Myles Munroe – Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to handle that situation

leadership say with me the spirit of leadership one more time the spirit of leadership I want to begin today with what I call the introduction to the spirit of leadership I want to give you some simple powerful quotes of principles that I'd like for you to capture number one it's not what you are that holds you back if you think you are not I repeat it's not what you are that holds you back it's what you think that you are not that's what holds you back number two you cannot always control circumstances but you can always control your own thoughts you cannot always control circumstances but you can always control your own thoughts number three nothing changes until your mind changes nothing changes until your mind changes for information does not bring transformation conversion does information does not bring transformation conversion does sort of comment on this one for a brief moment how many of you have said this person sitting in front of me have been here for the last 15 years hearing all this great teaching and still got bad ways you said that I know you did all you might have said the present sitting five seats from me I've been coming here for the last 12 years and hearing all of this wonderful quality faith-filled positive teaching and still haven't changed still the same person still same attitude still the same problems facing the same sins struggling with the same difficulty I mean haven't they learned anything well the answer is in the statement let's read it together again information does not bring transformation conversion does i'ma fine the teaching of the word brings revelation to transfer rather but the transfer of the spirit brings transformation repeat that the teaching of the word brings revelation but the transfer of the spirit of that word brings transformation number six you know this one as a man thinks in his heart that's the man as a man thinks in his heart so is he number seven I like this one the most difficult project in the world is the reconstruction of a human mind the most difficult project in the world is the reconstruction of a human mind it is easier to go to Mars than to change the mind of a human number eight you yes you you are the sum total of all you have been conditioned to think I want to repeat this again for emphasis you you yourself you are the sum total of all you've been conditioned to think that's what you are no more no less please take your pen and underline the word conditioned because conditioning is a serious process but that's what we become we are what we have been conditioned to think number nine belief does not guarantee conviction belief does not guarantee conviction because you believe something does not mean it convicts you you don't change until conviction takes place how many times have you agreed with something but did not do it how many times have you said to yourself that's true but you did not obey it you believed it because it was true but you were not to the point of conviction where it caused you to act I'll tell you a little quick example of the mind how the mind works three men were laying brick the first one was axed what do you do it he answered laying some brick the second man was asked what are you working for he answered for five lousy dollars an hour the third man was axed what are you doing same project same work he answered hum helping to build a great cathedral under the worship of our God what do you learn from that three men working on the same building but all three has completely different attitudes the first one could only see the bricks the second one could only see how much little he's being paid the third one saw a finished Cathedral with people worshiping now who do you think had the better attitude same job but three completely different people only because of their minds the power of the mind could make you of a different experience on your job right next to a lousy worker the future of a job is not in the job it's in the one who holds the job number ten what we see and what we hear are small things compared to what we think oh this is so important I'm going to repeat it again what we see and what we hear are small things compared to what we think because what we think interprets what we see I will be here number eleven the thinking of the mind changes only when we can see what we believe and accept what we hear I repeat the thinking of the mind changes only when we conceive what we believe and accept what we hear you don't change until this conception you know talking about conception you can have sex many times as you want nothing changes until the doctor says you pregnant when you can see change starts the hormones change your body changes your entire physical physiological makeup changes your attitude changes your moods change the way you see your future changes the way you see your money changes when you pray everything changes when you can see see you can keep up insects keep up and sex and never change but when you can see you can sit under the word uncertain the word I'm keep sitting under word but I'm telling you can see nothing changes according to the Bible the most powerful force on earth is the will of man please write that down the Bible teaches us that the most powerful force on earth is the will of man it's not the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit created the universe but he cannot change your mind Wow that is why when the Pharisees and scribes when they were talking about Jesus to his face one of the things they said to him was listen carefully they said you are demon possessed and then they actually called him a name they said you are belzebub now the word belzebub is the name that the Romans and the Greeks gave to what they call the Lord of flies this particular term belzebub Lord of flies was the reference that they made in the pagan gods to the prince of demons he was the chief demon actually we call him Satan so there was telling Jesus you don't only just have a demon you got the ultimate guy you are possessed with the Prince of demons the ruler of demons you have the devil now jesus said to them now before they called him this they called him another name they call them bastard remember that they said you don't know who your daddy is matter of fact you were born under shady conditions you are an illegitimate child they called him that the Bible says Jesus did not answer them a word until they said you have the devil then jesus said to them you can say anything you want about the Son of Man paraphrase Behaim in English sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me he was telling them you could call me the son of man Jesus the Christ any name you want you're still ok some of you have some of you used that name and your cousin it doesn't bother him you know he said you're gonna call me any name you want and it does not bother the son of man no problem he said because you could still get saved and most of you are you cuts for 20 years now