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hello everybody this is dr. Bonnie on behalf of it not – made easy I welcome you to another super cool super awesome and absolutely brilliant session that we're going to take right now right here today's Sunday case at our applica Sunday I walk Korea picking up locks a conical rail or shot miss sorry division series we plan to do Tomas ugly watch minute to me in the next couple of minutes not even 10 12 15 minutes made we are for fortified Seco James accumulative molecular basis of genetics so that you feel like after a chapter are chasing earlier ugly classroom replication flop parts are also starting it done everybody so with that my dear lovely children let's start today's amazingly cool super awesome session on this awesome platform called the online party Allah brought to you by with a genuine Habakkuk Amari have downloading here please display rows name features a tour a you can talk to us you can chat with us there is a life class there are webinars Bizzaro log webinars we re and you know you are all benefiting from them so please do that please also join our amazingly cool telegram group and stay connected with us so with that I would really like to request all of you please but Joe please like subscribe share through it like Marilia our mixer or god of circulator Bonta he hey yes suntico people re-arose motivation lectures there a up Subotica rate tick-tock baby okay so i have needed tick-tock video clip cycle on vitamin D deficiency which minute deficiency – please please please please we need this like subscribe share so tell you should look at the molecular basis of genetics just come as second test ly do a test mail HQ yes everybody or Theory map for discuss curve ah teach are you some theory is also remaining walks are Joel he discuss key jayegi so without any further delay because Supermarket our Sunday test let's start with question number 1 on your screen now come on everybody which one of the following pairs of nitrogenous bases of nucleic acids is wrongly matched Mia Mia Cucaracha Kopitar a purine or pyrimidine Swati a purines cautery kya karna Kamen Hakuba nice simple easy Telecom Italia purines MATLAB pure fiat tourniquet Erica AG purity condition egg mark so purines are adenine and guanine to butter widow who gave pyrimidines so come on on the night spread cat come on come on come on everybody fast what is the answer for this question yes you were to try technique and timing duties ever gonna pay to keep pure in Putrajaya the pure in cancer ology ednan and guanine adenine and guanine are purines or Bakke but your egg donor hair pyramids adenine guanine of purine bases while timing uracil and cytosine are pyrimidine bases Agra Florence Casa de anza DK hurry up the purine sets in the warning he door ring structures adoring st. a pass on Bacchus octopus single ring attack iam diameter of DNA Co constant maintain cursor key is it here on your screen question of a too quickly him the DNA molecule it mr. Khan see cheese say he had DNA molecule killer Julia come on there everybody yes the proportion of ketamine in relation to time in varies with your cancer and amine or time in the proportion very Kartik a constant rate ahead total amount of purine nucleotides and pyrimidine nucleotides is not always equal chargaff's rule of base pairing there are two strands which run parallel in fine is 2/3 no there are two strands which run and P pair alone other yah three – you have five yeah 5 by 2 gamma 3 neo cittΓ  yo ha yes s over you have 5 5 3 3 exactly or something which is for this anti parallel nature they make nucleic acid have five prime cap ass phosphate hota 3 prime key pass hydroxyl Vata right the they are parallel whatever egg si tu du soir si they are parallel but they are ante again kupatana Technica they are known as anti parallel 8 k direction 5 2 3 2 2 3 key 3 to 5 this is called an anti parallel which is a command after promise key are the syrup thus yeah bottom minute – Mia come maximum excuse Cabana value next question on your screen now genetic code Kalika say he'd been here gamma namkha scientists are generally genetic code deal Veronica heretical triplet a – key aug stands for me – dan do you use tons of phenylalanine – oh not a cocky three base pairs okay hey or the three base pairs of they would make her a a minus ik accord the day a mine was a joerger poly peptide banoffee hey is it clear of yup saputra what is not true yeah true nahi hey for genetic code it is nearly Universal not true it is degenerate degenerate comic levota air come I know I said kill exs other code aapko pata Jakob verbal hypothesis be discussed currently jihad to change ever Sarah third base pure