Naeun and Gunhoo having a fan meeting at Dad’s university? [The Return of Superman/2020.01.12]

Gunhoo and Naeun are visiting a very special place. This is the school I used to go to. This is where I studied and played soccer. – Is this Jooho’s alma mater? / – Do you see that? – Everyone came out to see me. / – What? Where are they? Where? Everyone came out to see Jooho? – Everyone came out to see me. / – He wasn’t lying. There’s a huge crowd. (Dad.) In 2006, Jooho’s team was losing by one-nil in a national competition for college soccer teams. With a swift dribble, he scored the tying goal. He played a key role in their team’s victory. They won then. (Jooho played a key role in their team’s victory.) He was so young. – He’s handsome. / – Who is that handsome boy? Dad. – I’m popular, aren’t I? / – He’s a dad now. They used to hang my pictures on the wall before. (The library is the best part of the campus.) Isn’t it beautiful? We’re in front of the library. We’re in front of the library. Look. There are so many fall colors. Look over there. – Let’s sing. / – Sing? You’re too heavy. Sit down. Bag. – The bag? / – Is there something in the bag? Take the bag off. – You must be tired. / – Yes. – She said, “You must be tired.” / – Yes. You don’t talk like that – unless you’re an angel. / – Naeun, there’s a song I want to listen to at this place. Do you want to hear it? Are those headphones? In the campus full of romance, what song does he want to hear? Gunhoo, do you hear it? (It’s a song that reminds you of memories on campus.) It’s “Etude of Memory”. When you go to a school’s rooftop, you have to listen to music. It’s a campus thing. (This song is…) It’s a song I like. It’s “Etude of Memory”. You’ll learn about this song in 2036. (Park Gunhoo, will start his undergrad study in 2036) He’ll be going to college in 2036, right? (His seniors are stirred by the freshman’s appearance.) (Nice to meet you.) (Do you want to know?) (I got admission with the highest stones) (His seniors are welcoming him with smiles.) He’s greeting his seniors right now. (Where did my senior go?) Hello. Hello. (Hello.) What year did you start your undergrad? 2018. – 2018? / – 2018. (Hesitating) I started my undergrad in 2005. (It’s their first time meeting such an old senior.) Their forefather is here. I graduated from this school too. I came here to visit. (There are so many people.) – I think everyone came out. / – There are many people. Do you see how popular Dad is? Do you see? (Dad is excited.) He’s acting so cute. People have to stop and watch. Let’s go. (The school is such a fun place!) He’s so excited. Naeun, I haven’t been here in 14 years. It’s changed a lot. Of course. 14 years mean everything could’ve changed. Lemonade? Naeun? And one lemonade. Lemonade. They’re getting some drinks at a cafe on campus. It’s romantic. Where did you go for your class? Me? When I was in school, this building didn’t exist. It’s my first time here. He’s like a fossil. I was all the way over there playing soccer. I slept with some uncles, ate and played soccer. I did that every day. (He played soccer and trained.) Didn’t you study? I studied a little bit. – Really? / – Yes, really. – She got him. / – But you were also a baby back then. I was a baby then. – He was a baby. / – I was a young baby. – Jooho. / – I was a freshman. Naeun, this must be a hot place. Shall we go higher? (They’re trying to feel the campus sentiment.) (They settle down and enjoy the mood.) (They found some students!) Hello. Hello. When did you start your undergrad? – 2015. / – 2015? 2015? We’re 10 years apart. I started mine in 2005. I started in 2005. They started college in 2015, when Naeun was born. That’s when Naeun was born. – She was born in 2015. / – That’s cool. What do you major in? – Law. / – Law? Are you a campus couple in law? We caught them. Are you a campus couple in law? – No. / – No? – We’re just friends. / – Friends. You two are sitting so close together. (You should get along.) We were studying together. – Are you just friends? / – Yes. There’s a group chat for law students. – We heard you came. / – She got a message? She’s changing the subject. They came out to see us. I’m that famous. – I came to see Naeun. / – Naeun? – He’s a law student. / – Did you come out for Naeun? – May we have a picture together? / – A picture? – One, two, three. / – Come here. – Thank you. / – Nice to meet you! – Thank you. / – Bye. (Did you all come?) Sit down. (These students came to see Gunhoo, Naeun and Jooho.) (Nice to meet you.) Sit down. (Nice to meet you.) (He’s spitting while saying hello.) Doesn’t this count as a fan meeting? He’s so cute. (I’m so happy.) Shall we