you say praise God okay so you see no problem he still can redeem you because a sinner can't help himself but then he says to them but if you speak against the Holy Ghost then it is an in pardonable sin now please let me just quickly digress here that means adultery is not the unpardonable sin divorce is not the unpardonable sin murder is not the unpardonable sin cussing and lying I see that all that stuff you can be forgiven up and I say that because I've met people who have made a divorcee feel like they committed the unpardonable sin and that's not true God can use anybody who comes back to him and use them greatly hallelujah matter of fact some of the folks who ain't never been divorced and during that move of God the unpardonable sin was he said for if you speak against the Holy Ghost then you cannot be pardoned it's impossible to be saved now that's logical think about it the Bible says no man comes to me except the spirit draws him which means you can't even get to Jesus unless the Holy Ghost convicts you and Rose you now when the Holy Ghost comes to draw you and you call him the devil you can't get to Jesus who has the blood to cleanse you to redeem you so you can't even get pardoned by the Father through Jesus if you can't get to Jesus who is the key to getting to the Father hello now what was he dealing with he was saying look if your mind tells you that I have demon that your mind is more powerful than the Holy Ghost he can't change your mind according to the Bible the will of the mind of man is the most powerful force on earth people are not sent to hell they decide to go people are not sent to heaven they decide to go that is why it's so tough to follow Jesus wouldn't it be wonderful if every morning Jesus came into your bedroom grabbed you by your collar dragged you up and all day dried you to follow him wouldn't it be wonderful that means you can just go kicking and screaming but he's still following him I mean it'd be so easy if he just forced you to do what he wants you to do but he doesn't his favorite statement is whosoever wills let them come Christianity is a tough road because every morning you got to decide to be saved and in the middle of the day when someone gets on your nerves you got to decide to still be safe I went someone cuts in front of you in traffic at that moment ain't no only goes to help you you got to decide to be safe why because it's a will ministry the most difficult challenge faced by God and listen carefully to this because this is very frightening the most difficult challenge God ever faced was the attempt to change the mind of former slaves I want you to write that down but that's where we had it all here the most difficult challenge ever faced by God Himself was the attempt to change the mind of former slaves as a matter of fact I am going to say something that I am not sure will come across too well but I've heard people say all my life God never failed I think I found a place in the Bible that God failed God failed if he can use the term for God failing God failed in his attempt to change the mind of 2.4 million people in the desert he couldn't change their minds boy the mind must be powerful it was easier to deliver them from the power of Pharaoh than from the power of their thinking oh come on get this now taking them from Pharaoh with no problem God drowned Pharaoh John the horse had no problem God send the flags no problem and he finally got a nobody wanted them they are now in the desert it's just me and them more year it's gonna be easy they said you think so it was easier to deliver them from the power of oppression of a human and it was to deliver them from the power of oppression of their thinking I think that you think that this is not true so I want you to turn to God's record get your Bible I'm gonna read what God's record says about these people Exodus the second book third book of Moses rather second book of Moses Exodus chapter 13 I want you to read this you got to read back at home there if you're watching this program in the family Islands or somewhere in Africa or in the United States or Canada I want you to read this right there in your hotel room get your Gideon Bible and read it over the drawer yeah get on the drug I want you to read this you won't believe this is in the Bible this is what the Bible says about God attempt to change the mind of a human and while you're turning there let me make a comment did you know that miracles do not change the mind please write that down but any knows miracles do not change people some of you saying well high anger move until God show me a sign the signing will move you how many times you put a face outside your door and God with it and you still do it what you do it how many times you've made us swear on your reverent resolution and you still ain't done what you told God you're gonna do who in this house and watching this program and driving down the road listening to this tape have experienced more miracles than the children of Israel none of us anybody about food fall from the sky for 40 years he ain't got to go work just food pick up in the morning food I'm going to complain he changed the menu that's a miracle isn't it anybody here ever was thirsty and didn't have to go to the water corporation to pay any bills you got free water from a rock every day talk to me that's a miracle anybody here ever had a suit of clothes that never wore out for 40 years is that a miracle anybody here ever had a pair shoe that did not wear out for 40 years the Bible says their shoe didn't well lord of mercy I want to know what kind of style that was and who was that make up is that a miracle yeah anybody ever been sick and instead of going to the hospital and paying the doctor 40 bucks for the first visit 25 sorry 55 you keep going up okay $100 no he was sick and you went and looked at a brazen serpent on a pole I'm talking about free health care instead healing just to look at the state all the stuff just left you you were healed instantly I mean that is a miracle none of us had those kind of miracles anybody ever seen a pillar of cloud by night telling you what corner to go through or cloud by day that tells you what curve Toby unbend to avoid no we've never had the kind of guidance and yet these people had it for 40 years and let read what people who saw miracles thought verse 17 when Pharaoh let the people go hey buddy get it Exodus 13 when Pharaoh let the people go you don't believe what you read watch this God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country even though that was shorter underline that now my wife and I went to Egypt some years ago and we were amazed we traveled from Israel to Egypt and we got there so quickly I thought they went in another place and then I realized we we flew over the Sinai desert we landed in Cairo I mean sperm is up in the air you could see Israel and the Casilla at the same time and I said wait a minute 40 years when we landed our guide took us on a tour luck saw on all these places of Pharaoh and the pyramids and everything and