Narragunnawali Awards 2019 – Maclean High School (Finalist)

– There’s a River of Learning project when the students first arrive at Maclean high school
to teach Yaegl culture. – River of Learning is
the thematic teaching in Year Seven, making children
aware of their surroundings; Yaegl Country, and that
carries through with them all the way through high school. – School takes students on cultural tours to places of significance
that’s led by Yaegl Elders. – Woodworking on carpentry,
sports, science, art… We’ve got our foot in each door. They want to know what we
thought or what we think, how this or that should be done and it’s came a long way when
you look at it from the past. – The programme was pioneering because it was asking the Elders whether they would help
us and share knowledge. That’s really important
that they trusted us. – Having your local AECG
on board helps massively. Having active members
coming into the school, meeting and talking to people, and having those conversations. Once you can break that initial barrier, keep it rolling. – River of Learning programme
is not a one year wonder. It is a part of the fabric
of Maclean High School.

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