my check my check one two one two my check my check one two one two my check my check one two one two my check my check a his wife can you hear me that's one if you can hear me my check 1 2 1 2 my check all right thank you wait to a few more people come in and let me just go ahead and do this I'm gonna need some more moderators if you don't mind his wife hadn't just minded you up no plea on mine yeah you want you out there listening to the love and flip-flops so I'm gonna wait for a few more people to come in oh yeah oh yeah we bout to get into it I'm trying to you know break it down a little bit from the beginning and you know lead up you know lead all the way up you know to sort of tell about like you know like how he was suspected and how we sort of got to this point you hey Laurie Alex thank you for supporting of course thank you for supporting his wife I'm away for a few more people to get in and then I'm gonna get run on with the Nature Boy situation because a lot of the information is like you know all over the place is in different places you know just to keep people you know alert and aware of like you know what exactly is going on with the Nature Boy case okay all right and for those of you who are who have entered and those of you who are watching please don't forget to smash that like button but the topic of discussion today is gonna be nature boy I'm gonna try to give you know like everybody a detail or a detail as possible you know account of like what's been going on with nature boy I think a lot of people know that you know he's been arrested okay and a lot of people don't really know the exact charges because a lot of the charges are all over the place so basically I'm gonna go back to the beginning and tell you like a little bit about who nature boy is and where he began well how you doing on beloved princess thank you for coming and for y'all who are coming in please don't forget to smash that like button like to get this in analytics to make sure they're more people with social media so call coats carbonation formerly known as melon nation Nature Boy originally uh admitted that he was locked up in a mental institution after the information was found you know he came online himself and admitted that he was locked up for mental institution so there is allegations of nature boy having a mental diagnosis however like what precisely we don't know although a lot of people have speculated and guessed narcissism because of his behavior but that's not formal hey Darryl Reid thank you for coming as well you know Nature Boy was very well a part of the foster care system and I won't try to keep that in mind he was you know Nature Boy was a product of the foster care system also you know like a lot of people don't know the nature boy had other sisters and brothers now the only one day you know really I think that they love her and his eldest brother's name was Leonardo okay now Nature Boy so his entire family was a part of the foster care system as well natureboy is a former stripper a former adult park porn actor and a former prostitute as well as the children who remain in the u.s. a lot of people have speculated there you know like well we know they would much love you know Bob said if you're not already supporting a lot of people speculate you know what we knew that he was running from child support and that was one of the reasons why he didn't he didn't want to come back to or he didn't want to be in the United States you know Nature Boy cause the United States Babylon so you know a lot of people suspected that you know like because of the child support of different nature boy was on the run unless one of the women who he has been leaked in the channel and I'm gonna go over a few of the details that she shared in that interview now nature boys was his cousin the second second when the sexual crimes against minors in Nicaragua and the third one is sexual crimes against minors and that's in Costa Rica so you know like basically he has sexual assault charges internationally so and because of it crosses you know country borders also alleged the Nature Boy has been on the run well I've already said they're from child support it is also alleged that Nature Boy now feel the victims came out and if you know and stated that or the it's melon nation and carbonation members came out and they said they you know they did not have you know herpes before you know having a sexual contact with nature boy however after having sexual contact they contracted herpes and it's also alleged it you know he may have the HIV virus however I won't say the you know like it's been confirmed but the I believe with the herpes you know the Nature Boy believes that you know of Sun and exposure to nature heals I'll think wives while with melon nation the first wife was Yahya well one of the wives first one of the first nature wives was Yahya now yeah yeah there are videos out there of yeah when she actually came out after she left melon nation because at that time was called melon Asian and yeah I confessed that you know Nature Boy was abusive she confessed at the you know I believe at that time it was Costa Rica Honduras and Costa Rica she confessed that a lot of different things were happening that he was controlling and they you know like before Yahya natureboy was not into the whole polygamy thing however you know he wanted to introduce that to yeah yeah and yeah yeah you know she just wasn't with the whole polygamy polygamy situation you know for those of you who may not know where polygamy is you know that's like where you can have multiple wives but in the you know multiple wives or whatever so you know Nature Boy you know you know he believed in the polygamy multiple wives but we also know that you know like you they would share wives like for instance um if Nature Boy saw where you know like someone else you know one of other male members had a wife and that he wanted then you know pretty by all means it had to happen you know you know he would basically he would basically switch wives you know sometimes he would switch out like I think serenity was switched out he would switch out wives or whatever and so he would basically you know by all means every time he got you know whatever whichever wives that he wanted in fact one of the members you know you know make love was a big