and we were amazed at the place where Moses when these people lived and how many desert hot dry and the only source of water is denial of we went by the Nile and they were still making bricks today from the mud and the straw they still do it today their houses are from the mud around the Nile and I found out from my guide that the distance between Egypt and Israel is a thirty five day walk one month now God took them from Egypt and the place he was to take them called Canaan land of promise milk and honey is 30 days walk they supposed to be there in a month it took them 40 years and they still didn't make it as a long walk to nowhere now I want you to watch this statement the Bible says when God delivered them out of Egypt he did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country even though that was shorter that was he could have gotten them there in one month what's the problem because God said God's thinking now if they face war they might change their what's the word minds God Father in the mind already either these people are delivered from oppression but I got a deal with this mind again if they face war they will change their minds and look what he says and return to Egypt could you imagine that the mind is more powerful than a promise Wow you know I think about things that all of us experience is similar to this these people were in in Egypt for 430 years right they're done that's a long time 430 years almost as long as we've been in the Caribbean under British rule Lord bless us amen 250 years of parliamentary democracy slavery oppression we suffering from the same stuff they got still now the Bible says for 430 years they were slaves oppressed in oppression they were protected by the oppressor the people couldn't fight they were conditioned to be servants all they did all their lives was make brick bill houses build pyramids construct aqueducts for irrigation planet reeds and unclean in the desert these people were simply oh there they were conditioned look at me they were conditioned for service industry they were servants in the industry of Egyptian hospitality for so long that servitude became a lifestyle they couldn't handle deliverance I just bought a book I haven't started reading it yet because I'm working on two others but this book talks about the seven keys to success it's an excellent book I scanned it and I said I gotta buy this because I want to know what are the seven steps to success you know they said you want to be successful you hang over successful people so I wanna hang on a second book but the guy who wrote the book is a success so I want to know how he did that I opened the page to chapter one first step for success do you know what it is is not prayer and fasting and dreams and writing your goals anything the first step is believing you deserve it why'd God now what is that that has to do it right this way down we can do it at all month attitude it's an attitude principle some people are so conditioned to be serving others all the time that when they have an opportunity to be served they can't handle it God says if I take these people the short way they're gonna face what war in other words the shortest way to success is full of trouble trouble is not bad but you gotta have the good right attitude to handle trouble and that attitude wasn't ready for trouble help me the way you overcome difficulty is by the right attitude and that attitude was not ready for trouble matter of fact they God said and this is God speaking now this is deep this is the one who made the world and the one who made the guys that they're gonna fight you missed that this is the one who set it up he know where the enemies are not know this God doesn't handle these enemies like he handle Pharaoh which means these enemies are part of the program if you want to go quickly oh you're mister okay if you want to get to the top fast you're good but it gonna be the biggest fight you ever had and if you ain't ready for the fight doggone take you the long way around you can still end up in success now some of you wondering why is taking so long for you to be successful in your project because God know you can handle war yet he got you going in circles because he ain't working on the enemy he working on you tell your neighbor ain't nothin wrong with the trouble something wrong with me they returned to Egypt look at the next statement so God led the children of Israel by the desert road toward the reed sea you pronounce it read is actually read see where reads group now who led them by the Red Sea underline that you know to say now God knows that they can't cross this water but God said that's the long way around hopefully by the time they get there they have a better attitude get it God knows where the trouble spots are and then the trouble spots that's the problem was the problem is how you are been interpreted trouble you know amateur well-tested leader always sees problems as opportunities to grow or challenge to his or hers spirit or potential but the immature unskilled undeveloped person sees trouble as chaos overwhelming or striking diabolical demon infested devil dealing destructive element to destroy their lives so God says you ain't ready yet evening or take you that don't even go there you ever heard that don't go there they were saying take us to the promised land God said don't go there if we go there you run back to Egypt because you can find out that prison is more comfortable not than the problem but then your attitude your attitude is already adjusted to slavery so it has found comfort in oppression you know some people in our nations in the Caribbean would trust the oppressor before they trust their own people that is right consultants from the outside seem to be better than the consultants like me on the inside what's amazing to me is that we bring in these consultants and then we got to teach them what we know then they get paid for I don't understand that but that comes from a conditioned slave spirit you come to the airport sometime I'm gonna Medellin now and you come on the plane and use bahamian and the fellas with the car pass you by I'm go to people who look like the government and they got no money no but hammy's company go to them with the mentality mentality is bad the attitude has been conditioned by 400 years of oppression they said to Moses was it because there was no graves in Egypt that you bought us to this desert place to die people talk in them what have you done to us by bringing us out of oppression I'll give it this guy didn't we say to you didn't we say to you leave us in Egypt in other words these people only came out because Moses pressured them the last statement that says yeah didn't we tell you to leave us alone this is in the Bible and let us be slaves to the Egyptians it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in this freedom place my god what kind of people are these Bohemians Jamaicans Trinidadians barbarians ghanians South America Africans Asians Indians anybody who's been under oppression for any measure of time