Navigating the Pennsylvania Department of Education Certification Website

Welcome to the certification page at the
Pennsylvania Department of Education website. Are you feeling a bit
overwhelmed? We’re going to spend the next few minutes navigating the website
to help direct you to the information you need. Are you ready to begin? Great! Let’s get started. Are you looking for information on becoming an educator?The requirements to obtaining a PA certification are: the completion of a
state approved certification program which includes student teaching and
testing. You will begin under the link of “How Do I Become an Educator.” this link
will provide you with a complete listing of all the certification areas offered
by Pennsylvania and the state approved program providers. You will need to
contact one of the providers from this list for more information on the
requirements you will need to fulfill in order to gain your Pennsylvania
certification. No need to contact PDE, as the provider will have all the
information you need. Have you completed a certification program out of state or
hold out of state certification? Then the link “Out-of-State Educators” is where you
will get started. This page includes all the routes to obtaining your PA
certification. After identifying the route that most closely fits you, the
link will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to get started,
including a link to the PA required tests. Are you already a Pennsylvania
certified educator? Then the link “Current PA Educator” is the link for you! This
link will provide you with valuable information on everything from validity, Act 48, how to add an instructional area, on through
testing, how to maintain and update your certificate, and much more. Do you have a lot of questions
covering various topics? First check the “Frequently Asked Questions” on this page. You will find many of the top frequently asked questions listed by topic, such as
emergency permits, validity, TIMS, and testing – just to mention a few. We suggest that you visit this page for answers to your questions before contacting PDE.
There are also other valuable links from the main certification page, such as the
PA required tests, how to become a substitute, and many more. Over on the
right side of the page, under “Resources,” are additional links to information that
is not so frequently requested but is just as important, such as private
academic certification, vocational certification, and certification areas in
Pennsylvania – just mention a few. Finally, are you looking how to apply for
certification in Pennsylvania?The green link at the top of the page is for the
teacher information management system, better known as TIMS, which is the
online educator system. This online system houses all your contact and
certification information, as well as provides you with the ability to submit
an application. By clicking on this link, it will take you to the page which will
provide you with self helps to get started as well as the portal login. We
suggest that you visit the “Help with TIMS” page before logging in to TIMS for
the first time, as well as for all direction on how to submit an
application, change your name, print out a certificate, and much more. We
hope our time together has been helpful to you and provided you with the
guidance you need to get started. Have a good day and happy navigating!

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