say hello? Look at that benevolent smile. Nice to meet you! (Nice to meet you! Wait.) – Yes. He should check how he looks. / – Of course. – He should check. / – Gunhoo. (He’s preparing something.) There are people at the bottom. What are you doing, Gunhoo? – He’s putting on makeup. / – Take the sleep out. He’s looking in the mirror. He’s getting ready. Gunhoo? (I have an especially beautiful nose.) Is he ready? Gunhoo, did you finish looking in the mirror? By the way, Dad… Did you finish looking? (I have something to say.) (I’m done!) I knew it. (I’m done!) He saw them now. (Amazing) – He’s confident now. / – Hello. (Hello!) He said, “hello”. (Hello!) (We rode a car to get here!) How cute. (Listen carefully from now on.) (Excited) (Dad) (won the grand prize!) Yes, he should boast about it. (It’s all thanks to you.) (Thank you) (for everything!) He keeps on screaming. Naeun. (I know we’re getting a baby sibling!) (The baby isn’t born yet.) Naeun, Gunhoo is really popular. – He’s briefing them. / – He’s more popular than me. (Right!) (How cute!) – He has a lot of news to tell. / – Yes. I think he’s enjoying it. (That’s right!) (Let me scream too!) Goodness. (That’s right!) (Gunhoo starts speaking up as he’s excited.) (Surprised) (Gunhoo and Naeun go down.) – Be careful. / – Are they going down to say hello closer? (You’re so pretty!) (Hanging) What is that? Does that person have his uniform? – Look. That’s my uniform. / – Hello. It says his nickname “Pa Cho Ho”. That’s his real fan. That’s my fan from Ulsan. – Gunhoo, how far will you go? / – Gunhoo. – He wants to say hi to the girls. / – Hello. No. You can’t go down more. (This feels like home.) – Naeun is saying hello to them. / – Look at Naeun. – Gunhoo. / – Gunhoo. A lot of time has passed. When I was here, this building didn’t exist. (Sounding sad) – I’m not that sad. / – He spoiled the mood! You don’t need to be that sad for me. Right? – But you did come here to see me, right? / – Yes! Goodness. By the way, he dressed up – like a student on campus. / – Park Jooho! (Smiling widely) See that, Naeun? See that, Naeun? This is how popular I am. (This is how popular I am.) – Thank you. / – My goodness. (Thank you.) (Please keep on supporting my dad.) – My gosh. / – She’s so beautiful. (Did you see that, Gunhoo?) See that, Gunhoo? (Proud) (Screaming) (He’s the happiest.) I think Gunhoo is enjoying this. (He’s the happiest.) He has the potential to become a great star someday. Would you call them Aunt and Uncles or are they your friends? – My friends. / – Your friends? Of course. Can you say that again? – It’s impossible not to scream. / – My friends! – She’s so cute. / – She’s making my heart pound. No, no. – No, it’s dangerous. / – No. (Big Sister Naeun sets out right away.) Goodness. – Naeun, no. / – Naeun protects him right away. (I’ll protect my brother.) (I’ll listen to you more this year.) – Look at them. / – My goodness. Seriously. There’s no other sister like her. Seriously. Naeun is… (They are happy to just observe the siblings.) Thank you so much for coming today. – My kids… / – I love you. (I love you!) I love you. – I love you too. / – Me too. Let’s say goodbye to them. Let’s go. Be careful. (These friends’ hearts pound.) – She’s doing that? / – Gosh. No, no. She’s so kind. Say bye. (Today has been fun!) Gunhoo’s feeling it. – He’s flying. / – He’s soaring. (Video filmed by the students) They adore Naeun and Gunhoo. (Shall we take a photo?) Naeun, shall we take a photo? – All of us. / – Together. – Let’s take one from here. / – Right. – That’s right. / – Can I take a photo with you here? – Yes! / – Yes! Goodness, this feels different. (Gunhoo, Naeun and Jooho strike a pose together.) Just like this. All right. We’re in the frame. One, two, three. (I want to capture them in my eyes.) Goodness. How pretty. (Thank you for giving us great memories!) Naeun, this is where I used to play soccer. – Right. / – Really? – It was awkward at the library. / – Lucky you. Lucky me, right? – I want to play too. / – You too? – Let’s have a running race! / – Okay. Go over there. – Over there? / – Yes. Gunhoo. Ready, set, go! Gunhoo. What’s wrong? Why isn’t he running? – You should run, Gunhoo. / – Gunhoo. (Wriggling) Did he see something there? (Exchanging eye contact with the students) Gunhoo isn’t running. But you came in first. Gunhoo. (Right. I was in the middle of a race.) – He’s focused now. / – Ready, set, go. He’s so cute. Why is he… He’s so cute. (He runs the best he can.) They’ll become soccer players. They are training right now. – They are Jooho’s junior players. / – Right. – They are his immediate juniors. / – Right, they are. (They are cool.) What’s