Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want to prove aliens exist? Do this.

There are many people who see things in the
sky and are sure – they can’t explain it so they’re sure it’s aliens visiting. Well, if you were really, really sure of that
you are not likely to write me a letter. Unless you’re writing me a letter to convince
me of your point of view. But that doesn’t make for a fertile exchange. If you see lights in the sky and you don’t
know what they are and you want further insight on what they could be and write me a letter,
that’s a meaningful exchange. And if you can’t explain what it is and
it’s flying and it’s an object, it’s an unidentified flying object, period. You just said you don’t know what it is
so that sentence should not continue beyond that phrase. You can’t say I don’t know what it is,
therefore, it must be aliens visiting from another planet. If you don’t know what it is it therefore
must not be anything. Okay. So maybe we are getting visited by aliens
daily. In all of these sightings it’s aliens. I don’t have a problem with that. My issue is what you are presenting as evidence
in support of that claim. If it’s entirely grounded in your eyewitness
testimony you need to know that eyewitness testimony on the totem of weight of evidence
it is at the bottom. A little scary because in the court of law
it’s considered pretty high evidence. People say I need a witness. No, you want data. That’s what you really want. You want information that didn’t have to
pass through someone’s sensory system so that you can minimize bias, delusion, the
filtering that we always do as the world outside of us comes through our senses for us to then
decide what is and what is not going on around us. It’s why we invented science. So that we wouldn’t have to depend on our
senses as the ultimate measure of what is or is not true in the world. Science and it’s methods and tools. The telescope, the microscope, the recorders,
chart recorders, all of this. So, the best thing is – and by the way I
don’t care what your pedigree is. I don’t care if you’re a military colonel,
pilot, Air Force. Are you human? That’s all that matters. After that give me better evidence. And yes, Carl Sagan’s famous dictum, extraordinary
claims require extraordinary evidence. So the best thing to drag the alien into town
square and you’ll be rich and famous overnight. You don’t have to argue with me. I’m not stopping you. Go ahead. But do you know what’s more significant
than that fact is that today worldwide we are uploading to the internet a billion photographs
a day. Everyone has a camera and a video camera. Remember all those reports of people getting
abducted and poking their gonads? Where’s the video of that today? You can film that and stream it to the internet
while it’s happening in case they snatch it from you. Because these aliens they don’t want a record
of this of course. Where’s all the video? Where are the images of you posing for selfies
with the aliens? I don’t see that. That would be very helpful starter evidence
that you’re experience was real and don’t require that I have to depend on your eyewitness
testimony to decide what is or is not true in this world. So, in the letters that refer to people’s
sightings of things I try to talk them down off the ledge and say here’s how to think
about these problems. And next time bring me better data. You know what would make good data? You’re in the flying saucer or whatever
it is they came here in. Tell them to look over there and while they
look away snatch something off the shelf like an ashtray or something. I don’t know if the aliens smoke. Snatch something. Anything off an alien spaceship is going to
be interesting. Anything. I promise. And then you’ve got something to bring to
the lab if you can’t drag the alien itself. Then we can talk. Until then spend more time getting better
evidence than trying to convince people that they exist in the absence of it.

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  1. By the time the general population have physical proof that we are not alone I'm sure the government's will act like they just learned the truth as well.

  2. What is this dude talking about. Absence of evidence… come on. Theirs more evidence of something happening in the sky today then ever before. Go check nasa footage getting cut when a bogie appears . Explain those objects . How’s that for evidence. How r u so smart still looking for bacteria under a microscope in other planets but can’t even look up and admit the obvious. Sometimes I feel like microscopes r the new cell phones. Always looking down. Never up

  3. If aliens exist and can come here on there own, then they would know how to block your phone from being able to stream or record videos. If they want to study us and not be found out then they'd have to make sure we can't record evidence of the encounter or let us just take something from their ship when they weren't looking. Aliens aren't gonna be amateur researchers if they've already figured out how to achieve intergalactic travel.

  4. Insert any paranormal claim in place of aliens, live by it and we'll have 90% world peace. (Religions are paranormal claims btw.)

  5. Alternately, you could just dress up as a cow and hang out in a Kansas field … then wait. Or maybe the farmer will drag you into the town square. Hard to say.

  6. It's like an skeptic bacteria telling off another bacteria that humans are not real. And he will only believe when the other bacteria brings something from the lab or petri dish with him.

  7. Radar data has been used to corroborate eyewitness testimony effectively proving that witnessed objects are physical and not made up or misidentified celestial objects. Radar data also corroborate eyewitness testimony regarding maneuverability.

    This evidence is equivalent to taking a picture. It is not accepted as scientific evidence.

    The abduction phenomenon also provides the physical circumstantial evidence of scarring, implants, and property damage.

    It is not accepted as scientific evidence.

    The abduction phenomenon is interesting for an unmentioned philosophical dilemma: The loss of free will.

