Nancy Grasmick, Board Chair | Kennedy Krieger Institute

So I’m very excited about becoming the
Board Chair at Kennedy Krieger. I’m also very nervous about it because it’s a big
responsibility and I recognize that I’m the first woman who will be the board
chair in sort of the history of this Institute and that places a little more
pressure to be sure I’m doing a good job and that I can serve as a model for
other women who may not aspire to be the board chair but do aspire to leadership
positions. I have had an affiliation with Kennedy Krieger for over 40 years and
that in my role as a principal of the school, as an assistant superintendent in
a large school system, I think we have to do a better job of communicating the
integration of all of these services at Kennedy Krieger Institute so the public
perception is not one segment of it but the whole and the other point of that
Kennedy Krieger is it’s a long-term relationship in so many ways whereas if
a child’s in a hospital whatever services are performed and they leave.
Here there is continued interaction with those children, with those families and
that’s a very unique responsibility and a unique contribution. I come to this
place every day that I’m here thinking of that what is it I can contribute and
aren’t we lucky to have such a magnificent place within the state of
Maryland and serving our children.

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