26 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson: How to Teach Science? Leverage the Power of Pop Culture”

  1. How are we going to tackle the fake news available in internet!!!!
    How do i know that a jupiter picture shown in a video is taken by juino cuz in some video the picture is different!!!!
    So how do you tackle the fake scientific fact!!!

  2. Let me start by saying I absolutely adore how he wants to educate the public and the refreshing way of doing it. But I respectfully disagree that it was teaching. He achieved a number of things in the example he described. He made science cool, "look science is relevant in this way". He positioned himself as a good role model, "look how smart scientists are". And finally, he added a new piece of trivia to people 's lives that is unlikely to matter, ever. But those are not teaching science.

    In my mind teaching science involves learning the methodology of science, learning the theorems and learning how to think critically. The latter two especially, is gruelling work, both for the teachers and the students. So I would say he has done a laudable first step in pushing people in taking an interest in science but not any more than that.

  3. I will fight anyone who says he's a waste of space. This man is a god send…

    …and this is coming from an atheist. (me)

  4. He and those with the same mentality/personality should be the people teaching the base/intro level science and math classes. The people who understand how to structure interest into what generally is considered "boring."

  5. Astrophysicists use misleading adjectives to describe 6 different kinds of lunar orbit, but none of them present the dynamics of our artificial satellites. Yay science!

  6. There's a mnemonic I created for beginning calculus regarding the limits of two functions, "The limited limits of Liminy Snicket distribute through arithmatic." ,"The limits on limits that distribute through arithmatic is that the limiting values are finite and not zero."

  7. anyone else not have a damn clue what a 50yard field goal is?!? (I assume we're talking American football?)

  8. For everyone who keeps asking (including Katy Perry), math is the language of the universe and science describes the universe using that language.

  9. Perfection. I tend to explain in extreme detail over things I've learned, and it only touches the mind of very few. However, when utilizing analogies people can work less mentally over, due to being busy in life or have more information from within lied elsewhere, it becomes a godsend of a gift one should master. By understanding the zeitgeist, what you wish to say can be translated any and everywhere.

  10. they really should teach this way in schools I'm pretty sure Math and Science would be a lot easier if they were related to a subject or use a certain subject and how certain Mechanics Work in these fields

  11. Probably, you have never tried Hawking radiation or even neutrinos and others fermions. Ah, you don't have a photo of them. But biologists can show at least a model (as well as photo from electronic microscope) of DNA.

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