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good morning so welcome back to my channel I am doing a morning routine video for you guys specifically a Monday morning routine video this is a collaboration with a couple other teacher tubers so I'll link all their channels down in the description box below for you so you can check them out let's go ahead and get started so my days start with a 5 a.m. alarm props if you can guess who it is hi one word for 2019 is embraced so that is why it says embrace on my alarm usually first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my notifications I go through my text messages my Instagram messages my YouTube comments I glance at my emails just to see if there is anything important coming up and then I just lay in my bed for a few minutes when I'm ready to get up the first thing I always do is make my bed I keep a cup of water by my bed every single night and now I'm just taking that to the bathroom and letting my dog in hey Tesla is a miniature Australian Shepherd she needs a lot of love and a lot of attention she is super hyper first thing in the morning always ready to play but we don't let her sleep in our room with us just because it's like our little safe haven but she gets lots of love in the morning oh my goodness unfortunately I do have to get ready so into the bathroom we go usually I will go ahead and drink some more water just because I'm really really thirsty in the mornings and then more water and I always lit a candle I started doing this a couple months ago and I feel like it's really changed my mornings now I'm just pulling up my podcasts I love listening to podcast in the morning I usually choose that or music but today it's a podcast this one's actually called my favorite murder it sounds weird but it's just a true crime podcast anyways now I'm brushing my teeth I feel like I might get comments about this I do shower at night I like to be in a clean bed so I brush my teeth in the morning again and then I wash my face I do use my Clarisonic in the morning with my philosophy face wash and this has made the biggest difference in my skin just having a little skin moment with me you the Clarisonic yeah then while the water is still warm I wet my makeup sponge and then I clean up the counter because I make a really big mess so I just keep a little washcloth here for me to clean the counter meanwhile Tesla's just chillin and since I'm an adult I take two vitamin gummies in the morning with more water for my morning skincare I use in essence I use a serum witch hazel and then a moisturizer I feel like ever since I've started taking way better care of my skin I've really seen a lot of improvement so I'm just getting my skin ready for the day then while all that is setting into my skin I well this is basically me pretending to pick out clothes when in reality on Mondays I go straight for the dress section because no one wants to wear pants on Mondays I cans in the bathroom where I do my everyday makeup routine I did just make a video on this I'll link it in the top right corner and in the description box now that we're done it's time for hair and you may have noticed I sleep in braids so every Sunday I shower I do my hair in two french braids and I sleep in them so that Monday morning my hair routine is really easy and I can just wear waves throughout the week once the hair is all done it's time for the best part coffee so most days I just do the programmable coffee machine so it's ready for me I don't have to do a whole lot of work I head over to my coffee bar and fix myself a cup so I love coffee and will make coffee a lot of different ways a lot of days we use the pot like I said you just because it's easy but we also use a French press we use that Bialetti which is that silver machine you see right over there and there's Tesla but the miletti just makes us lattes or cappuccinos or you know just fun things once I have my coffee I'll feed my pup and make sure she has enough water this is actually a cat like water machine I don't know my sister gave it to me because her cats wouldn't use it and Tesla likes it I also have a tip to help your morning so quicker I always plug my laptop in inside my backpack so I don't need to pack it it's just ready to go and I just pack up the cord now I'm just grabbing my lunch from the fridge I don't put it in a lunchbox cuz it goes straight from my car into my fridge at school I'm letting in the light for my plans and then Tesla has already collected Apollo toys because she knows it's time to play honestly her favorite game is keep away and carrying things that are way too big for her face then I put on deodorant and I go ahead and get dressed also close the candle so I don't burn my house down while I'm at work and then I put on the same jewelry that I wear pretty much every single day and of course we have to get something on the feets that way we can take to us outside to use the bathroom now I'm getting ready to leave so I grab my teacher bag I pick out a tumbler for the day this one looks pretty cool and then I grab my coffee and my keys and I put on my glasses whenever I forget my kids always think I look so funny on my way to work I have to listen to something some days it's podcasts most of the time it is music not today copyright police on days when I don't have breakfast with me I do go by Panera and get an Asiago bagel sliced and toasted with butter that's all thank you and no joke this is me pulling it to school and realizing I just drove with my emergency brake on for who knows how long but it's okay we're gonna have a good day it's gonna be a good day so the first thing I always do when I come in is set my things on my table and then I unpack my bag starting with my lunch and then I grab you guessed it my water gotta fill er up gotta stay hydrated and I'm packing the rest of my bag I always set my planner up so it's ready to go for the day and then turn on my projector and the rest of my technology including my teacher computer along with my student computers and let's have a light moment here and I wonder my plants no they are not always this wilted I promise but I am filming this over winter break and I didn't go back to my classroom so this is what they look like but it's okay they'll come back to life it will be fine now I'm pulling up my weekly PowerPoint that I use I covered up the names for privacy but I project this onto the screen using airplay and then I freeze the screen so that it stays while I work on other things on my computer and this is why I wait until after I eat my breakfast to put on lipstick the next thing I do is change out my classroom jobs of course I've hidden their faces and then I change my date stamp and finally put on my lipstick the very last thing I do before I go greet my kids at the door is use my special hand sanitizer this is from Grove I love them I have a link below for them and now I'm ready to go meet my kiddos thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed my morning routine make sure you like and subscribe if you're not already and I'll see you soon

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  1. Hi.. I'm a new subscriber, and girl your videos are amazing.. I'm also a teacher.. You're great.. Take care hun😊

  2. In my opinion don’t put too much make up on it makes it too complicated and some people may think you are trying to cover up your scum because of the way it looks. That’s actually a fact.

  3. I feel packing your bag the night before is so much easier and you have less stress and less to do the next morning.

  4. You should really pick your clothes out on a night and lay them out for the morning because I find it makes you more organised in the morning. Just an idea.

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