Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want Scientifically Literate Children? Get Out of Their Way.

50 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want Scientifically Literate Children? Get Out of Their Way.”

  1. When my 2 sons were little they were very curious indeed, they would sneak up in the middle of the night and crack eggs and add sugar and ketchup and salt on my carpet… clever little lads… and they were even kind enough to cut my hair while I was asleep….

  2. Bro, nothing against Neil deGrasse Tyson or anything, actually a big fan but why do people keep being awed and inspired by PHYSICISTS that talk about philosophy or a bunch of other stuff outside of their field of study? Like, "Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity"? I don't care if Einstein said it, just because he's smart doesn't mean he knows anything about human psychology. Good advice or interesting, original thought is good, but it shouldn't be more important, more credible, or more interesting just because a person society deems is 'smart' says it.

  3. Here's America's favorite pretentious beanbag, who should take his own advice given his nutflap ejactulations over on the Tvvitters.

  4. What a moron actor.. He probably still believes we made it to the moon.. Fact: "Gravity is a theory", Density is factual.. and is why different types of matter drop or rise compared to air, or water etc.. Fact: astrophysicists are theorists.

  5. Another thing parents should do is keep their kids out of church, temple, mosque, etc… until they are at the age of reason. Religion will try to kill that sense of curiosity so they can fill their heads with religious doctrine that will poison their minds with things that don't make sense.

  6. I like how the commercial ad was very specific on its being "Christian"!!!lmao and then big think comes on then Neil starts talking lol ☺

  7. Give ALL CHILDREN Affirmative Action like "Dr." Tyson received.

    Then we all win, we all do better, and we alllllllll live in that MEOW-rific world…

  8. yea uh huh, you let kids do whatever they want. then they encounter the real world, where they have to behave and do what they're told, doing repetitive, menial tasks in order to survive. his advice only works if they actually become scientists, otherwise you run the risk or ruining your kids life by not preparing them for reality, by creating a fantasy world where exploration and freedom are the norm.

  9. 0:48 to 0:52 Omg that statement is SO TRUE that when he said it, my mind was blown by it and I just laughed out lout really hard!

  10. why dont we instead of voting for wankers like david cameron… start getting people like Neil to run our world? Sciencetists and mathaticians not the best liars.

  11. I don't like Neil deGrasse Tyson in Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.
    Every one is like, what did he just say???
    I like his interviews much better, because he doesn't get to be the writer in Cosmos, he is just a presenter. The show I think is good a introducing people to science who otherwise were not so much before.

  12. I recently read "The Demon-Haunted World" by Carl Sagan, and he mentions a phenomenon I also think is very likely to contribute to children's scientific literacy: Whether the kids learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Many superstitious people are superstitious because they never learned to do that properly, and that is not something we naturally learn by curiosity. Don't give parents the entire fault of scientific literacy or of diminishing curiosity. Often it's their own lack of education and understanding that seamlessly spreads to the kids. Plus, I think it's very relevant that we now live in a world today that is increasingly filled with flashy distractions, such as digital games, super short videos and all kinds of other entertainment that inherently teaches you knowledge is something you get by tapping your device to play a youtube video or reading a far too short article that is more entertainment or opinion than knowledge. I think it requires a lot of help today to become a scientist. More than ever, perhaps.

  13. Off topic but relevant to some degree. i remember sleeping over at a friends house late at night in his tall up stairs with a lazer pointer. We would hide by the window and shoot the lazer through peoples windows and watch them look out the window. We even did it to an old folks house two blocks down and watched them hunt for the lazer. To fucking funny.

  14. Again, let me state that as a former black female grad student in astronomy, the reason for the discrepancy is SEXUAL ASSAULT ON COLLGE CAMPUSES AND UNIVERSITIES IS OUT OF CONTROL. It is an effort to keep women out of their private men;s club. So they rape the women, then leave them out of the equation, as in father, son and hoy ghost."

    they refuse toy admit the existence of a higher power or source, and so spend hours discussing their percentage of error rather than giivg thanks to the almighty that is the crater of all things. . 

    silent no more. Tyson is a rapist. sorry to disappoint you…. this is why there are fewer women in the sciences; SEXUAL ASSAULT ON COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES.  my previous post explained this point very well, and yet, it is not visible here…. let's see if they approve of this comment…..

  16. Words to live by!  This is why when a neighborhood kid asks about my pitcher plants and why the leaves are shaped the way they are I pull out a pair of pruners and slice open a leaf.  They're immediately hooked!

  17. My daughter would pick up my camera and explore, her facial expression would tell you that she has picked up a gem.

  18. For the first year of their lives, we teach them to stand and walk, and for the rest of their lives, we tell them to sit down and shut up.. well said

  19. For the first year of their lives, we teach them to stand and walk, and for the rest of their lives, we tell them to sit down and shut up.. well said

  20. Yes, children can have their best impulses stifled when adults attempt to influence or control them based upon our personal biases.  But sometimes children are just destructive, and need guidance and discipline.  So how does one recognize the difference between curiosity and destructiveness?  And how does one determine whether or not a child's curiosity is healthy or not?  We also have to stay vigilant in our self-observations so that we do not fall prey to our own biases in choosing how to interact with them.

  21. The whole "We spend the first year teaching them to walk and talk and the rest of their lives telling them to shut up and sit down." thing is so key. If the education system and the fundamentals of nurturing a young child could be changed the amount of youth with scientific interest would explode within the blink of an eye.

  22. An absolutely BRILLIANT idea to just leave a pair of binoculars out and let the child pick them up and DISCOVER!!! Excellent advice, Neal deGrasse Tyson!

  23. I remember getting a microscope and I used it to look at my own blood. Was pretty cool to see the little blood cells still flowing.

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