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The National Library of Education is a library
in the United States serving as a primary resource center for education information. The library provides collections and information
services to the public, as well as to the education community and other government agencies
on current and historical education programs, activities and publications of the U.S. Department
of Education.==Collections==
The Library’s current collection, in print and electronic formats, focuses on education
and includes subject matter such as economics, law, psychology, and sociology, as they relate
to education. The Library maintains an historical collection
including some 16,000 government reports on education dating back to 1870, education journals
and monographs, and some 16,000 classroom textbooks on a variety of subjects.==Location==
The library is located at the headquarters of the Department of Education, 400 Maryland
Avenue, SW, Washington, DC, 20202.==See also==
Educational attainment in the United States Education in the United States
National Technical Reports Library Secretary of Education
United States Department of Education Department of Education==Further reading==
Access for all: a new national library for tomorrow’s learners: the report of the National
Library of Education, Advisory Task Force, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Education,
1997 – via HathiTrust (fulltext

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