supporter in with nature boy for a long period of time he was the one who left the van if y'all kept up with last year when they originally they initially they were taken into custody by custom patrol and it was because of the simple fact that you know like they found that the van registration and and things were not in nature boys name and therefore they found out that you know a lot of their paperwork in terms of their visas and different things like that was not up to date and a lot of people were currently over there illegally not all but you know like definitely Nature Boy and you know they basically made a big protest and you know they were shipped back to the United States on there's some videos out there where spirit airline you know almost decline because of the simple fact that they said their body odor was a you know their body odor and things like that were took was too bad so and once they got back to the United States they quickly they quickly uh you know left and you know went aboard again so it's been a long long long long travel okay and a nature boy one of nature boys babies mamas her name is nation I'm gonna put that into the chat and I'm also like on my description page you're gonna see a video done by World News eleven shout out to World News eleven we want to give them credit where you know he interviewed one of nature boys babies my baby mamas or one of the baby mamas and this was one of the initial wives you know before he actually went you know to Costa Rica when abroad she said they started out like trapped with the RV traveling around in the RV and until you know his behavior and things like that began to change and you know she stated that she had to go but she does have a child and her son was on one of the videos I think you know like Nature Boy was uh very uh aggressive when speaking to the Sun because I think the son had gotten some ants or something like that and and you know a lot of people were speaking about speaking out about how he was speaking with the son or whatever but nature boys the Mesa actually leave my Isha Mei Isha actually let her son go visit Nature Boy while in Costa Rica yeah that's also exactly his wife that's Osiris month mom and you know his little boy's name and you know I think did you know the YouTube world is in love with Osiris they say he's a you know beautiful child but she stated there you know no you know like that a lot of those things were going on and once she got wind of what was going on then you know like and wind of that behavior because she was watching the video when it happened and she immediately called a boy and you know asked him what exactly was he doing and and also she stated there you know she could tell this nature boy was setting setting up the situation where you know like for the son to stay with him permanently you know telling her different things like he's better here with me he's happy here and different things of that nature and she said that was not the original agreement and also you know it was as though she stated that it was as though Nature Boy was trying to replace her replace her you know um a replace her so I mean she did get her son back and you know like uh you know Osiris has not been back with nature boys since and we also know that um okay one of his baby mamas q Anna she died nobody exactly knows like what happened to her as well as yeah yeah nobody it's like yeah yah she did a couple of videos and she you know vocally verbalize how you know like the real situation and how things were going on with the the verbal abuse and physical abuse and you know then she just dropped off of she dropped she just dropped out of a you know off of the earth you know nobody's heard from her or anything we don't know if she changed her name we don't know she's still living or anything of that nature but yeah yeah was a beautiful young lady she was from New Orleans New Orleans just like velvet boy what was because of like both yeah yeah you know she was a young lady from New Orleans and velvet you know being a young lady from New Orleans and you know like me you know having you know New Orleans you know you know I just felt bad I felt like you know those young ladies weren't life or to make you know like a clear decision on you know like you know that's a big decision to make marriage and you know like choosing the off-the-grid lifestyle and things of that nature I think that you know they were taking a little bit too fast for their time you know they had not yet experienced you know life on their own because velvet as we know was in college and and yeah yeah I think yeah I was in college as well and you know pretty much would yeah yeah yeah yeah I just felt like she was different you know she had taken on the vegan lifestyle and she was pretty much you know living a natural life and you know she uh you know she said that she just didn't like the vibes the vibes you know from New Orleans or whatever so she felt like you know it was a good move or whatever okay there was also allegations that you know Nature Boy spoke of someone named mr. Pope nobody has located mr. Pope but Myesha she brings up mr. Pope she stated that she met mr. she know she stated that that there you know like nobody actually knows where mr. Pope is located or how he came in contact with Nature Boy but it's alleged that mr. Pope actually uh sexually abused Nature Boy himself so you know here we have a foster we have a foster child where the entire family was in foster care we have somebody who you know like as we could see his patterns like Francis II was a male stripper a gay male stripper he was also a adult porn star and and and he was also you know a prostitute so here we have somebody who you know has gone through you know like his you know you know like has you know like you know in terms of you know sexual contact and different sexual things you know and different lifestyle has been through quite a lot and the reason why I want to emphasize on the foster-care is because just like earlier we were speaking on on another channel on vs nation of Sue's lam channel and you know we're always consistently speaking on as foster care you know like is foster care beneficial for our youth and you know like this is another example of how you know like foster care can be damaging you know to children because you will