NCSBN Learning Extension Continuing Education Commercial

– [Announcer] Want to keep the momentum of your nursing career going? Continuing education is key. E-learning courses for established nurses from NCSBN Learning
Extension offer a wide range of subjects to help you fulfill your continuing education requirements and advance your career. Learning Extension’s
ever-evolving course catalog features courses on
managing patient outcomes, maintaining standards of practice, providing care with compassion, and strengthening relationships
with your colleagues. Nursing CE courses are a
convenient and affordable way to earn required continuing
education contact hours. Most courses cost between $15 and $30 with credit ranges between
one to six contact hours. Plus, you’ll get unlimited 24-hour access to your courses online for
anytime, on-the-go learning. Sharpen your existing skills and learn new ones along the way. The rest of your career starts today. Visit, and
enroll in a course now.

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