MZTV 214: Learning to Abound

mgtv there are two different ways you can live in this life there are two mindsets they are diametrically opposed and yet one of them is espoused by yours truly by me Martin's under and another one is a spouse by our fellow believer Clyde Billington I mentioned him only because he has a completely opposing viewpoint of how to treat this world and so I am constantly coming up against that viewpoint because Clyde keeps promoting it and every once in a while I have to remind you that this two different ways to live is going to every day I think confront us and we're going to face decisions every day how do I live do I grasp on to this life do I put my hopes my dreams my expectation is on this life or do I give up on this life do I hold this life loosely and treat it like the temporary thing that it is what is going to bring me the most contentment what is going to bring me the less condemnation because maybe I'm not living right maybe I should have a family maybe I should have a dog maybe I should have a cat maybe I'm just not involved enough in this life what is the better way to live I think that holding loosely is the better way to live and I'm gonna tell you why this other viewpoint espoused by a man that I love by a man that I lived with for two years by a man who's the greatest husband the greatest father I've ever seen and yet I have to disagree with his viewpoint and the only reason I'm bringing it up is because he is very vocal about it and he is out there he's one of the most listened to people out there in the body of Christ I am too and so only because of his exposure and the exposure of people to this teaching is why I'm confronting it that's the only reason this is Martin Zander and I'm broadcasting from the cottage you are watching me today on mzt be on the cam I thought that was a snowman up there at first that thing up there where is it I can't point to it I'm having trouble there it's not a snowman I thought it was just no man it's some kind of container it looks like it has a snowman hat it looks like it's made of snow looks like that's a scarf or something but it's not this is a salt lamp back here you're looking at and Here I am in the cottage and so thank you for this a place of safety place of privacy place of peace where I am really thrilled to to be God did this thank you God and a thank you members of the body of Christ and yet I'm holding loosely to my pseudo snowman I'm holding loosely to my salt lamp I'm even holding I'm even holding loosely to my coffee pot which is right there coffee pot came with the the cottage that's my water heater over there and let's see those spatulas and things right there that eggbeater think that was here when I got here the pseudo snowman was already here I didn't buy it believe me I've never buy anything like that but I like it it's kind of a cool decoration and this mirror thing over here I didn't buy that either that was here you see all these spices back here those aren't mine either they're here but it's the spice of life over there don't you know all right quoting from an article in the Bible students notebook let me tell you this this is in the Bible students notebook which is clogged Pilkington publication I hope nobody thinks I'm picking on them but there's just two ways of living and my ways better Clyde's way is based on a misunderstanding of first Corinthians chapter 7 and I'm gonna show you how it's a misunderstanding and I'm not doing this to shame Clyde I'm just pointing out that he's wrong simple as that somebody's got to be right somebody's got to be wrong I'm right that's it doesn't make me better it doesn't make me greater and again it comes down to scripture I'm willing to be wrong somebody me where I'm wrong but if I'm looking at the proof that Clyde Pilkington offers and I can show you where it's flawed then you might have to stroke your beard and say hmm maybe we shouldn't be putting so much emphasis on our families maybe God and maybe the end of the eon and maybe the coming of Christ is more important and maybe that should be the highlight maybe coming to a realization of truth should be the thrust of our quest in this life rather than getting all cozy and comfortable and building homes building building building building kingdoms building strongholds building comfort zones now even though I'm in a I'm talking to you about this from a comfort zone okay from a cottage it's very nice so you can see that I am NOT against the things of the world I've learned I got to do a whole show on this but listen I got to do a show on this Paul said I've learned how to abound and how to be abased I got to do a whole show on this because I have learned over the last 10 years how to be abased in many different ways and I don't really think I've learned to abound that is it's sometimes hard to be comfortable when you're abounding like I feel I am now I'm in an actual human habitation it's a different thing for me and I could look at it and I could say I'm not worthy or I could say this is too good for me I'm supposed to be in a laundry room I'm supposed to be in a closet I'm supposed to downgrade constantly down down down why aren't I in a swamp like Paul well yes Paul was in a swamp but he was also apparently abounding at different times he was living with different people he was living in rented rooms he was all over the place and he was able to conform himself to different situations and I think that it is easier for some of us and I know it been easier for me that just that to accept the degrading walk to the set to accept the the struggles and the trials and you get to a point this is ridiculous but I'm telling you it's true when it's happened with me you get to a point where your comfort zone is failure your comfort zone is discouragement because you feel less pressure there there's many people in this world who are literally afraid of success they are afraid to become something they are afraid to achieve they're afraid to go to the next level to get that promotion at work because it means more pressure it means more expectation on them and they would rather be comfortable in failure then challenged in success I'm not a really a success driven person I'm a perfection driven person that is I want to do the best I can do with whatever circumstance I'm I'm in but I think and I know this is true because you write me you talk to me and I know you I know you think this way don't pretend that you don't some of you are wondering why you're in the body of Christ why did God choose me this is you talking why didn't God choose me I don't deserve this it's like survivor's guilt you ever heard of that survivor's guilt there's a plane crash and like