also be able to go back and look at you know some of the videos where Nature Boy speaks of his foster mom I think that you know she was a European or you know white and he spoke about how you know she pretty much abused him as well so you know Nature Boy has been through like quite a bit of abuse especially coming from the foster care system and you know ledge they had you know like abuse you know beforehand the entire family had abuse beforehand and you know so he's been through quite a you know quite a lot yeah it's very very sad okay so he the Nature Boy he has like you know been off-grid in Honduras Nicaragua can wag wah and Costa Rica now he faces the charges that he faced there are definitely from Nicaragua and Costa Rica in fact let me um like let me just you know read this from the read a few excerpts from the Nicaragua news to you know to basically you verify this is from the new go out the blog or news according to an investigation of the two nuova radio yaa Bishop was held in southern Managua is held in southern Managua along with a dozen of his followers after being circulated internationally for alleged sexual crimes against minors in the US and Costa Rica okay so like there's a dozen of those followers that are also jailed and also with Nature Boy as well the people who are allegedly investigated along with their leader claimed to be of faith who voluntarily renounced their true family that only those who are there in the group are their family being their God elite their God eligio Bishop so most of that are inside of the the carbonation they believe that eligio Nature Boy is God and also you know they call they they separate from their families they cut off all contact with their families calling their families their Babylonian families if y'all if y'all watch the whole velvet velvet family situation you can see you know he totally you know like uh you know change their mindset and their perspective on their families the subject who calls himself nature Beauregard to chase the idea of conscious fear of YouTube he regurgitates ideas from the conscious spirit youtuber that's true because he picks up on like for instance like if y'all noticed like on the thumbnail that I have you know he has on a he has on arm dog I can't think of the name but he has on here Indian Indian attire Native American attire on okay so like generally he he add that he pulls a little here he pulls a letter here he basically you know steals or takes information from different places like at one time he was even saying you know the black woman with God which came from John Farrell so you know like most of the stuff that he speaks about is not you know his own ideas account is not something that came from his own thinking but yet you know something that he actually learned or gather from somebody else and yeah yeah she basically confessed or basically stated that as well in fact you know during the time he leaned a lot oh yeah cuz yeah yeah I was deeply into a astrology and you know doing charts and different things that their nature and he deeply leaned on her information and she you know ultimately said that he didn't even give her credit okay and so Nature Boy you know he does have a great big following of course on social media you know through Instagram and also through also through Instagram and also through YouTube you know he's had several YouTube channels several YouTube channels okay in nature they state that Nature Boy also promotes polygamy nudity because on the channel you know from time to time they believing being new they might just cover up with the leaf or something he also promotes rejection of bathroom you know he has you know been on there demonstrating you know like the proper way to have the proper way to use a restroom he promotes the vegan diet and defecates in trees now this is what this article says this article says defecate sentries and I thought that was like real funny and interesting once again this is from Nicaragua news okay eligio is a presumed pedophile violently abuses to women of his coat whom he calls wives and evades financial support to his real life partner and two children he has in the United States Bishop declares the supremacy of black man and was discovered to be a former former gay stripper adult interracial gay movie actor prostitute and even barber according to social media networks eligio mismanaged funds up to three hundred thousand dollars in less than a year and had a confrontation with the Costa Rican police which caused the group to be deported from the country yes um there is like there's some video clips out there of one of the members current members I believe still keep no key I think he just recently left but he obtained some money I think that you know money from his deceased mother's bank account and it was like thirty thousand dollars and you know of course you know they're like whenever you go to carbonation you have to hand over all your cash and your credit cards as well as well as the passwords you know to your the passwords are access close to your credit cards you know that's mandatory there's some people who even like a lot of students like I think it was a you know velvet Ileana that um that stated along with another girl did you know they have received their financial you know they their student loan refund and you know Nature Boy found out about that and they pretty much had to really go at over it's alleged that a lot of people that are there um you know a carbonation are on of you know SSI Social Security or disability and you know of course that is turned over to you know Nature Boy as well so you know pretty much you know you like when you're there you don't have access of any money now that was um if you guys kept up there was a older lady she had like some health issues like I think it was high blood pressure and diabetes mother dear well you know of course Nature Boy does not believe in you know medicine he believes in you know nature he believes sunlight can heal everything so pretty much mother dear you know she stopped taking her medication and you know last year you know she recently died and there's a lot of talk about how after she died you know like it's like the entire you know carbonation you know they were seeing you know walking around wearing wearing mama Diaz things so you know they took