suffers this same problem you know even when they dress up nice Sanjay actually we believe we believe that if we dress like Pharoah we gonna think like Pharaoh but the thinking is not in the clothes Oh Lord that's why all you Bohemians and Jamaicans I'm Bob agents Trinidadians Ghanians syncopy ins Canadians audience listen to me that's why most of you want white-collar jobs that's why you want to walk around with briefcase that's why you want to wear Esquire titles you know why cuz you believe that if you look like a man you'll be like a man because you'd think like the man I got news for you if a fool puts on Moo here all you got is a well-dressed whoo say neighbor he talking about you come listen we talk about you some of y'all look so good I would like to believe that's the way you think but I ain't convinced yet now no one could dress like a bohemian I'll never forget the day I was sitting down with one of our trusty members in the Association dr. Fisher Pickett and she said to me she said dr. Monroe the women in the Bahamas she says every time I'm coming to the Bahamas to the conference I go shopping she said because if you come from America and you come to your conference the Bahamian women make you look so bad that you got to go shopping before you come is that right Lucy I mean the people who have got no money look rich they would save up to get their hair done [Applause] you know here in the Bahamas when I was growing up I saw the spirit years ago when I was a young guy they had guys you know Nassau was considered and probably still is considered you know the capital city this is the big city in our country and we used to be amazed by the gayatri to come from other islands like Andres a meddling again just give a brick you know a Long Island West you know Long Island they come to the Bahamas to visit the big city and they figure we got a dress up a nice to see these guys red pants purple shirt yellow tie am i right about it I'm Thom McAn she was trained up in it got to be turned up in the air afro out to here call her big as their ears and when they walk in they call him Holly got it then they look like a Christmas tree but they wanted to dress even if they still had a settlement mentality on its show it would have been better they say if we were left to serve the Egyptians turn to Joshua chapter 5 take a deep breath until your neighbor something's coming now now I want you to read this for yourself okay here's what God did with these people it actually is written in the Bible what God did with them can you neighbor change your mind or God will kill you where you go in in life you change no problem to God the dream you have ain't no problem to God it was one is the one that he gave you it's God's vision God gave you birth for a purpose you have a dream in your mind in your heart that's why you've got these bigger ideas about what you want some of your dreaming about your dream house and you wonder why God still got you Retton you can handle dream house here why dream house is not a house it's a mindset y'all ain't got it yet you can't handle your dream house he wouldn't know how to handle the rooms you you wouldn't know what to do with it you know the poor man want money more than the rich man someone say well you know I don't want too much I just wanted it you lyin you lie you know you lie you want plenty I want plenty I want more than you know I crumble on me the way you think is more important than where God faking taking you and Greg are taking is already guaranteed God told these people listen he said to them Moses go and tell them that I am taking them to a land flowing with milk and honey milk means cow is there and honey means flowers and trees are there in other words the land is cultivated beautiful a lot of prosperity he said I'm taking you there is I've already given you the land which means before you start it's already yours well then if that's true then God why not give it to me he said because the the land is ready for you but you are not ready for the land well my mind can go in on this thing some of y'all think I don't want your business to grow you gotta handle growth yet what what is it you believe in God for are you preparing yourself for it watch this chapter 5 of Joshua God couldn't take it anymore first of all now this is why God did this all those who came out of Egypt all the men of military age died in the desert on the way after leaving Egypt not like other words say they died but later on it says I'm a shaver in a minute God killed these people God being nice for he said they died you know God has killed you and tell himself you died verse 5 all the people that came out of Egypt had been circumcised but all the people born in Egypt in the desert rather during the journey from Egypt had not so he got two groups of people here right they got a group that was under colonialism and a group who know nothing about it they got a group that was under oppression for 430 years and now we got a bunch of young people who weren't born in Egypt they were born in the desert now you may think that the one born the desert is a better group but I want you to think about something the one born in the in Egypt were born under oppression the one born in the desert was born in deliverance in oppression you were forced to work for everything in deliverance everything free so you said that problem now we get that ethic see we got a group of young people who don't know what it is to work free food from the heaven free water from the rock free clothes on the back free health system then under work for nothing you owe us this they say maybe that's why the Joshua generation failed because they did make it to the land but the Bible says there rose up a generation who did not remember what God had done and did not know God young people maybe you don't like your parents to tell you how hard it was and sometimes I guess that could irritate you but I do hope you also will remind yourself that somebody had to work for what you enjoy it and you have to now be responsible for taking charge of the next generation and work and work and work to listen to this it gets worse verse 5 but all the people born in the desert during the journey from Egypt had not been circumcised verse 6 these are lights had moved about in the desert how long 40 years until all the men of military age and left Egypt had died now that's an important point God moved them around and sickle said they drop dead God was waiting for them to die it literally tells you why it says God kept them wandering until all of them were dead now he explains why he did look at this because they had not obeyed the Lord Wow they wouldn't change for the Lord had sworn to them that they would not see the land that he had solemnly promised their fathers to give us a land flowing with milk and honey who swore that they won't go in now I don't understand this when you read the previous book it says God's watered them you can take them in now God's we're insane I can't take you on in there I swear you ain't goin not here's