three people out of 152 people survive and those three people say why me and they feel guilty that other people died while they lived and so the rest of their lives they actually live they seek a degraded life they seek a life that is is failure oriented because that's their way of doing penance for surviving how dare they survive so they must do they must do penance because maybe other people are looking at them like how dare you survive and we have survivor's guilt we have success guilt we look at ourselves and the United States as a country sometimes has a collective guilt that we're this great country we're a superpower it's not fair why should other countries be lower than us why should other countries have fewer atom bombs than we have why should other countries be poorer and so there's this guilt and so we feel the necessity to give everything away to open our borders to anyone that wants took them in because subliminally or even apparently obviously we want to subvert the country so that we will feel less guilty and I think in our private walks we want to subvert our walks so that will feel less guilty about being chosen in Christ yes I'm chosen in Christ I'm in the body of Christ but I'm poor I'm weak and I'm miserable so see aren't you glad aren't you happy but you know this is not up to us it's up to God it's up to God and Paul had to learn to be abounding he had to learn it this isn't some prosperity teaching you know me better than that because I don't give a crap about this life because it's passing away that brings me back to my topic I got on a little side issue there I'm glad I did because I'm dealing with this right now I'm dealing with the guilt this is ridiculous but I'm dealing with the guilt of this upgrade in living situation and it's ridiculous but then the verse came to me that Paul said he had to learn to abound maybe I'm giving this talk today I didn't plan on giving this talk today but I see him to not be able to help but I want to go to first Corinthians 7 I want to go to Ephesians 5 I really am looking forward to showing you a part of clients article in volume 188 of the Bible students notebook to show you to show you how wrong this actually is oh maybe I got on it because some people feel guilty for being right yeah if I say I'm right and somebody else is wrong in this era of everybody being even in this era of really social communism or factual communism this thing of equally distributing whether it's wealth we think it needs to be equally distributed whether it's a salvation that is aonian life that is coming in early we feel it needs to be equally distributed whether it's knowledge maybe I have more knowledge in the scriptures than then someone else that's fair so knowledge needs to be redistributed that is it needs to be taken from the wealthy that is those who are wealthy in knowledge and given to those who are poorer in knowledge and yes I'm all for that but not at the expense of the person who has the knowledge it's not that it's not fair that one person has a knowledge and another person doesn't have the knowledge where does fair come into this at all fair doesn't come into this this is according to the choice of God if you don't believe me read Romans chapter nine there are vessels of Honor and vessels vessels of dishonor in the communistic viewpoint where you have to make everything even that is everybody miserable you would say well we're gonna take from the vessel of Honor and we're gonna make the bessel of Honor a vessel of mediocrity and we're gonna take the vessel of dishonor and we're gonna raise the vessel of dishonor and bring the vessel of dishonor to a level of mediocrity so now we don't have a high and we don't have a low we have a median and that median is called mediocrity and we think that we're doing God a great favor because it wasn't fair that he give gifts some people a great calling some people membership in the body of Christ other people become opposers of Christ that's not fair so we're gonna take from the rich and give to the poor and we're gonna bring everyone into this place of uniformity which also is a place of mediocrity as if God loves equality I don't know if you've noticed ladies and gentlemen but God hates equality if God loved equality he would make everybody the same but now we have men we have women we have rich we have port we have believers we have unbelievers we have darkness we have light we have Satan we of Christ we have vessels of Honor we have vessels of dishonor we have those who have a oniy in life we have those who don't have a oniy in life we have those who go into the lake of fire which is the second death we are those who go onto the new earth after the great white throne judgment none of it's fair none of it so this is glorious revelation because look what you can do when you realize that nothing's fair and that these things just come upon you you realize that it's of God God is the one who wants things to happen to you if God wants you to go through a rough patch if God wants me to live in a laundry room for three years then I'll live in the laundry room for three or three years if he wants me to live in a cottage for a year or whatever then I'll do it if he wants somebody in a mansion in Las Vegas to invite me to their house for a year I'll do it if he wants to throw me out of here and put me in a tent in a campground for a year I'll do it I'll broadcast from my tent it'll be the tent cam I'll do it I'm not the one sitting in judgment of my life telling God what needs to happen what doesn't need to happen oh god this is too bad this is too bad for me this is too ugly for me or on the other hand god this is too good for me this is too comfortable it's not my decision but there are people who will force that discomfort on them just as there are people who will force the comfort or the effluents on themselves there are those who will say well you're not walking with God unless you're poor there are others who will say you're not walking with God unless you're rich the Joel Osteen types the name it claim it types or you can't be a child of God because you're not driving the best car you're not living in the best house your kids aren't going to the best school you're not wearing the best clothes you can't be in the body of Christ and again conversely there's people who say just the frickin opposite if you can believe that you're not in the body of Christ like Mother Teresa would probably look at anybody who was affluent and say oh you poor person I hate you inwardly because you're wealthy and why aren't you giving all of your wealth to my charity but actually mother Teresa had a poverty fetish she had a poverty fetish she aimed for a poverty because