm prey where's your dad my older brother wants me in your videos dad-dad breezier no boy no boy oh yeah guys I'm here sorry about that your CV you got those bracelets on the kids your is that the goose has made the egg um no goose has laid any egg I don't see any data being generated did you guys show them the iPad right back when in the world [Applause] and hello in it Russian hello a wallow I am what happened to doors nothing everyone's just staring [Applause] [Applause] I dig here the white hat they told us to come here do you know happens to people who try to trick us party quinoa's and say all the way this will wake him up wait a minute what just happened I'm the last thing I remember was checking out my sweet twin toys fidget spinner guys who I had he's here he's one I buy those all year he told us do you guys know where the game master is hiding out hmm interesting what do you mean we have no idea where the game masters location is no learning leads after then guys where are all our videos go the ninja kids videos are gone too superhero kids is missing videos too that's it no one does that to the superhero force Oh attack squad ninjas are you ready for Sweet Revenge it's payback time come on let's go you fools what are you guys gonna do against this you have nothing okay this is where we're gonna do I need you to have this place I need you to jump over here all of you have to run really fast and wait for my cue I'll kill you I had already finally who's right you go first yes Wow this is your brilliant plan right new I think each of us [Applause] guys don't know who this guy is he has no face hideous same here same here all ninja kids videos are back same here guys as soon as I sold twin toys videos back I figured you guys took out the white hat nice job not what are you doing um do you want to put him in the car for now you know wait to the cops come how's it going guys wow this is a massively huge video we had tons of help from friends superhero kids wearing superhero kids raise your hands you guys all know these guys gaming into kids yeah all the channels all their videos hope you guys enjoyed it put the comic which is your favorite and who do you think what who's the fans of sneak-attack whose fans and then you kids whose fans of superior kids whose fans – balls it's all the story but they're like make sure to check out their channels I'm sure you've already seen there's nobody's there before but if you have it'll take them out in the comments I'm here alright guys well that does it hope you enjoyed the video see you next friends [Applause]

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  1. I love the ninja kids because they have cool episode and i train as a ninja. I train at my house i lobe Tommy Oliver he has cool ninja move.

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