wrong, Gunhoo? Gunhoo should try kicking a ball. Wait here. (He easily drags the ball.) (My ball!) How will he do? He has his dad’s DNA, so I think he’ll be good at it. (He runs fast toward the ball.) Goodness. (Gunhoo guards the ball with his entire body.) – Do you want a ball too, Naeun? / – Goodness. That looked smooth. Kick it to your sister. (I’m the king of soccer.) – His dad is a defender, / – Kick it to your sister. – so he should be good at guarding the ball. / – Right. (All of a sudden, Jooho’s special training begins.) (I’ll show you what I can do!) (He wants to do one thing, but his body does another.) Let her kick once. (Naeun kicks the ball perfectly.) (Me too! Let me kick the ball too!) (Give the ball to me too!) – Pass. / – She’s the only one who will pass to Gunhoo. – Bring it back, Gunhoo. / – Run. Hurry. – Naeun, when you kick… / – I got it. (This time, I’ll look cool.) Kick. Is Gunhoo learning soccer or slapstick comedy? (In despair) (When he’s trying to be entertaining…) Dad, look! (The soccer team is done with their training.) Their training for the day is over. Naeun, come here. Let’s say hi to the coach. – Hurry. / – Hurry. – Hello. / – Hey. – You must be busy. / – The coach who taught Jooho is still working as a coach at the school. – You must be Naeun. / – Naeun, come say hi. – He’s the head coach now. / – Say hello politely. (Polite) (Hurrying over) Gunhoo. Gosh, look at the soccer ball. Gosh, that’s cool. (Hello, coach.) – He hasn’t changed, but you did. / – What? – What’s with you? / – I don’t know. I gained weight. – It’s killing me. / – He actually lost some. – He lost weight? / – He was chubbier before. (Uncles, shall we practice passing?) Hey, over here. (Pass!) The students are so good with Gunhoo. (Do you want to see how good my dribbling is?) (I’m the son of Park Jooho, Park Gunhoo!) – He’s good. / – He’s good with his feet too. Gunhoo, you’re already here? Just have fun. – I’ll round up the players. / – Okay. Talk about your experience in the professional league and give them good advice. – Everyone, gather up. / – They must be happy. I’m sure. (Jooho gives the future Korean soccer players advice.) Listen to him talk about his experience. I’ve been watching you guys working hard for your goal. Your present is important, but look to your future and take good care of your bodies. To be able to win… To be able to win… Gunhoo? (Laughing) (Gunhoo’s shoe came off.) You need to take pride in… (Screaming) – I’ll fix it for you. / – This is inevitable for dads. “You need to take pride in…” “Come here. I’ll give you a hug.” All good. – I want the ball. / – For your important match… Naeun. Take it. Let me talk to them about something. This is the reality of their senior soccer player. I hope you can complete your important matches well. I’m sure some of you will go professional next year. I hope to play with you guys when you join the league. Let’s do our best. – That was cool, Jooho. / – Yes. (I’ll cheer you on, so become a great player!) Ask him if you have any questions. Which is harder? Soccer or raising kids? Raising kids is harder. You should be happy when you’re just playing soccer. – He’s upset. / – Raising kids is much harder. (I’ll have a younger sibling soon!) (Dad, cheer up!) I brought this when I heard you were coming. Remember? (What did the coach bring?) This is when we went to the National Sports Festival. Yes, when you were still here. – This was in 2007. / – Which year was it? 2007? Naeun, come here. I took this photo when I was in college. Come here. – Gunhoo, come here. / – Come here, Gunhoo. Where am I? – Find your dad. / – What is this? – Gunhoo, find your dad. / – Where am I? – Where am I in the photo? / – What? Will Gunhoo be able to find his dad? That will be hard. (Let me see.) Where am I in the photo? (Let me look for him in the photo!) (Using his brain at full capacity) His hairstyle looked unique. Let me see. – He’s deep in thought. / – This is hard. – Okay, Daddy. / – What? (In my opinion, Dad must be…) (He’s right here!) (He accurately taps on his dad three times.) Gosh, that was precise. Gunhoo found me in the photo. – That’s impressive. / – Did he find you? – Right? / – Look. – Right? / – Look. – That’s me, right? / – Yes, that’s right. (You look better in person, Dad.) I’m planning to buy some snacks for the players. – 20 orders of fried chicken? / – Please enjoy. – He is cool. / – Have a good match – and make the school proud, okay? / – Okay. Thank you. High-five. (Naeun will root for you.) Gunhoo and Naeun will root for you. I hope you have an energetic year in 2020. Let’s go.

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