the reason this is very important no matter what God promised you if your mind can handle it you won't get it now that's tough revelation as big as his promises are they depend on your attitude this is revelation to me so on that pray you praying you got to make sure your attitude is ready for the answer your mentality determines the fulfillment of God's promise for your life how you think determines whether you receive what God told you is yours therefore I think what God spoke to us today prophetically must be heard by everybody again I have prepared a table for you what I want you to prepare for the table I swear you ain't going but you swore we were no I swore you were if you were the ones qualified for it you are not qualified what you did not change your mind and therefore I kept you alive long enough to get what was in your loins you know 40 years as a generation did you know that cigar was waiting on what the next generation now did God break his word no if God speaks to you he's speaking to every sperm in your loins that's why it only mentions men you'll get it later it only mentions men he says demanda the man fell the men dead the men but because the men are filled with the generations so when God says I'm taking you in he was talking to everything in there so if you personally this body don't won't go I try the ones in there when they come up so I keep you long enough to get what's inside here because I still taking them but I was talking to them too what God wants this ministry to accomplish doesn't necessarily have to be accomplished by us if we just obey God God will still have this vision in the Bahamas and it'll be through the children's children if we don't obey God God is not trapped by your place in the latitude or whatever you are trapped by your place tonight attune it will kill you God will get what he wants with or without you he keeps his word whatever seven so he raised up their sons in their place interesting and these were the ones Joshua circumcised my point is this they refused to change their minds write this down they were victims of mental and historical conditioning they were victims as supportive ha they were victims of mental and historical conditioning I'm speaking in the 21st century right now we have become victims you know a victim is somebody who can help what they do it of historical conditioning it's a history of conditioning God obviously believes that it is possible to change people's minds after they have been under oppression for 400 years God believes it is possible to change people's minds did you get that point I'm gonna say this again God believes it is possible to change your mind after 400 years of slavery God believes it if you didn't believe it he wouldn't have attempted it so to give you the backside of the failure of God here's the flipside the people fail to change their minds even though God believed they could the people failed why am I saying this it is possible that's why we are going into this series it is possible for you to change the way you think in your lifetime Jesus did a miracle that was greater than the deliverance from Pharaoh no wonder why Moses said when they told Moses you such a great leader Moses quickly said there comes one after me who is greater than I I delivered you from physical bondage he shall deliver you from spiritual bondage what did Jesus do listen to me God could not change those people's minds for 40 years Jesus changed the mind of eleven men in three years that's a miracle he took a farmer from a village on a settlement and made him a world thinker that's a mental transformation he took a fisherman from a village on the shores of a lake and made him a world changer that's a miracle he took a boy from bein town and made him a world speaker that's a miracle it's a miracle how do you change a person's mind oh there's gonna be a good series because you see you look good but God still taking you to the long way you dress nice and I feel a personal mandate this year I feel like we're getting close to school closer no I tell you I feel I feel of daughter saying I sent you back home in 1980 and I told you if the people don't exist create them I've been working on the creation for 15 years God say now the next two years it's graduation because what's about to happen in the 21st century those of you who are you should be teachers by now yet you still need someone to teach you it's possible I'm excited about this I believe that there's going to be a revolutionary transformation right here in the Bahamas right before the nation right in this city right among this people and people are going to meet you in the next two years and they won't even know you because you are going to be so different more than your dress something is going to happen in your mind that you're going to walk you have the same clothes on but they can think you taller I'm praying for that God says these people got a historical problem historical conditioning write this down they accepted their external conditioning as the internal destiny they accepted the external conditioning as their internal destiny they decided that the way it is on the outside is the way I am on the inside they allowed write this down the atmosphere to create their attitude this is the failure of these people they were physically relocated intellectually motivated but spiritually paralyzed and repeat this they were physically relocated Oh hallelujah play the damn place they were physically relocated they were intellectually motivated but they were spiritually paralyzed how many huge understood that statement how many of you get the revelation of that statement these people are taken out of bondage oppression and transferred to a free desert so they've been relocated they were intellectually motivated they believed enough to actually leave so their minds their intellect heard what Moses said and they analyzed it and they figured out some day said well that must be better than what we had so let's go so intellectually they believed it sound like you but spiritually internally attitudinally they were paralyzed this teaches me one thing very important changing location does not change mentality they say you could take the people out of the slum but you can't take the slum order the people you take the people out of the ghetto got it a ghetto order the people you can take the people out of Egypt can't take Egypt out of the people you can take people out of a bad situation but you can take my situation over the people intellectually stimulated how many you sit here for years and you say boy that's a good teaching it's wonderful teaching even by the tape and then just store it when I was deep today you didn't change that's wonderful teacher in an Apple intellectually stimulated physically relocated but still spiritually paralyzed it doesn't connect what because information doesn't bring transformation conversion does it has to be a conversion in the spirit man that creates a different sense of reality for you that makes you think differently and when you