she thought it was a great conduit to maybe get contrib Lucian's maybe when people saw her sitting in the dirt with the lepers they would send more money to her so she thought oh this still getting more money I don't know I'm sorry I hate to put a motive on her that's not there I know she's in the grave right now I'm sorry about that mother Teresa but I'm just suspect of this whole vow of poverty what if Christ wants to put you at the Holiday Inn Hilton for the weekend and do or conference from you know the Taj Mahal then let him do it I don't know I can't let him do it why because you're the decider you're the arranger of your own life good God Almighty this has got to stop and it stop it starts with me it starts with me it's got to stop with me and then I can be an example for other people but I look to the scriptures and I see Paul as my example and like what is this Paul had to learn I should look up that verse by this time I will have put the reference up here plan to learn to abound what the hell is that the only thing I can get from that the only way I can see that is possible if a person has to learn how to be crappy and learn how to be not so crappy is that if it comes upon you from without otherwise you would manage it and you wouldn't have to learn how to do it right when you when you are at the place where you have to learn how to do it then the only thing I can figure out there is that it's coming upon you from without because if you decided I'm gonna take a bow of poverty or if you decided I'm gonna take a vow of wealth of Allah vow of wealth you ever heard that one a vow of wealth oh sure it's out there then there's no really issue of having to learn it but we find ourselves listen to me we find ourselves in situations we find ourselves going through a rough patch we find ourselves there who the hell puts him or herself through a rough patch whether it's physical infirmity or a financial crunch who does that everybody wants to try to put themselves in a good patch but you can't do it you can't do it it seems like willingly because I'm you can try I'm not a fatalist where you just lay down roll over and let things happen to you yeah you try you try but sometimes no matter how hard you try you're stuck in a place what does that tell you it tells you that something is happening happening to you above and beyond your will above and beyond your intention and that is God's will and God's intention for your life and if that's true and it is then we have to adjust to it and we have to learn how to do it one way or the other now this is a real lesson for me this is a season I'm here for a season I don't know how long it is I never know who knows anything could happen that's what I hate about this life is it I always feel as you know that there's this doom hanging over I can't shake this I guess I can shake it temporarily when I think of the imminent return of Christ when I think about when I think about that my real country and my real home is among the Celestials then I can be at peace but more often than not I see so many bad things happening in the world and to people that I love and I know that none of us are immune to these bad things none of us are immune and I've been in places in times where I felt so secure so comfortable and the rug was pulled out from under me and I know I have a feeling that that could happen at any time I'm conditioned look at this this is another bad thing I'm conditioned to think that the worst is around the corner I'm conditioned I was never that way I don't think any of us were born pessimists we learn to be pessimists what if we can learn to be optimists see optimism seems far away from me in this world no matter what happens to me today or tomorrow I'm living in the cottage the more I'm living in a tent how do I know how do I know and this is why I shared with you a couple of weeks ago this passage from revelation there shall be no more doom to me doom is the very thing I'm describing to you this sense that everything's gonna go to smash this sense that something foreboding and dark is right around the corner and I think that for the most part if you're not like this god bless you what's your trick tell me write me talk to me talk to me I think that most of us think this way and I don't think it's right I think it's a slap in the face to Christ because I think that and again I wish I could be different I see moments when I'm back to being the optimist I was when I was one month old one day old I was an optimist I was crying but it was a cry of optimism if you could translate it it would be life is full of impossibilities Wham yeah life is full of possibilities hmm seems like a little bunk right now but look at it this way and I'll close with this life is full of possibilities possibilities for God let's not push away the blessings God has for us let's not for the love of God feel guilty about good things God does let's not look at our situation and compare it incessantly to other people's situations and have this faulty twisted communistic idea that everything has to be equal because God loves inequality and as long as we're in the ionian times he will continue to love any quality he will continue have to have those who are on high and those who are in the second death yes he will eventually bring everyone into salvation he'll be all in all but even then I believe there will be various glories even Paul says in 1st Corinthians 15 the Stars vary in glory there's the light light is right now there's a light of the Sun there's a light of the moon and there's a light of the Stars okay Martin will star a star as a star no stars themselves bury in glory Paul says this is all administered and it is given to us by God we don't invent any of it and no matter how hard we wish against it things come upon us and the trial for faith and the exhortation I'm giving you today is to accept all things from God and I mean all things the good as well as the bad that's what job said are we not to receive evil as well as good from the hand of God most of us forget to hear that good we're so conditioned to the evil and that's what we say to us ourselves all the time we should accept evil by the hand of God evil by the hand of God evil by the hand of God yeah why because we're surrounded by evil are we capable of accepting good from the hand of God without feeling guilty without feeling that we have to cut ourselves down let's not be spiritual communists let's let God do his thing and then learn how to appreciate the evil and the good and to know that nothing is happening to us that is not for our ultimate good that's a promise of God come through our apostle who is the chief of the Evangel of the grace of God you

