Naduh 3 snem kin hap leit skul, tyrwa ka Education Policy thymmai

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along instantly the definitely minority a Cuba me babe Congrats char memory chain Nicola have an elected to team and Columba back of a akela buckypaper displayed Kanaka sharing of ideas but Kenickie student who took your money about to let uncle make a course my multi he comes on Columba keep your antenna back till late the phenomena class melody be a universe didn't eat bad news from Tanaka reveal he cannot give up on him a bone new lavender Monica got me today oh you should move back at ecstatic about the community cannot imagine America produce alpha meaning Ilan I'm Amelia Kabir college sports wagon convert your – Shaka four-year degree pose Panama trade a matter of policy the person is not a positive ahsoka hamza young Heba canonical can make a standalone college link Ibaka leshner Balakrishna quantum box a momentum July day yoga – Mila – back andrea naka 10+2 joker calamba college ham – but not a bit college fund and on your permission man Stan Winston beta-gamma college 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30 thoughts on “Naduh 3 snem kin hap leit skul, tyrwa ka Education Policy thymmai”

  1. .t7 sngewbha Phi kylli na Education minister Balei u klet iaka Result jong Meghalaya Teacher eligibility test…

  2. 3 snem lashubuh katei te khlm pyrkhat iaki bapli ki khynnahh bad iaki nonghikai kytno ka jingshitom bn hikai iaki barit tng bn pynsngap iam shua ruhh ka jynjar.saka hikai kot lei te.

  3. Pyllyng jongno
    Kumkata aiñ ba pynmih dei ban shna aiñ……marsyn kha kha iaki khun dei ban shna birth certificate…hapoh shibnai kata ka aiñ Kan biang bha,!!! Lada kha ha ing ne hospital

  4. ka ne kam lah ban long 3 snem phah skul ia ki khyllung kan ktah ia ka jingmut jingpyrkhat ki khyllung 4 snem ia ki khynnah

  5. Balei ka sorkar kam ai free education ia ki khynnah hdh class 12…bad balei kam lah ban pynkiew ia ka scholarship ki khynnah skul ndh class 5 hdh ki kyrdan ba pher

  6. Pynkylla kaba pynkylla kan neh hi kumjuh.. Ki teachers ki juh ki school managing ki juh..Ki educational officers ki juh.. Ki district head ki juh.. Ki minister ki juh.. Bad kaba ithait eh ki dei ka jingiashna bill tuh beit na bynta ki awareness programme scheme ki Office expenditures da la kylla lei la tam.. Tangba biang hi nga ruh ngan sa ioh tuh lang da la ioh register Govt supplier. Haha

  7. Balei me kren ia kata ka isseu mem kren shaphang ka govt skul ban thung…ha ki nong kyndong …

  8. Pylleng ma me me stud thloh …katba mon mangi me liah ban pynleit skul pynleit Dala 10 snem Ruh men leh aiu ma me BSA me ne Khun Jong ngi

  9. Ka skul kaba kat ka skul ka dei ban don uwei u nonghikai ha man la la ka klas.Shuh shuh haba lait post nonghikai ha ki skul dei ban pyndap ia ka post hapoh shibnai.

  10. Te Kai snem ban leit skul lah shitom f ban hikai, tangba Ka shong da ha ki kmie ki kpa, sa Ka Wei Ka sorkar Ka dei ban pynduna Noh Ka jingpynkylla kot man Ka por

  11. Don ki kiba don tang uwei u nonghikai naduh Cl.A to cl.IV.Mut dur u lah tharai ban hikai dei na kane ka daw ba ki khynnah ba pule ha Govt.Primary school ha nongkyndong ki ia nang malu mala tang ban kren sih ha ki kyrdan primary.Wow.….

  12. tang ka bai skul ym lah siew shuh phi dei ban shna shwa ia ki skul govt bad bai skul ruh dei ban shim duna bd ka ktien khasi ka dei ban long ka wei ka ba kyrpang bha

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