think differently you become different when a person has to be told to change you wasting your time excuse me you got five minutes write this down and this is probably one the most important things gonna say next week is gonna be so wonderful because this is only introduction here they suffered from what we call a broken spirit hey why is a broken spirit saying again broken spirit all my people all my people this is the problem right here a broken spirit when I was growing up as a boy and my mother and father used to say you got a break that boy spirit you ever heard that but if he doesn't Obama's right that's a dangerous thing daddy knows to have no more believes that so glad don't set him aground cheering those anymore okay now I know what they intended to mean but those words are ungodly you could beat foolishness out of a child no problem with that the Bible say to do it take the rod will them get the foolishness out of their paw hard means mind you'll whip them whatever need to do food but you don't break this spirit these people and most of us are still suffering from a broken spirit some of you are intimidated when a person from a foreign country with a high pigmentation walk in your presence when I walk in you don't feel no different so I'm gonna be funny keep the TV on you still got a problem you working at a hotel on some foreigner who came in there walk in your department all of a sudden you nervous them in a bohemian supervisor come in you don't even flinch what's the problem you sick you are sick sick sick don't get mad at me what happens to your mind when that happens what happens to your mind you pick up a bohemian product hot pepper you pick up a Louisiana pepper what's your problem what's going through your mind you got a slipper made in the Bahamas and a slipper made in Paris we'll go through your mind you're sick [Applause] thanks for having to preach anybody understand what I'm talking about it's in your mind it's in your mind we believe the way been conditioned and let me tell you something me Jason I got a problem with it you see because in the Bahamas though those of you watching for the country you know maybe a certain Africa the same problem too and I mean and in China and other places in the Bahamas we got this problem man you know we think that anything that is not Bahamian is better and we tell the people it's better in the Bahamas now I got a problem with that did you get my point we tell the world it's better in the Bahamas and we don't buy nothing from the Bahamas why because we are suffering from historical conditioning I want to see some of you Bohemians study on shoe company mind we need some undress shine or some Long Island loafers or supplement give us our stuff make some shoes with coconut bark on it make it over itching it all whether we gotta believe it I won't stop make some hair grease from the oil from the coconut man let's have some stuff that belong to us and let us buy them we have a broken spirit you know a broken spirit write this down the goal of oppression is a broken spirit the goal of oppression is a broken spirit oppression or the oppressor is not interested in your working for them they are interested in something deeper as a broken spirit if they could break your spirit they will have to worry about the future of work how do you break the spirit and what does it mean to break the spirit now what do you mean by spirit on how do you mend and repair a broken spirit this is the key question of life and the entire purpose and goal of God in His redemptive plan that question how do you mend a broken spirit that is the entire purpose for the Bible that's the entire goal of Jesus dealing with a broken spirit I'm gonna answer that question next week close your Bibles there's a presence of God here today some of y'all are sitting here I could feel you feel what I feel can we please have no movement unless there is Minister helps people going to their positions look at me no disturbance please look at me look at me look at me do you remember what Jesus said and this is where we gonna really have to get into some heavy stuff next week Jesus in his inaugural introduction to the world at age 30 took place in a little small synagogue up north in Galilee and he was standing there and he opened this scroll and he began to read he know what he read he said the Spirit of the Lord is upon me whenever my Isaiah for he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor then he says to mend broken hearted now the word heart doesn't mean the thing in your chest the Greek word there is the same word as mind the spirit of the mind people who have no moral reason for living no moral reason for trying it it might as well just let it happen just that you know what we gotta help what's happen and that's just kind of his flow with the flow he said I came to break that spirit I came to heal that kind of attitude I came to to mend the stuff that caused that something happened to you and it's called a broken spirit a broken spirit does not believe these could get better it doesn't believe you should even attempt to try to make it better a broken spirit says this is my lot a broken spirit says this the way I met it that's the way I gonna leave it the broken spirit says why bother jesus said I came to heal a broken spirit and that's what this is about it doesn't matter what kind of crown you wear if your mind is still a slave he's anointed to heal the brokenhearted and to set at liberty those one translation says that are bruised their minds were bruised their thinking was mashed to set at liberty those that are bound and to give sight to the blind I asked myself a question the last 24 hours maybe you can answer it for me I don't know how many blind people that Jesus opened their eyes be a record to be sure of of too I asked you a question I put it to you if he said he came over the blind that I was only open to and there moves people in the world then either he failed or we misunderstood what he meant there's still a lot of blind people around and I still in Oakland and Jesus passed millions of blind people and didn't touch their eyes matter of fact all the ones who got healed physically blind had an accent he wasn't interested in physical yet he says I was sent to open the eyes of the blind to give sight to the blind how I am the light the world the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light and we are so wise now don't be we know at the Hebrew word for darkness ignorant same word and the Hebrew word for light is knowledge see one and that's where we had my friends we're going on a ride this year but the ride be going on it's not gonna come back where we started hey hallelujah we ain't going on a Disney ride where it stops where you got on we go on a ride this year and let me get off we're gonna be at a higher place in a different realm at a different level and it gonna be a higher position and we ain't gonna be able to see that we came from no more we don't walk up at the level where leaders fly go ahead crop your hands thank God you

