hello and welcome back to this channel
my name is Corine and I’m a registered dietitian in today’s video we’ll be
discussing what supplements I choose to take and why I take them. It is not
saying that I believe that everybody needs to take them or that you need to
take them, it’s just showing what I find worthy of consuming and buying. I will be
linking the supplements down below if you choose that you think that you need
this as well and I also will be linking the research studies I discussed. I did
my research. I’m gonna jump right in the best supplement that I take is Super
Trio. It is a little combination packet that contains a multivitamin a fish oil
and an antioxidant. Sometimes I’ll just purchase the multivitamin and fish oil
and skip the antioxidant so I get those in bottles on their own instead of in
plastic sleeves. The plastic sleeves can be great if you’re traveling so that
way it’s in a labelled container however it is pretty annoying having to open these
up to put them in your weekly pill sorter. I also find it kind of wasteful
because I’m throwing away all these little pieces of plastic. My favorite
component of this pack is the multivitamin. I consider multivitamins
just to be like an insurance policy on our health. Typically, our diets don’t
consume everything we need even myself as a dietitian I know I don’t eat all
the vegetables that I should. It is recommended that we get two and a half
cups of vegetables per a day in the 2015 to 2020 Dietary Guidelines. I have
tracked my food before and find that I need closer to a cup a day so this just
helps me to fill those gaps. One thing I don’t really like about this particular
multivitamin is it exceeds a hundred percent of the recommended needs for
some of the vitamins, however the ones that it does exceed are the water soluble
vitamins which isn’t too much of a concern since our body can pretty easily
just you know pee those out. Typically the vitamins you have to to worry about
exceeding are your fat soluble vitamins. So those vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin
D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Those vitamins are more difficult for your body to get
rid of and can lead to I guess greater chance of negative effects if you go over the recommended limit of those which this multivitamin does not exceed the fat soluble vitamins recommendations. How many times can I say vitamin in the same
sentence. The second component of this pack that I really love is the fish oil.
It is recommended also to get 8 ounces of seafood in per a week to help reach
those fish oil recommendations. Personally, I know that I do not eat
eight ounces of seafood every week. It’s not that I don’t like seafood it’s just
that I don’t think to assume it that often.
I’m also not a huge fan of eggs which can also be a good source of omega-3s
and also not a big consumer of nuts which can also be a good source of Omega 3’s. So this is just something that I find way great to help get those good fats
into my diet. The second supplement that I will be
adding is iron. I have had my blood tested before and it comes back low in
iron so just based off of my blood work this is something that I find that I
need. That if I take it and my blood work comes back pretty normal for iron. It can
be pretty common for women to be iron deficient. There’s a stat that iron
deficiency anemia prevalence is 7.6% in women and it’s 3.5% in men. So it can still happen in men it’s just more common in
women. So yeah that’s why I chose this. The third supplement that I’ll be adding
to my weekly regimen is Everflex. It is a combination of different things for
joint health. It combines together glucosamine, MSM chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. I was looking at some studies on this which I’ll link down
below and just helped show improve the function of mobility and joints. I’ve
always had issues with my joints probably since beginning of high school.
I used to have to go to the chiropractor for it pretty regularly
and when I had my x-rays done it showed a decrease amount of space in between my
joints which I was told can be indicative of low cartilage levels. So I
just started this maybe a week or two ago so I’ve obviously not been taking it
long enough to notice changes in my joints because that takes a while for it
to change so I’ll let you know if I see any changes and how my joint feel
because my joints hurt probably on a daily basis particularly my right hip. I
always joke that I’ve got old lady hips. So we’ll see how this goes.
The fourth supplement that I’ll be adding to my regimen is Elderberry
D3fense and it’s spelled D3fense because it also contains vitamin d3 and
I found several studies listing that vitamin d3 can potentially help with
immune health. One study looked at giving 400 IU’s per day to Finnish men
and it found that it helped prevent respiratory infections. Another study
looked at a range of supplementation from 400 IU’s per day to 2,000 IU’s per day and that also helps prevent respiratory infections. And a third study I found
looked at 1,200 IU’s per day and what they found was a reduced incidence of
influenza and also an up-regulation of antimicrobial peptides.
So D3 may help to prevent respiratory infections and the severity
of the symptoms as well as possibly influenza A, so I think it was what a
shot. Vitamin D is one of those fat soluble vitamins that we have to be
cautious about receiving too much of in our diets. The upper limit, so they’ll
amount that you don’t really want to go over because it’s possible negative
effects, is 4,000 IU’s per day. This supplement, if I took it as labeled, so
taking one capsule with a meal three times a day would provide 2,000 IU’s a
day so only half of the upper limit. However, I do not take it as recommended. I only take one of these twice a day so I’m getting closer to 1,300 IU’s
from this, so I’m pretty comfortable with not going over that upper limit.
I did find a couple studies looking at elderberry and immune defense these
studies looked like they had small I guess study sample groups and they need
to be expanded into I guess larger scale studies. But it shown that it can
shorten a cold and also decrease the severity of a cold.
So with elderberry having not many negative effects I figured it would be
at least worth the try by myself to help prevent getting sick. Obviously it’s not
replacement for good diet, proper nutrition, plenty of sleep, good hydration.
Those are definitely more the pillars and the foundation of good health and
immune function, but I thought this could be a beneficial tool. The fifth product I’m taking is kind of
a bit of an experiment. It’s ashwagandha. This product was
released by Nature Sunshine just this fall so it’s pretty new. It is believed
to help reduce stress and I think all of us have some stress in our lives, I know
I do so I wanted to try taking this product. It says to take two of these
daily so I’m gonna be taking two in the evening. I will note that the ashwagandha
in this product comes from their root which is important because if an ashwaganda you take uses the leaves it can actually be cytotoxic if you take
too much of it, so definitely try to find a quality product that uses the roots.
This product also has other compounds that could possibly improve the efficacy
of it. I did find a small study that looked at ashwagandha and stress
reduction. What they did is they gave it to the participants for 60 days and they
also did a control group, so a group that did not receive the ashwaganda. And how they measured stress was with the perceived stress scale which is a pretty
common measure for stress in studies and what they found is at the end of 60 days
the control group that did not receive the ashwagandha had a 5.5 percent
reduction in stress, whereas the group that did receive that ashwagandha had a
44% reduction in stress. Between the two groups, between 5.5%
I’m 44% they found that to be a highly significant difference between the
groups and that ashwagandha likely could benefit stress reduction. Again the study
is pretty small, but I thought it’d be fun to at least experiment with this and
see if it does reduce my stress. The last product that I’ll be adding to my
regimen is Elevated Eleven. Elevated 11 is a probiotic supplement. As many of us
know probiotics can help with our gut health, however there is also emerging
research that it could be beneficial with other categories such as skin
health and mental health which I find to be pretty fascinating. I have heard that
the gut is the center of your body therefore it’s going to be the center
of your health. Which makes sense to me as a dietitian I strongly believe that
what we put into our bodies can affect our outcome in our health and you know the GI system is a huge input for our body. For myself personally, I sometimes
experience bloating or gas after a meal and I find that if I put in the good
bacteria into my gut that these symptoms are lessened for me. So those are the
supplements that I will be adding to my weekly regimen. Please let me know down below these if you have any questions about any of the topics I discussed
today as well as any recommendations for future content videos. I love to hear
back from people so please just let me know and go ahead and subscribe so that
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