possession and things of her you know of her things and I'm gonna stop for a minute to address the chat I like to say shout out to gammy of three thank you for coming and supporting shout out to bless Watkins my sniper is on board you know his wife said but he still talks to his family of course and he also has like okay we also knew that he was getting funded funded like he was getting ten thousand dollars a month and we finally uh hey shout out today Rob hey Rob thank you for supporting $10,000 a month you know from you know it's suspected you know gay lover and we finally found out who the who that person was it's a it was a people he is his name is Mike Brown and he's um a pastor and he's also a president of an AME AME seminary school and I have some of that information in a video on video on my page and we are and it's also alleged that the ten thousand dollars a month was the church money okay and as well okay so Nature Boy is still in jail and like I said he has international charges of sexual abuse towards minors but all of the charges in nature boy face because he's under investigation has not yet been exposed or has not yet been air to publicize and you know pretty much how like pretty much it was found but in Trinidad and and you know it stated they you know like in order for nature boys to get a bail he would have to pay money okay and because the high-profile case it's a high-profile case high-profile case so you know you would have to pay money just to go before the judge to hear a yes or no from the judge on whether or not you know he can receive bail you know and like in Trinidad and different countries Jamaica you know that's their procedure and it's called judge in chambers it stated that you know you can just look up judge and chambers and it'll break break that down for you so pretty much you know I guess he's gonna be held unless he receives the money money he's gonna be held on held until you know his actual court proceedings last year you know because the nature was set off the alarm there's a video and I have it in the description on my page where Nature Boy he admitted to having sex in front of his children as well as like allowing his son to touch his pain touch an see his pain pain so that's that awful arm so you know you know bunch of people they did a petition to have a nature board taken offline now some of his pages were taken offline but you know of course he you know he really researched yeah Sarita Sarita X the kapre Fox you know thank you for supporting make sure you hit that like button Alito I'll say oh yeah Nature Boy is definitely done natureboy is definitely dying so pretty much um you know I just came on to give like a little bitter like I want to give some background I want to give some some information on what set the alarms off you know like from the deportation to you know like to you know like the to you know there were numerous things that set off alarm with Nature Boy and you know like like I said the charges have not all the charges have not yet rolled in but they definitely have they definitely have the sexual abuse of minors for Nicaragua Costa Rica and also like he is sexual assault on a minor for his cousin here in the United States are there any questions or anything you know dealing with the nature boy situation and you know like I have some links and stuff make sure y'all check out that interview is from World News I have that link in the description page it's a very interesting interview with mother nature boys baby mamas and she breaks down a lot of interesting things she suspected he's a narcissist and different things of that nature Alito and she gives some interesting details about her experience with Nature Boy now one of the things that I don't understand is like even now like even with serenity leaving because we saw we witnessed multiple times were serenity you know like you know faced abuse you know and then she was traded around from person from nature she originally started off with Nature Boy well she originally started off with I forgot his name but then she went with Nature Boy she went back to Mellon she left came back to melih nation and ended up being one of nature was the Rex or his wives and then she was switched around you know switch around to you know switched around again and as we could tell like now if you look at serenity she's full she looks a little bit more healthier versus when she was there she looks skinny and you know on several accounts we witness where you know she was screaming and hollering and different things like that as well they love it you know like here recently and things like that you know we've you know like there's you know several videos and things of that nature where you know they'll do walks out the room and then she begins to scream and holler and things like that and he's even been like a little bit you know abusive phone on-screen so you know he's not just you know it's just not the sexual abuse you know sexual abuse allegations you know other sexual abuse allegations for his minors it's also that he's very abusive towards a lot of those you know you know who or his director or you know who are part of the carbonation carbonation account as well there's things that you know like he's brought up that you know have been in question just like for instance you know it stated that he makes you know some of the directors some of the women drink his semen his semen he says that his and children drink semen he says he thinks it as very nutritious you know it's a very its nutritional and you know that's very weird especially when you know that you know like you've admitted that you had herpes and it's allegations that you know have HIV so you know you know it's very it's like not only it's not only it's not only like spreading around different diseases and different things that in nature because you know of course they're not getting you know they're they're you know they're switching mates they're going from me to make them mate so you know like it's like almost if one person has something you might as well say they you know quite a few of them you know have contracted maybe herpes or HIV if he actually has it okay and beloved princess says curable you ever do any commentary on those two girls that live with our Kelly I would love to hear what you think about