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  1. Martin please translate that to me: Is it possible that it is literal translation that someone will be never forgiven and suffer forever ? Answer me please 28 Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:

    29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.

    30 Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.

  2. The hatchet-job on Mother Theresa in the middle of this video has you sounding like the mean-spirited (and atheist) Christopher Hitchens, who wrote an entire book [entitled, crudely, the missionary position] denouncing her and, like you, casting aspersion on her motives. This unwarranted personal attack seriously detracts from the rest of the video, and previous attacks on her by you have disfigured some of your ZWTF messages. That seems unwise and unwarranted… Aside from her personal courage— e.g., at the ceremony for her reception of the Nobel Peace Prize, instead of uttering mealy-mouthed platitudes, aa many other recipients have, she used the opportunity to rightly decry the breakdown of morality in the world that led to the widespread practice of abortion— perhaps one of the most valuable messages she ever passed on was "seeing Christ in His distressing disguise". Her followers took that to heart— on record is the story of the Hindu man, visiting her Calcutta center, being cut to the heart and converted on the spot by seeing one of the sisters, not knowing she was being observed, lovingly caring for a dying "untouchable" and solicitiously attending to him as to Christ…

  3. Good morning Martin. Collecting things isn't something I do. This finally explains why I could care less about having "things" to pass on. Makes perfect sense.. your new place looks good from this side.

