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  1. Sounds like myself and my Ex-husband,of course the battle was lost cause it wasn't supposed to be a battle in the first place but with a Narcissist that is a different case.

  2. Reason am skeptical about female speakers they are not logical and definitive. Am a how to person. Feel like I just wasted 15 minutes on what should have been 1minute

  3. As a rider who is not a youngster anymore, I no longer have the ability to force a solution on my horse. As a friend told me after I was thrown, "you don't bounce as well as you used to." So horse training for older, more savvy riders is a negotiation founded on building trust and relationship. An added benefit of a trusting relationship is that it supports finding good solutions when new issues arise — like a bear crossing the trail in front of you.

  4. I think this video could have be made in 1min.
    Since there’s one idea, and I think the example using a weaker specie is not so well…

  5. Well well well…what a brilliant analogy Margaret. Thank you for your humility and compassion and as I look at other 'horse talks' in preparation for my own Tedx Folkestone talk in June, I think that you and I are cut from the same cloth:-)

  6. This lady is irritating me with her attempt at dramatizing something average. With her big loud mouth blah, blah, blah. Lady, you are the one with the big mouth not the big brain.

  7. Short notes:

    but the difference is that Sal(horse name) now sees me as a source of support and comfort for her. She sees me as someone who will make things happen and keep the bad things away.

    focus on solving the problem not winning the battle

    the minute you find yourself in a power struggle or a battle in a negotiation you have already lost
    We need to have a clear goal but also need to focus on how to get there.

  8. I enjoyed this talk but for me it was more about building trust. Great value for me if I look at it that way.

    I have a hostile boss. I'm looking to improve my people skills while also wondering if I'm better off elsewhere.

  9. This is great lesson, not only about negotiations. I saw love, humble and respect increasing since she decided do not give her up. Lovely.

  10. I personally loved this. (Dressage under a western saddle made me smile.)
    I went through much the same journey with my hot-blooded, scared-of-his-own-shadow Arabian gelding. I learned how to project calmness, and to relax my body despite my own fears, as my horse tensed, spooked, and leapt under me. So he would understand that I was not afraid, so he didn't need to be. I learned that ASKING him for what I wanted, in a way that didn't threaten him, got me rewards. Forcing him into fight or flight mode caused us both to lose. I ended up with an amazing, responsive, trusting partner of 24 years. I have carried those lessons from training my horse into all other areas of my life. I totally get this video. Thank you. <3

  11. It's really great seeing the passion and all, I also have a horse and I speak the same way about mine too, but seriously the talk is about negotiation, and while the analogy with Sal the horse is sort of a valid one, it is also kind of a little far fetched and certainly does not justify spending literally half the time talking about her.

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