Nat'l Union of Students pres says education is racist

good morning guys let's start this with the National Union of Students president says education is racist you know have you noticed the Democrats are hitting hard on racism still I mean they cannot they cannot how can I put it there they're only stuff that they've run on for umpteen years racism abortion getting our guns and now open borders everything they want they everything that they're about is bad for this country it is paramount not only to them but to the Rhinos to gin up racism at any and all costs and abortion and all the rest of the stuff it says the president the National Union of Students has attacked the education system for being institutionally racist as she steps down from the role universities must do more to ensure black women and working-class women reach positions of power and feel comfortable in them Shakira Martin the National Union of Students president said you know something there the biggest problem that we have is number one the people that control everything they need to be removed the people that control the media companies they've got to be removed everything has got to be removed the corruption the deep state and and the the shadow government that exists not only in this country but around the world they've got to be stopped cold boom gone that's that's what we have to do and people are becoming more and more aware of all this stupid crap you know something people everywhere are well aware the Democrats really don't stand for much good which is why they have to cheat they realize the only thing they're selling is snake oil moving on the crooned ass Trump to remove some I ran sanctions to spur the talks France has got to get rid of him and not only do they need to get rid of him but they need to go back and they need to prosecute McCrone Hollande and Sarkozy for allowing mass immigration to destroy their country that's what it's meant to do they need they need to prosecute them and everyone around them McCrone has just rotten to the core and just part of the criminal cabal that has had a lock on this world for so long and the better schools won't fix America says like many rich Americans I used to think educational investment could heal the country's ills but I was wrong fighting inequality must come first he says that long ago I was captivated by seductively intuitive idea one of many of my wealthy friends will subscribe to that both poverty and rising inequality are largely consequences of America's failing education system fix that I believed and we couldn't we could cure much of what eles America this belief system which I have come to think of as education ISM is grounded in a familiar story about cause and effect once upon a time America created a public education system that was the envy of the modern world no nation produced more or better educated high school and college students and thus the great American middle class was built but then sometime around the 1970s America lost its way we allowed our schools to crumble and our test scores and graduation rates to fall school systems that once turned out well-paid factory workers failed to keep pace with the rising educational demands of the new knowledge economy as America's public school systems foundered so did the earning power of American middle class and as inequality increased so did political polarization cynicism and anger threatening to undermine American democracy let's let's just step back here for a minute and understand this number one in the 70s and I remember gang rich and others never be getting there were sounding the alarm that common sense was going by the wayside it wasn't an accident they were purposefully instituting into the educational system of line of thought that went away from common sense they wanted that they were trying to do it with common sense by way of PC crap and everything else and eventually they eroded it here's another thing that happened on the inner cities the inner city schools which is where so much of the population resides you had schools quickly deteriorating I mean it's like to go in at these school I mean I remember the pictures of them it was horrific the things were the schools were collapsing as gangs became bigger and bigger and more powerful the school system went down and nobody tried to fix it I shouldn't say nobody tried to fix it but it wasn't getting done let's put it that way they continued to fall into disrepair so kids going to school I mean it was like almost going to a third-world country a lot of these kids just to get from their home to the school was quite the trek to keep from getting beat up from a constant I mean it's think so that's that's what the inner-city kids have had to deal with and so you're looking at a graduation rate in the inner cities of under fit of a 50% or less so that's one of the problems that we've had and nobody's wanting to fix it so in a way education has been the problem the lack thereof there hasn't been good quality education provided it's gone to shit to say the least and as these cities have become shit halls so too has the educational system out here in in the the rural areas you still have a really good educational system now do I want to see it go back to private absolutely the public schools are completely lost control in the inner cities and that's why you see so many people in the cities going and sending their kids to private schools but those inner city schools and the inner city areas have got to get cleaned up you got to remove the gangs if you don't remove the gangs you're pissing in the wind that's all there is to it and then moving on to let's see here please rescue abandoned baby left inside of a plastic bag good grief I mean what did you wrong with people it says earlier this month police officers in Georgia rescued a newborn baby girl who had been placed inside of a plastic bag in abandoned the officers were responding to a call from a citizen and press release from the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office explains On June 6 2019 approximately 10:08 p.m. deputies responded to the 1900 block of Dave's Creek Road in reference to what the caller described as a baby crying in the woods shortly after deputies arrived on the scene they located a newborn female infant that had been abandoned in a wooded area along Dave's Creek Road the infant was found inside of a plastic bag deputies immediately rendered first aid in the infant was transported to an area hospital and is in stable condition Wow you know you you you read about this stuff and you just cannot believe it unbelievable and then moving on to Jill Biden last night Lucy I mean look the guy the guy does not do well on the national stage he just doesn't do well and you know I was listening to a piece here from mark theis and I mean the fact is he just doesn't do what Kamala Harris ate him up and and Kamala Harris will eat up anybody who doesn't want to fight back at her you cannot fight nice with Kamala Harris heels up Harris has been nasty forever that's how she got to where she's at okay she didn't get there by being polite she didn't get there by playing by the rules or maybe she did SiC rules but rules I guess if that's what you want to call them anyway associate buy enough of keep in mind that it's a super delegate at the end of the day who's going to determine who goes against Trump okay as the people found out in 2016 the DNC does not care and the establishment does not care which our average Democrat thinks you're going to go with them and they're gonna cheat and that's it they are not if they don't have faith in Kamala Harris then they're not gonna put her up there they're not gonna put up anybody that they don't feel that they can control lock stock and barrel so anyway I mean it's their choice it's not the people's choice it's their choice and they know it that's all for now god bless you I have a good day buh bye guys