29 thoughts on “Myles Munroe – Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to handle that situation”

  1. John 3:36 states, "He that believeth on the SON hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the SON, shall not see life, but the wrath of GOD abideth on HIM."
    If one has truly accepted Christ into their life….they are ON their way to HEAVEN.
    This is the PROMISE that CHRIST gives.
    If one is a child of GOD, regardless of future sins …they still ARE a child of GOD.
    MATTHEW 10:28-29
    HOWEVER, when we mess up, there is a way we can have right fellowship with the FATHER, again.
    1 JOHN 1:9 says, "IF we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
    A parent loves their child…even when that child strays.
    That child might continue to stray….but that child STILL BELONGS TO THE PARENT.
    Once we've accepted CHRIST, we are HIS child….and nothing can take that relationship away…..REGARDLESS.

  2. How i wish this man was still alive. So much more we could have learnt. Thank God for technology. We still learn even when he has gone ahead…

  3. Thank you for the video. Please upload more full videos. I'm always inspired by Dr Myles Munroe's teachings

  4. Thank you, thank you for sharing this, I am so overwhelmed with the knowledge I gained from listening to this sermon; truly inspirational, informative and encouraging. I discovered myself again… Praise the Lord !!!!…Thank you Dr. Munroe….Thank you to this Ministry. RIP Dr Myles Monroe.