    I'm certain abductees would love to bring back evidence to prove they aren't crazy – they do not have the free will to do this during the process. Or, as stated, this act is purposefully prevent from happening.  This, however, does not disprove the phenomenon.

    Asking why someone doesn't wilfully livecast the event is an excellent example of our limited understanding of free will. It is also a ridiculous question to have asked.

  8. Neil is aware aliens are here and have been for longer than homosapien. He's ignorant of so much evidence. Just talks past it and pretends it's not there. In science terms, that pretty much classes him as not a scientist

  9. What gets me about the aliens is that they seem so careless about leaving eyewitnesses. You'd think they have a cloaking device or something.

  10. Metamaterials / Crash Materials – Dr. Hal Puthoff 2018

  11. I was abducted by aliens a few years ago.
    I asked them to solve F(x)=X^2-1 if X = 0.
    They said only god can solve such a complex question, and that’s when I got suspicious 😒

  12. If Neil doesn't know anything about UFO it just means he doesn't work for the Govt, otherwise he would have been in TTSA this time.
    Air Force Pilots reported UFOs sightings daily in the last two years.

    You should ask urself, as I do, why you don't have data (other than thousands of videotapes, photages, witnesses, experiences, i.e. Phoenix lights which involved the whole city, UFO landed on O'Hare airport in 2006 etc) on a fact reported 45.000 per year only on US skyes, and if you are surrounded by loyal people as you think.
    SETI? Claudio Maccone was enrolled in AATIP, Top secret UFO program of the Pentagon, directing Secret depth study on Drake Equation (For UFO? Yes AATIP was for UFO study, said Chris Sherwood), ask yourself why you don't know data, cause maybe you're just in the bubble (Out of the Govt)
    What we got from AATIP storytelling, there are thousands of data on radar recording and videos which are simply classified by every worldwide Govt, you just don't know.
    But the thing you don't inquire yourself on this, is a bit worrying almost like overwhelming of facts who we are surrounded by.

  13. Actually Neil, as the reports have shown historically when an “abduction” occurs all electronic equipment goes “haywire” and things don’t operate correctly. That answers your point of why there are no videos. I’m hoping the contact happens soon…we need something to change this paradigm!

  14. Niel, please, this is not a material phenomena, this is a psychological phenomena, so film that for me if you can.
    Something similar was explored in the movie "Contact".
    18 hours of blank video.

  15. Mr Neil deGrasse Tyson, some decades from now people would laugh at your saying. The evidence for UFOs as alien flying machine is overwhelming you're just too lazy or don't want to look at it. The human observation based on our senses is by far the most sophisticated and accurate judgement. When the scientists look deep into space with telescopes they ultimately use their brain and senses to identify what they have found…when the professional observers like pilots or military personnels witness an object that completely violates the laws of physics, particularly the laws of aerodynamics and they have them both on radar and camera as well, we can't just call it " I don't know" that's just stupid!

  16. There are Data as Air Force pilots say, there have been sightings on daily basis for at least two years, and who knows what else. If you don't have them, ask urself why first

  17. The phenomena goes through quantum mechanics and consciousness, and it's not me saying that, is AATIP. I trust more Steve Justice of Lockheed Martin, Harold Puthoff of NSA/CIA/Stanford uni or Eric Davis (head of air force research lab) than Neil about this, even though he is a good person, he isn't really grabbing the thing, if he stills close the eyes over the last news from the gov. Just don't hit the wall with forehead pls, break lil before

  18. He's right. Just a personal example, when I was a kid in summer camp I saw something truly scary in the woods one night. Two glowing nocturnal eyes staring at me. Remember that episode of the X-Files with 'Eugene' where he's hiding in the bushes? Like that, only a more green hue. In hindsight I know it was just an animal but for like 20 years straight I would tell people that I saw something supernatural in the woods, even though a part of me knew deep down inside that it was most likely an animal. Think about it, from 12 years old to 32 years old I tried to convince people that I saw something I didn't see. Why? Two reasons. First, that night our counselors told us a ghost story. So that laid the foundation. Second, for the attention, to look cool, feel special, have something exciting to talk about, etc.

    I'm guessing that the psychology behind why I did that applies to retired air force pilots as well. You see something, maybe it scares the shit out of you and knocks you off guard, you're not quite sure what it is and you CHOOSE to decide what it is without evidence. It's convenient and hard for people to disprove. But you have no proof that it was from another world. And despite it all, you still choose to keep telling the lie. The more you tell it, the more it blurs your recollection of what actually happened. You begin to create a false narrative that you eventually believe in, and it can (as was in my case, being an atheist and a skeptic) be in complete contradiction to everything you stand for in terms of truth and facts. That didn't stop me though. I was an atheist and a skeptic AND I "saw something supernatural". No I didn't. Only reason I'm being honest is because I've gone through that whole "finding myself" phase where I put my past under a microscope and this one thing was driving me crazy so I just had to deal with it and admit to myself that I had lied to people. It's easy for me to do that, but for someone who makes a living from lying? Not so much.