Booga it is an ambiguous name what is not true non contiguous fashion with marina barrage at a there is no full stop there is no – there is no exclamation mark it is read in contiguous fashion voce beach maybe could be break up the yoga right Twitter's ready non-contiguous manor is not true it is read and contiguous Manor yes your the good not a silica it is read in contiguous fashion in the beach make wave will stop Quay comma koi – Oh exclamation mark nahi hota hey next question on the screen please come on semiconservative replication of DNA was first demonstrated in many apocalyptic last week area hey come on come on Kalki class mania for detail may cry but I a budget semi-conservative tinta rock your application wrote a Joe Minako calculus method by a conservative watch Arlena dispersive beach beach which one and semi conservative semi conservative kill ammonia cookin cesium chloride k experiment v korea hey one old strand just come template strand get into some new strand bernard a new strand to happy but not shrew what i am o origin of replication Jota hey replication dressing up go baton he those are a safe attire echo continues it could discontinuous replications get a calm enough to experiment detail make a rebellious guy he into the ecliptic come on everybody come on sir of ten minutes family tension other questions alternate too many color for meselson and stahl experiment karai or alcoholic remain after cesium chloride kibarim a pooch Abita so we do the semiconservative world of replication John strand old Vova extraΓ±o ha ha this experiment was done by each TV share for life your part meselson and stahl makiato / monopoly be but I think about my plants also human cells q / VJ experiment key Anya so semiconservative replication of DNA was first demonstrated in ich to be Shia coli yes everybody but joke now Kuya happy eight boards other important cheese banana jar you up message it's may look droppers hey chip nibbly broke the bar any exam very pleased up casita rocky stress me Madaya get nano puja roads mailed out there and you offered even talk about suicide because up came marks a chilling i'll i can't begin to tell you how make it not to foci and how much I feel please we are always there to support you is may is Bob Bob jitna genuine Sawatzky is not genuine some Jew we are always there to support you from hamesha Cassata always please feel free I cook a baby problem would write down the mail to us feel free to get in touch with us on Facebook Instagram tic toc anything you feel like please get in touch with us don't feel you are alone the entire team of Vedanta is always with you supporting you for you with you always in every time please applicable be alone feel math Korea we are always with you yes okay Jolyon let's move on to the next question please next question yes yes Korea pitch Li class women aku cria point mutation just sickle-cell anemia may be both ahead it's a very common mutation which takes part in sickle cell anemia also it's single journal mutation without that just give it is it glutamic as it gets replaced by valine just give it as a spirit in a but the biconcave shape of RBC may are teaming up to kidnap Maria mindmaps I cry at all you remember that mind map everybody and for Julie but so you don't know how hard the entire team is working I am very soon going to come back and take amazing life sessions for you so point mutation is a mutation which involves any changes which happen in a single base pair just give it this is Sarah change for Tata a glutamic acid nahi balki jeguk valine our jatha head so they came a joke haha PCG let Natalia ba p 8d Libya a point a mutation wha such a substitution jokey a cachaca PRI at the single base pair just keep Odysseus car opposite base pair B change or I guess such a mutation is referred to as B point question next on your screen now to tell you what of society but your ugly chop on question gel-v Sakura that they are son dickly yes which one of the following does no don't get confused here norte me underline cadet you does not follow the central dogma of molecular biology Quan follow me medical occupied epic secret natural scientists here in a central dogma of molecular biology dia he is central dogma of molecular biology point number one DNA DNA form very good replication Turkey DNS are in a panic a transcription or RNA protein Monica translation agar make HIV ki baat karu the RNA Sabin aha Hey and that is the reason he will follow many karika because our innocent reverse transcription Hoagy that is RNA will go ahead and form DNA by reverse transcription reverse transcription discovered with it feminine vanity mornay's process for taman ism be cared a hair so central dogma of