  4. Thankfulness has been the only way I've been able to surface through any self-deprecation. I sometimes wonder what each detail I'm sensing is leading out to be.

    Ultimately, all is for the glory of God. That is enough. Always has been. Always will be.

  5. Have you seen the Democratic Party lately? All of them are so absolutely ashamed of merely being white. Because of historical racism that isn't even the fault of white people today, they still feel like they have to 'make reparatioms' to improve the already fine lives of black people. I know the concept you're talking about. I do wonder why I was chosen as a part of the Body of Christ, yes. It may be an immature or naive thought process, but I'm only an immature and naive teen, so I'll accept it. Does it change the fact that I'm still grateful to know this Truth? No. Does it change the fact that in 2 1/2 minutes I want to get out of here? No.

  6. Love your new pad. Real cool. I disagree with you, hold loosely to everything but your snowman. Lol. you’re the best!

  7. I'll be thinking about this message throughout the day, perhaps longer. I had the sovereign God in a box ( the church) for 35 years, thought I knew many things…turns out I didn't. Praise God for his many blessings and how on a daily basis he works in my mind and heart to teach me. Thank you Martin for sharing your thoughts with us.

  8. Far out! What is going on? I am still on a Christian dating app from the old days. I occaisionally chat to ladies on there who have their doubts about Christianty. Do what I can. All the details of the evangel are there, along with critiques of Christianity. Tonight I have just been berated and ranted at due to what is on my profile. "Warnings" to repent! "You are in danger of hell!" OT quotes re. false prophets! Apparently God is directly speaking through this seemingly insane Pentecostal gal. Wonder if He knows my name? Lol
    She is still messaging furiously. It's nearly midnight.
    Guess this is what it's like in the big leagues huh Martin?
    Sidenote: Can anyone direct me to any vids of Clyde teaching on this topic, just so I can know what he is saying?
    Love the new digs btw Martin!

  9. Martin I know exactley what you are talking about. This is what God did for me. I had cancer in my eye (radiation got it). I learned of keto diet wit intemitant fasting. I am now healthier than I haver ever been. All of God. Sure I got cancer and sure I am Healthy All of God.

  10. Yes I’ve played the I’m not worthy game. It’s an easy game to play mate.

    It takes a few lies believed.

    Great message again.

  11. οἶδα καὶ ταπεινοῦσθαι, οἶδα καὶ περισσεύειν· ἐν παντὶ καὶ ἐν πᾶσι μεμύημαι καὶ χορτάζεσθαι καὶ πεινᾶν, καὶ περισσεύειν καὶ ὑστερεῖσθαι. Phil 4:12

    LITERAL ENGLISH: I know both how to be humbled and I know how to abound, in everything and in all things I am also initiated to be well fed and to hunger, whether in abundance or in need.

    Interesting in this verse is the term Paul uses for INITIATED, μεμύημαι MEMYEMAI.



    PAGANISM – like GNOSTICISM and traces of HINDUISM – play a certain role in Paul´s letters, especially in COL and EPH. You might read here on WHAT IS SAID IN MODERN THEOLOGY:

    That´s all for today! Good bye!

  12. oh boo 🙁 well, Clyde Pilkington is so cheerful it's God's own secret what's going on there! but please doooo enjoy your blessing from Abba? please. your walls are white, that means you need orange and teal accents and other colours toooo… I wish I were there to help you decorate… I'm SURE you could enjoy it… xoxoxoxox

  13. Glad you have some physical comfort now Martin. Enjoy Charles and your new home 🙂 Mind you don't forget to give him his fan time even though you have aircon now! Great message. A world of equality would be incredibly boring as there would be no good stories (of which the scriptures are the biggest and best). Imagine Lord of the Rings with all "equal" characters, or Star Wars,……yawnnnnnn. Also, yes there's so much wrong with this world, though deep down we KNOW that life should be, and will be perfect.

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