  19. I WAS live streaming while being "probed", they took my phone, stopped the stream, deleted the footage, and YouTube won't help me? Said I "checked the 'delete permanently?' button. I could have been somebody?

  20. I don't believe that Aliens exist. No. I'm convinced they exist.
    Why? Look at yourself. Don't you exist? So it's possible! right?

    I am convinced that the universe is full of intelligent life.

    People who doubt it simply do not understand the math and they have no understanding of how incomprehensibly huge the universe realy is.

    That we are alone in the universe is just too impossible.

    But as far as I am able to understand there are 3 significant problems.

    The distance:
    Even our next system is 4.2 light-years away. Even if we have a speed of 100,000 km / h (which is nearly realistic), we already have the next problem.

    The time: It takes about 50,000 years to reach the destination. And again 50,000 years back to the solar system.

    Who should embark on a journey into the unknown for 100,000 years? That is impossible.

    So it has to be a space-probe.

    Even if the space-probe survives the journey. Will we still exist in 100,000 years?

    Suppose the probe made it and we get it back. Then we come to the third problem.

    The evolutionary phase:
    Maybe we were too late. Maybe we were too early. Maybe our probe would have noticed someone in the Centauri-System 100 years earlier or later. Or 1000 or 100000 years sooner or later.

    Maybe one of us two species has been extinct in the 50000 years travel time of the space-probe.

    These three insurmountable hurdles make it impossible for two species in space to come together. Distance, time, and both have to be civilized enough to communicate with each other at the same time.

    I find the idea very sad that at this very moment, hundreds of thousands of coexisting civilizations long to experience each other. But it seems impossible.

    A very sad realization.

    But maybe it's just because I can't imagine any species could solve the distance- / time-thing!?

  21. Here is your proof. It's time to wake up you eggheads, you are not intelligent. They are here.

  22. Want to see a real alien? Goto 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. and you will see the chief alien itself.

  23. I like how you refer to aliens at “it” 8nstead of he or she. I am sooooo happy that you can see beyond how ordinary people think (or don’t think).

  24. Btw. can this guy please tell my woman, that I never said the things she claims all the time? Because he's perfect at it. xD

  25. Isn't the Navy footage kind of like something filmed, and bringing the evidence to the town square?

    Unless you're expecting technology so advanced it is indistinguishable from magic, to be shot down or crash? (And any aliens to reach Earth would surely be that amazingly advanced.)

  26. I love how people pretend that the eyewitness testimony of cops, doctors, priests, pilots, etc. are beyond questioning. They're people. People make mistakes. End of story.

  27. Neil deGrasse Tyson is from the "troop" of C. Sagan who seeks intelligent life, when we are alone in the known universe. But well that milks the idea to overcome their wrong scientific attitude, hiding their ignorance beyond the true science that lacks becoming the funny that does not reach C. Flamarion.

  28. You think Apple broke IOS again? Nooo… aliens are jamming it! Come to think of it, aliens probably work at Apple to jam your phone!
    Everybody knows the best fuzzy UFO pictures are taken with a Samsung. 👍🤣😂🤣

  29. Dr. Tyson. If this was a question first posed recently without ever having a moment to give a critical thought about it, then YES! I completely agree with this statement.
    However, that first moment to pose this statement passes thousands of years ago…

  30. This was the dumbest shit I've ever heard in context to the global extraterrestrial phenomenon… it's well known that NDT is a high profile scientist and ppl look to his opinion. His dismissal without knowing the wealth of evidence for this phenomenon is not science. I'm not saying he's a shill….but he's irresponsible

  31. Thing is, if I was an alien visiting this planet, and a human ran up to me and tried to grab me away, I would be scared shitless and fight them off before running back to my ship and getting as far away from this ghetto planet as possible, never to return. 👽 👀

  32. Crux of the video :
    Stop putting ur efforts in trying to convince people
    Instead put ur efforts in getting a solid evidence

  33. People actually listen to the bumbling, rambling retard NDT? No wonder people think they reside on the exterior of a spinning sphere in a vacuum.

  34. Since when do people need evidence to believe something is true. Neil has all the evidence that Socialism doesn't work but that doesn't stop him.

  35. THIS is the kind of video that I expect from someone of his calibre! NOT just laughing and making fun of how stupid others are.

  36. Great point. Everyday that passes by now, with the technology we carry on ourselves makes it less likely aliens and other crypto creatures like Bigfoot etc exist.

  37. Aliens already exist right here on Earth. They are just still in their primitive state. Every creature on this planet has the potential to develop into an intelligent civilization, and quite a few of them aren't far off the mark. If humans weren't so stupid and careless, we could be watching and waiting for our first conversations with another species. We could finally stop being alone. But we would rather kill them all off because it's immediately convenient and profitable.

  38. This guy should be an alien… asking for "evidence"… what is that! Human is a social construct. Anyone can claim to be an alien and get the government to pay for the transition surgery.
    I just going to leave this around here.

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