molecular biology is DNA to DNA replication DNA to RNA transcription RNA to protein translation whereas RNA back to DNA is called as reverse transcription any doubts any doubts anything which have not been able to understand please ask me now clear a chali are gay for fit next question on your screen now sis cancer HIV a which one of the following statements about the particular entity is true just keep him about the recall see statement prohibited centromere assault and animal cells which produces a stir during cell division centriole yes and throw me on nucleus always formed of nucleotides yeah histone proteins but i a DNA consists of eight histones yes octoman DNA or nucleosome so which of the following statements about the true true true yes the dream for producing insulin is present in every cell hamari body cut DNA the genome is present in every cell for sucks ahead he sees Selma was switched on her yucca he paper switched off to pancreas he islets of langerhans made insulin producing genes are on but it's Calle mclubbe de aqui vivace salesmen nahi hoga it is going to be produced in all it's going to be present in all but host time production har Selma now so now as you can see there is DNA or complete DNA horror so complete information just from genome get ever hurt you seem a yogi any doubts anything that you've not been able to understand but I you please next question on your screen now come on Baja TCM in Epcot idea nicotine bonds okay hydrogen hydrogen bonds show them four nucleotides give each may home game yes everybody backbone is made of a phosphodiester bonds and glycosidic bonds are present between sugar and base so three or five phosphodiester linkage the how they it is present in the back board one nucleotide with another nucleotide right polynucleotide chain jockey backbone key chain of a phosphodiester 8 phosphate co2 three phosphates a banana clear hooter hey the phosphodiester bond is formed between the phosphate group which is connected to 5 carbon of the sugar and three carbon of the sugar residue ugly right talk about that backward sugar-based sugar based feedback Bhanu ta in ke beech mein duo basis could George a mala Joe born vote ahead go phosphodiester bond boat ahead die means to so dono co2 they wanna born for sport diaster bond jota hay mucha but i get beads on a string is good Rosalie appearance we can take two kiamana katara dicta a rosary appearance Ramallah OTF everybody yes everybody the con CAC cheese hegemonic it Arabic I biggie the thread is of DNA is diagram could be on silica Pell is so much Lydia and then we are going to do it so the thread is of the DNA or DNA car to thread time for histone proteins gasp a slip towel you know the DNA cupful form is deoxyribonucleic acid which makes it very very ascetic and therefore you need basic material so histone proteins with agility and make a basic material name eat proteins during races cockta marketing h-2a h-2b h3 or h4 the HR or our gauge HR or PJ HR h – aah – aah to be h-2b h3 h3 h4 h4 3 is 4 plus 4 is equal to 8 k octamer or a spastic corn legume warhead DNA so this octamer looks like a bead or a haga is the DNA its octamer could nucleosome BK t hey or doe nucleosomes k-beach may link Rd and name you type so beads on a string it is a nucleosome one of the last questions for today Cal manioc okra honey we vocal MATLAB just coca will be to scale against which enables a big what proof of your final conclusive proof the DNA he genetic material hey chief snip the earth ah yah a bacteriophage CI a– cow yeah a proof bacteriophage CI a– Tao and equivocal mclubbe disco hum doubt in any concept a Hershey and chase Chi experiment your bacteriophage pikia caught many experiment detail maple hire a horse she chase experiment on bacteriophage proved that DNA is the genetic material any doubts any doubts so that brings us to the last question for the day jump from a human genome project cope Adalia it took us so many years but from the pure you would be kid genes Kapadia Herick dream yeah information liquor Betty kissed his killer code Korea was up earlier – did we – biotechnology Kampuchea Benari did we do bio monitoring bio informatics because a gamma-ray pasok nya organism clone carne key information hair is it clearly baka Kesari questions for glee class mr. white join me because they're on replication transcription and translation so with that the simple short sweet class gets over please don't forget to Like subscribe and share it on to please press the bell – and please put the thumbs up sign on so in less than 16 17 minutes you've got maximum questions for Sunday see you on Monday tell them that your take care bye bye

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