28 thoughts on “My Teachers”

  1. Everyone else:ohhhhhhhhhhhh



  2. Well I think the rule when the teacher is late for class for some minutes then you can go to the principal and tell :

  3. My band director can tell who's sharp or flat EXACTLY. Also I love him cause he's funny. I taught myself piano

  4. I used to live where it was cold so my mom would sometimes ( like once every year) but hot chocolate for them because she felt like they didn't get enough attention (like you said)

  5. You actually have three teachers the same kindergarten first grade and the guy teacher in my teachers video it looks just like her but a boy

  6. You know when I go in high school if sadly the channel dies ๐Ÿ™ I hope he's me teacher. :3 That would be sooooo cool! :3

  7. I'd rather spend my whole life in english class because.. The teacher doesn't break my dreams.

  8. My art teacher was like my grandma. She gave me so many great opportunities, like designing a banner for a netflix show, and I did! Only the show was postponed and I ended up transferring due to a death in my family. She sent me a letter for my sudden loss. I love that art teacher, and she has gave me so much hope and inspiration to continue climbing on my own dream.

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