42 thoughts on “Napoleon Dynamite talks about skills”

  1. During a party I was allowed to visit my friend brother's bedroom. He had a pure guitar with a nice amp. I tried the guitar and as I'm always too awkward to do the "just improvising" stuff, I did the "I could have lied" RHCP guitar solo. I was alone in the room, which felt nice. But the door was half open and I saw that THE hot girl caught me. Later she invited me to slow dance. Alpha girl, brains and a killer body. I blew it but the dance was nice.

  2. Girls don't want gentlemans they want sex symbol guys and their money and cars. And they want to brag to their friends like " oh I got the hottest boyfriend ever".

  3. Napoleon does mention in the movie that he possesses bow-staff skills and the school gangs are trying to recruit him.

  4. It's true. Once I developed by numchuck skills, I was so popular that I had to beat girls off of me with those numchucks.

  5. Favorite part is and always will be the "Hunting Wolverines in Alaska with my Uncle" scene. https://youtu.be/xdaEdDdtAsA

  6. The doubly sad part is that often men with poor skills in meeting women think they KNOW all about women. Loosen up there Napoleon, women go out with guys who make them feel good…..

  7. this is also very wise advice.  you go in for an interview, tell 'em you got solid nunchuck skills, you'll be hired on the spot.

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