  5. We have to acknowledge that Dr Miles Munroe was an anointed and appointed man of God. He was God's mouth piece to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gone too soon! But God knows best. Jesus only did 3 1/2yrs of ministry before he was crucified. Dr Munroe still out did his master with all the messages he was able to teach and preach and recorder videos and CDs he was able to use to reach the souls for Christ, fulfilling the word that Jesus spoke to his followers, that greater work will they do because he goes back to the father! Meaning that they would be able to have a world wide evangelism! Reaching a greater mass of people through the media. RIP.

  6. I am blessed by this man's teaching. What a man of great influence and gift to the kingdom. His teachings are still speaking even though He's no longer with us.

  7. It’s not who you think you are that holds you back
    Its who you think your NOT that holds you back

    You can’t always control circumstances BUT YOU CAN ALWAYS CONTROL YOUR OWN THOUGHTS

    Nothing changes until your mind changes

    Informations doesn’t bring transformation
    Conversion DOES !!!!!!!!!

    The teaching of the word brings revelation but the transfer of the spirit brings transformation

    As a man thinks in his heart THATS THE MAN

    THE MOST Difficult project is the reconstruction of the human mind

    You are the subtotal of all you’ve been conditioned to think !

    Belief doesn’t guarantee conviction
    You don’t change until conviction takes place

    What we see and hear are small compared to what we think
    Because what we think controls what we see and hear

    The thinking of the mind changes only when we
    Conceive what we believe and
    Expect what we hear

    The Holy Spirit created the universe but can’t CHANGE YOUR MIND

    It was easier to deliver slaves from pharaoh hand
    Then it was to deliver them from their thinking in the wilderness
    READ Ex13:17


    Dont be a victim of historical mental conditioning

    7steps to success
    – believe you deserve it (attitude)

    Physical relocation
    And intellectual motivation
    Doesn’t change spiritual paralyzation

    The Hebrew would for darkness is ignorance

  8. This is not just Dr Munroe speaking. This is the SPIRIT of GOD’s clarion call to Zion (the Church) to arise and take their place in these last days. We cannot take our place and be all that GOD has called us to be if our spirits are broken, if we spiritually paralysed.. Like Dr Munroe said, a revolutionary transformation of our minds is the mandatory requirement. If we are to fulfil Romans 8:19 which says the world earnestly awaits the manifestation of the Sons of GOD, then we must cast off the spirit of bondage and receive the SPIRIT of sonship (Roms 8:14-16). No wonder, Apostle Paul many times in his epistles teach on transforming our minds by the WORD of GOD.

  9. Dr. MYLES MONROE you were a true Apostle. I have learned so much that I am not going to make your life's work be in vain. I AM transforming MY mind, developing truth & grace attitude and embracing freedom. WALKING LIKE A ROYAL CHAMPION. Selah!

  10. It is written…”The Holy Spirit” is the Teacher of the human church that The Lord Jesus Christ (TLJC) is building!!🎉🎈🎊🎈🎉🔑 It is also written…”The gifts and callings are given without repentance!!”🎉🎈🎊🔑 Meaning people are born with the gifts and callings at physical birth!!🎊🎈🎉🔑 Then learn how to use our gifts and callings for good instead of evil okay!!🔑🎈🎉🔑 It is also written…”There is only one pure and undefiled religion that God accept; and that is taking care of widows and fatherless children!!”🎊🎈🎉🔑🎈🎉🕗💯🔑

  11. I've been listening to Myles Munroe over 25yrs, & I haven't heard anyone since too teach Kingdom Principals the way GOD anointed him to teach it. GOD has also given me insight & wisdom concerning this matter,& I'm so grateful! Hallelujah too THE KING of KINGS & THE LORD of LORDS! You'll always missed & never forgotten! Much Love!!!

  12. I am sooo glad Dr. Myles left such a legacy. The Kingdom of God will be forever blessed for his teachings.

  13. We have truly SUFFERED a GREAT LOSS!!!!


    An Emerging Leader of 21st Century

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