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  2. UN also agrees with the Democrats say UN will not stand for racist or white supremacy in the US and r Western countries. That was on yesterday. Also just a few months ago the UN told the world that US will be receiving 600 million illegal immigrants that's rt 600 million illegal immigrants. And the Democrats is keeping the Border open and given illegal immigrants anything they want. Even murder and rape thieves Democrats r keeping them out of prison. Some casing the judge will help illegal immigrants escape from ice.

  3. I think Joe Biden was arm wrestled, so to speak, by the NWO elite cabal to run for president in the next election. He didn't want to but was forced to. Therefore, I don't think he will try very hard to win. Regardless of how hard he would try anyway, he will not win.

  4. I live in a large SW city. They try to raise property taxes to pay for schools and public owned hospital. Not only is welfare and food stamps breaking us, but property taxes too.

  5. As a substitute teacher I had exchange students also! How the valedictorian of the school didn't know that Africa was a continent, not a country. How the German student corrected her and named EVERY country in Africa! Our public education SUCKS!!!! And our colleges SUCK! Graduates used to leave H. S. With more knowledge than college graduates have today!

  6. Most people in the south believed you could only end slavery through education, you couldn't just one day say go your free, as savages they would not know how to function in society, The believed the children would need to be educated, that was the plan of many southerners that where going to end slavery. When the south surrender many blacks down south started looting a custom still practice till this day.

  7. GAngrich was sounding the alarm about education? Maybe Gingrich should have spoken about it more often. And maybe CITIZENS should demand that our tax dollars NOT go to schools unless the government repairs EDUCATION and government-supported schools in general. Education should not favor race or gender and should not support trans or any other outlandish ideas such as socialism/communism. Schools should not be political, but encourage critical thinking and allow students to think for themselves.

  8. I love the article about American education. It might surprise people to know that America used to be number 2 in the world for education. (Germany was number 1). But today, America stands at number 33 in the world for quality of education. America has floundered greatly in education. I really don't know why ANY foreigner comes to America for education anymore.

  9. Women inherently lie. There is no code of honor between themselves or men. We see this belief in "their truth" absent of facts or outcomes. The more in power the more corruption becomes visible then when confronted a blatant comment is made attempting to shrug off the lie with the deflection and projection we see in politics today..

  10. Go watch Weathermen by IPOT channel you'll see how students are indoctrinated by Socialist/Marxist.Part 2 of Weathermen will be coming out soon watch part 1 before part 2.

  11. Professors and teaches alike should NOT BE ALLOWED to say or to teach ANYTHING that suggests how students think about ANY subject. This should be outlawed and the penalty should be their extermination from teaching.

  12. I live in a small town and never hear anything about Racism. The Dems and Rhino's are pushing race To divide people. Turn your tv off and don't listen To these idiots.

  13. What's racist is when the kid graduates and can't get a job because of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! That's racist!!!

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