Myths & Tips – Using Language Lessons for Living Education

If this review is helpful, please visit link below! If this review is helpful, please visit link below! If this review is helpful, please visit link below!

27 thoughts on “Myths & Tips – Using Language Lessons for Living Education”

  1. This was really helpful, thank you! We have used both this and LLATL this year. My big dilemma is….which one to choose because I really like them both 😄. Have you decided between the two?

  2. Another great option is Spelling City. You can plug the word into that website and play free games and even take the test online.

  3. P.S. I am not using this program, and have no plans to, however, I just wanted to say that this is the best review/flip-through I’ve seen of it.

  4. Thank you so much for doing this video, this is exactly what I was looking to see if this program covered!

  5. Great review. Thanks for the tips. I am currently using TGAB and am so overwhelmed with how long it takes at time. I am considering switching. Thanks for this info

  6. Great video! We have been using levels 2 & 3 this year with 2 of my kids. You pointed out a few things that I can do better. The gentleness to writing has been absolutely excellent! My kids' confidence in Language Arts has grown, which is saying a lot!

  7. So grateful for this! I was planning on using this for next year but still had unanswered questions after watching all other reviews. Thank you!

  8. This is a brilliant review! i used this curriculum this year for my 2nd year old…and worried he wasn't getting enough writing…i was a bit on edge about continuing for the 3rd grade….but your review on the composition was great!

  9. Thank you! This was a very helpful review. I appreciated the detail and did not mind the length at all. 🙂

  10. This is the best review/how to/tips/flip through on LLFLE!!! Excellent! You covered my questions/concerns. Thanks!

  11. This was the single best review I’ve seen. Thank you so much. You answered all my questions, and put all my concerns aside.

  12. Great video! I am interested in level 2 for my daughter and my concern is that there is not enough reading and phonics instruction. Can you let me know your thoughts there? Thank you!

  13. Thank you for this video!! I was hesitant to buy because there isn't as many sample pages on their website to get a good feel for it. This was tremendously helpful:)

  14. When I look at Christian books to order this it says you also need the 101 favorite stories from the Bible? Did you find it necessary?

  15. Great review. As you were explaining the copy work portion, I thought of an idea. The child can make their own grammar flash cards.

  16. Uh oh. I'm not second guessing myself on using this. We've started level 2 and I'm still tempted to use Learning Language Arts Through Literature because it SEEMS to have more literary analysis using great books and not just the Bible. I know LLFLE has a reading book list but what should we be doing to enrich their learning with those books? Do you know what I mean? I really want to keep loving LLFLE.

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