the whole situation yeah it's possible you know I've done a little coverage on our Kelly on our Kelly it's possible I'll look at doing that in the future okay and Darryl we rang and said yes Qi touches very interesting things I live listen to her the other night Thank You Darryl Reid thank you for your support yeah I try to bring thanks to the forefront they you know like our issues and things that affect us in our community people don't don't may not see how important exposing on this nature boys situation is but just keep in mind that you know most of the people most of the people who are the young girls who have gone over there or even for the most part young boys that have gone over there have been like you know I'm right out of high school you know they haven't even had a good shot in life and you know and you know they're getting before you know what they're all tied up into situations and their life is over because just look get it velvet you know like her life is never gonna be the same I mean she's gonna have to go through extensive out there because even if she didn't face any abuse before she got there she definitely you know have been it she definitely you know had experienced abuse since she's been here okay now the rates errata it's the copper fox said now there is a brother who was trying to cause even separation name Aylward Jabbar else war Jabbar I will check him out but it's very important to expose this because like if it had been exposed if it had been exposed you know like much of you know like years ago or whatever um then you know we may not have so many victims Nature Boy has a lot of victims and the sad part about it is a lot of them don't even know they're victims there are still people to this day that are you know defending him with at all costs you know at all costs and you know I really think you know that said I really think they said that's one thing if you're older and lighten mama dear I mean you know she made it she was old enough she had experienced life and she made a conscious decision to go over there you know she like you know like she had a life so you know she had lived some life so you know um you know her going over there versus like somebody fresh out of high school first year in college you know who haven't even experienced you know adult decision-making or doing anything on their own I think that's a big difference Thank You Mae Rob I'm trying no wonder Denise nah he's not yet no he's not yet free he's not yet free he's still you know he's still held in custody he has tried to gain bail I know who you I know who said that I think it was one of his new wife and yaa guess what he also has a new wife he has a new wife after all the velvet went through he has a new her name is master kasha and she um if you check out world news he has a video on there where you know she wrote this long letter to the public and things like that you know trying to make it seem like it was a situation of justice and you know basically Nature Boy was being targeted but we all know because if you go if you've been keeping up with any other videos and things like that then you know you know like a lot of this stuff has been actually caught on video yeah Kaja oh yeah definitely there we dare we say he needs to face charges definitely but you know like you know get him you know putting the word out and getting him and putting out more exposure because keep in mind like just like you know he was on like social media he was on the run he was on the run from the charges in the US for you know sexually saw his cousin he was on a run you know for invading child support you know evading child support with his legal wife okay now it you know and it's the trip that you know he was like bold enough to be on social media you know like you know I wouldn't think that anybody who was on the ride we go on social media but look at how long you know how long you know that you know he was actually on social media and on run you know from the US from from the US for charges as well because I believe because of the exposure you know from you know social media you know Velvets family was able to find her some entities mom was able to find her and locate and you know connect with her you know and you know like it I've even heard people come out there were about to go over there and it prevented them from going over there there's also a young man his name is unknown society reject and he was one of the original people that spoke out on Nature Boy you know like he has he admitted to having HIV and you know when he went over he said that he believed in nature boy was attracted to him but you know he said they you know like he is but the situation was not like he wanted he wanted like to be out in nature where is they weren't really in nature they live in a house they have electronic devices they go to the market to buy their food and you know and what's the trip is like a lot of times when they're video and you can see the mango trees that you can see all the vegetation yet they will go you know use money and buy and buy you know avocados it was stated that they had a strict avocado and potato that diet at one time and that's all that they could eat and they were eating potato chips and different things like that so a lot of the things that you know like that we see on we were seeing on the screen is not actually how they live they're not actually living in nature they came out in nature only to video and you know only to video only the video and I think that was another reason why I omit left because when omec left he went to Iona I think it's a Honduras or another part of Costa Rica and you know he actually you know started his own his own tribe or whatever and you know they were actually uh you know looking into you know being herbalist you know like actually you know eating and living you know completely off the land so you know like we're seeing played out you know was not real it was not really a nature situation it was mostly like you know a hustle and it was mostly because he was on a run you know from charges here in the US that's why when they got he didn't want to get deported back and we got the porter back he immediately left because he already knew what he was facing are there any additional questions but right now currently he's still locked up and you