20 thoughts on “NARONIA & The Secret Knowledge of the Elite”

  1. That's frightening "Money IS the 'one world ruler' if you barter with it, YOU have agreed/taken their New World Order oath". We truther's don't want any part of their system- that's upsetting. Everyone should look into the UBUNTU movement Michael Tellinger he has a way that everyone can live without money- or bartering and yet have everything you want…he's amazing. If only more people knew about him and the UBUNTU way. In Canada apparently a Mayor has taken it on.

  2. Wow. OK this is fanciful misinformation to be polite. Mixing some actual events/people mixed with fiction does not make the fiction true. Classic misinformation for conspiracy nuts. So someone has discovered a book on this topic and is reading and interpreting the information convinced the information in the book is fact. No evidence! Every comment people are stating things as if they know the truth and unraveled the mysteries of the world. Honest none of you know squat but what you have read and watched. How easily you sheep can be persuaded every conspiracy is factual with incomplete evidence. Where did the person getting this info get it from exactly? How did he prove such things? This phenomena of the sun being closer…. Show me a documented account or even an eye witness account…. Not just a dumb picture of the sun with no reference where or when it's from. My gosh…. You guys give those seeking the truth a bad name… If we are like you and those commenting here we deserve to be called conspiracy nuts. Absolute trash with no reference. Yes you may as well the Chronicles of Narnia and start decoding that into a conspiracy. This is a total joke!!! Go back to your day job, your not the one neo, you didn't crack the matrix… Niether have any of the other commentors here. Get over yourself.

  3. Incredible subject matter , Thomas B. Is no stranger to the world of occult writing. Thx for sharing this great piece of work.

  4. Once you stop seeing what is there that it is not, then your power will return to you! There is nothing to fear, not even these so called gods. All is all, and it shall remain that way eternally. We, I, us, them we are the all indestructible and everlasting.

  5. I think we all have a duty and responsibility to question everything our leaders are doing especially if it's dealing with new experimental technologies that no one knows the consequences if it fails….PEACE✌

  6. I'm so tired of people using sorcerers practices in manipulating the beautiful electrical and magnetic nature of His creations to prove themselves above Him or equal calling themselves divine. Sorcery, numerology, tarot, palm reading, mediums… you will ALL rue the day you started down your black unclean paths in life as you will always be dead and never taste the waters of everlasting life. Do yourself the biggest favor you could do, read ACTS 2:32. It's plain and simple right there in your face. Eternal life 🙂

  7. Of course theyre done with HAARP and want to tear it down, theyve weakened the Veil for CERN to punch through. Now the unclean are here in full force. We can't have civilians knowing what HAARP did. It must be destroyed just like the other books of The Holy Bible. Unclean forces are doing their best to stay hidden so when on that day that Christ comes the most amount of sleeping souls can plummet to hell

  8. Climate change is due to emissions from the global shipping network, fossil fuel power plants, agriculture, industrial practices, deforestation, etc.. Due to large scale clearing of natural lands for agriculture/urban/industrial/residential purposes and reliance of power sources that produce waste products, a large amount of heat-trapping gases have accumulated as human population has increased and the planet's ecosystems and the services they provide are being comprised. Using the government as a scapegoat for every problem facing society only prevents progress.

  9. the USA ego increased to the level that really it is the great Satan, they want to roll the world , but never ever . God will punish them and demolish their pride ,

  10. Word Magic The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words – Pao Chang – we have been captured with words by the Vatican

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