Navigating the Future Ready PA Index

Pennsylvanians have been looking for a
more comprehensive way to evaluate school progress and student success in
the classroom and beyond. Using feedback gathered over three years, and at the
direction of Governor Tom Wolf, the Department of Education created the
Future Ready PA Index. The Future Ready PA Index is a holistic tool that
provides communities with a one-stop location for comprehensive information
and data on student and school success. features a dashboard
that highlights how schools are making progress across multiple categories,
rather than solely on standardized test scores. Finding information on your
school is simple. You can also filter, compare, and find information on multiple
schools, track school progress towards state goals, and view annual improvement data. A color-coded system illustrates student and school progress measured
annually via collection of indicators. These indicators fall into three main
categories. Statewide assessment indicators measure student performance
on standardized tests, such as the PSSA’s and Keystone Exams. On-track indicators
measure attendance and progress in reading and math. Lastly, college and
career ready indicators illustrate how well students are being prepared for
post-secondary success. Explore and find the information you’ve been looking for and more.

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