know he like they stated it has to you he has to pay to see the judge in order to get bail and that's just to get bail you know that's just to get bail and it's called judge and chambers and they only do that in high-profile cases and it stated that all of nature boy charges have not yet you know been exposed or release he's still under investigation along with the 12 members that are also detained or like locked up with them so you know like it's gonna be an inch to ride and you know I'll try to you know like keep everybody up to date as well you know I like to say you know you know shout out to young pharaoh shout out to us a divine shout out to world news who you know been out doing a good job with commentary and keeping us up to par as well like if you want to see you know like you know the article it's on you have to translate it because it's in Spanish but it's a nickel walk Nicaraguan news and you know it they just supported him recently his wife four hours ago so is are they important him are they deporting him to face the UN's charges first okay so he's going directly into custody and he's not officially free well breaking news Nature Boy has just been deported to the US so you know like I'm I'm gonna have to come back on and you know definitely give a breakdown yeah he will not be free so he's being deported here to face his u.s. charges first so the u.s. charges were sexual abuse of a minor which was his cousin and and also you know he has outstanding child support charges from his legal wife so you know I guess he's gonna have to take care of that and you know then he might you know I get I don't know but you know the only proper procedures they'll ship him back to face time or whatever the United States works out works out because sometimes they work out agrees well so you know you know stay tuned I'm gonna do a little bit more research and thank you very much his wife shout-out to his wife for helping to bring that breaking news and for y'all okay and Darryl Reese is I pray he gets the maximum time for his charges yes definitely yes definitely um and you know like so y'all stay tuned okay Laurie Alex say he will he will get the mix um I believe that I believe that too I believe that too I believe back to the United States I think at that time you know they were looking into some things and keep in mind that you know like there's also that we that uh one case where the FBI they've been watching Nature Boy for a long time there's a one case with the F where you know I forget her name but she was from Canada and her parents you know like her parents you know like Cynthia FBI you know to you know to come get her and things of that nature and basically she had to come on and you know she had to come on camera or she had to tell them that you know she came on in her own will and she was there at her own will and that she was not being mistreated but you know like according to BBC cuz there's a nautical out I mean there's some information there's a documentary or article out there you know with BBC and Nature Boy and Nature Boy you know he's been under you know FBI surveillance and you know he's been under watch for a long time so you know I really really really you know think that you know that uh you know it's gonna be like a lot more severe than even thing yeah they really flew they really food flew him out but I think I'm not sure how it goes but I know the charges in the u.s. were first so I'm not like I'm not sure how that goes okay envious nation of Sue's lamb shout out to Vienna said they said she had a mental disability yeah they right they said that the lady a young lady from Canada had a mental disability so yeah stay yes they stay in tuned and hopefully we gonna bring some more you know we're gonna bring some more up-to-date coverage on natureboy situation because as we heard thanks to uh his wife breaking news that you know he's just been deported and you know he's deported to the United States to be detained yeah so if there are no more questions I like to thank everybody for the support you know I basically want to come on and give you know like a little synopsis on you know Nature Boy as a whole especially with the foster care system and you know with that being one about this sessions you know like in this community where the foster care is good you know like benefits our children are not you know I wanted to you know let you know basically expose the fact that he was a foster care child and you know he states that he was abused in the foster care system as well he has a live stream with that and you know he was also you know he also served time in prison I forgot that little sack right there he served a little time in prison as well is you know like he admitted himself once the information came out they you know he was locked up in a mental institution for a little while so we know that nature boy is very disturbing this alleged a you know he's doing to other people what was done to him so you know like you know like the brother needs some help you know like he definitely he needs some help you know he needs some help you know he needs some help and I'm not you know you know like sometimes we gotta say you know in a situation like that you know when people are harming so many different people and you know they seem to have lack of control of themselves that is better for them to be being you know or locked up you know are locked up because then at least you know then no one else will be harmed but I'd like to say um now I know Sarita you probably don't like the word black but I'm over here with my people saw you know I have to break it down for the staying you know but I understand but I like to say um black Indian power black Indian power I like to thank y'all for coming and you know stay tuned peace and love and you know make sure you I hit the like button share subscribe yeah also you know I like to shout out bless walk-ins y'all make sure y'all subscribe to um blessed walkins page as well as if you're not subscribed to this nation of sues lamb subscribe to her page bless walk-ins gonna start going live covering a lot of different topics and hey my homie Charlie send in love as well as hey God sunshine shout out to my fam hey mister I lied go to and thank y'all for coming later and by

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